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These Teardrop Trailer Accessories Make Camping So Much Better

Teardrop trailers drastically increase camping comfort. They offer space for storage, a comfortable sleeping setup, and the feeling of security gained when sleeping in an enclosed structure. 

Since they are also smaller than other types of trailers, they are also far lighter. This means they are easier to tow, and many of them can easily go off-road, too. 

With a few teardrop trailer accessories, you can ensure that your trailer works even better for you and your adventures. But what accessories should you get?

Check out the list below for some of our favorite teardrop trailer accessories. We’re using one of our favorite teardrops, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot, as a prime example of what a teardrop camping trailer can – and should – be. 

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Overview of the Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer

Bigfoot From Sherpa Trailers

Before we dive into our choice of teardrop trailer accessories, let’s do a quick rundown of the Bigfoot trailer.

This trailer is meant for more aggressive off-roading thanks to its heavy-duty frame and fenders, a straight Dexter axle with leaf spring suspension, and 31” 10-50 R-15 tires. 

This trailer weighs just 1,300 pounds dry and has a 140-pound tongue weight, which makes it easily towable by many different types of vehicles (even small SUVs and hatchbacks).

The Bigfoot has two doors, both with adjustable screened windows to allow for ventilation in the cabin. There’s also a vent on one side and a 12-volt fan on the other side to enhance airflow.

You’ll find LED lighting inside and out, a wheeled jack on the tongue for better maneuverability, and there’s dual stabilizer jacks at the rear to provide a stable base for the trailer when it’s time to set up camp.

Blue Bigfoot From Sherpa Trailers

Other features include:

  • A roof rack (which can support a rooftop tent for additional sleeping space)
  • A two-inch receiver at the rear of the trailer for adding accessories like a bike rack or cargo rack
  • A 6-outlet power strip in the rear bulkhead for plugging in your devices when connected to a generator or shore power.

In other words, this trailer is the perfect choice for someone who needs a bit more space and a more comfortable sleeping setup on their camping trips. It can also tackle difficult terrain and is durable enough to serve you for many years to come. And with the accessories discussed next, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot becomes an even more capable camping and overlanding rig!

Teardrop Trailer Accessories: A 270-Degree Awning for More Living Space

An awning is a crucial addition to any camping trip since it provides a sheltered area for outdoor living. Trailers provide the perfect base to mount an awning as they eliminate the need to mount the awning to your vehicle. This means that when you’re just driving your truck around town, you aren’t also hauling the weight of the awning. 

Sherpa trailers offer a 270-degree awning that is the perfect companion to the Bigfoot trailer. This awning offers 129 square feet of freestanding cover shelter. The best part is that it requires no additional poles or stakes to keep it standing.

Further specifications include:

  • 600D Poly Cotton Rip-Stop Cover
  • Boxed Aluminum Rafters, Pivoting Aluminum Adjustable Poles, Tie Down Points for Securing Poles, and Water Run Off
  • Ballistic Nylon Tie Downs with S Connects and Buckle, Shock Cord With Retention, Heavy Duty Oversized Stakes
  • Zippers to Secure an Enclosed Shelter
  • 1000G PVC Travel Cover With #10 Zipper

Mounting a good-quality awning is one of those teardrop trailer accessories that just make sense. It gives you protection from sun and rain while also adding to the protected space you have for hanging out around camp.

Added Storage is a Plus

One of the most important teardrop trailer accessories is added storage. Granted, we 

have enough space with both a vehicle and a trailer; however, that space can become more organized with the addition of a cargo box on the tongue of the trailer. 

This particular box gives you additional exterior storage that is perfect for tools and spare parts, recovery gear, and the like. These items are best stored in an exterior box since they are big, bulky, and often dirty. Besides, a cargo box offers easy access when you need your tools.

This box is 47” wide and 16” deep, so you get ample storage. This is one of those teardrop trailer accessories that will make a small but noticeable difference to the way you travel!

Teardrop Trailer Accessories: A Table is Invaluable for Overlanding

A side table definitely makes our teardrop trailer accessories list because the convenience it provides is invaluable. This isn’t just any table; it’s a unit that mounts onto your teardrop trailer and folds out in a few seconds to present a platform that’s ready to use.

The table is made by Front Runner and is a product commonly found on the rear doors of SUVs or on the side of a teardrop trailer. It is a tried and tested unit that makes camp life more functional when you’re traveling with a teardrop trailer. 

Add Comfort With a Trifold Mattress

A good mattress is certainly one of those must-have teardrop trailer accessories. 

The way you sleep at night determines how much fun you have while camping!

Sherpa Trailers offers a tri-fold queen-size mattress that’s six inches thick. This ensures that you’ll be as comfortable as possible when it’s time to hit the sack. And its trifold design enables you to use it as a cushioned seat with a back for hanging out inside the trailer. Nice! 

Final Thoughts

Orange Bigfoot From Sherpa Trailers

A teardrop trailer is one of our favorite options for camping. Why? It’s simple! They provide an enclosed, comfortable place to sleep, good storage space, and are easy to tow.

And when you opt for an off-road trailer like the Bigfoot, you get something you can take with you to explore off-the-beaten-path locations without sacrificing comfort.

By adding a few accessories, you can make a trailer like the Bigfoot – which is well-appointed to begin with – an even better companion for your adventures. The question is, what are you waiting for?! Get in touch with Sherpa Trailers today to learn what their team can do to help you upgrade your camping experience. 

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