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Space Trailers is the Camping Tent Trailer You Need in 2024

Heading into 2024, the right camping tent trailer can make a significant difference in how you experience the outdoors. Space Trailers offer a practical solution, combining the ease of transport with the comfort essential for any camping trip. This trailer is ideal for those who appreciate the simplicity and efficiency in their outdoor adventures.

The key to a great camping experience is having a trailer that is versatile and reliable. Space Trailers fit the bill perfectly, providing ample space while being easy to handle, regardless of your destination. Whether you’re off for a quick weekend getaway or a longer outdoor journey, it caters to your needs without any fuss.

This week, we’ll dive into the specifics of Space Trailers, exploring what makes them a smart choice for campers in 2024. We will look at their durable construction, user-friendly design, and how they seamlessly adapt to different camping styles. So, let’s get started and see how Space Trailers can enhance your camping experiences.

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What is Space Trailers?

space trailer on mountain road

Space Trailers originated in 2009, conceived around a campfire by enthusiasts who valued eco-friendly travel. Their vision was to create a trailer that complemented fuel-efficient vehicles, ensuring all essential gear, pets, and family members could join every adventure. This innovative idea quickly transformed into a practical solution for campers and outdoor lovers.

The essence of Space Trailers is deeply rooted in a connection with the outdoors. It’s a reflection of a lifestyle that values nature as a teacher for personal growth and self-improvement. These trailers are more than just a means of transport; they’re a symbol of a commitment to the outdoors, embodying a philosophy of exploration and learning.

space trailer in field

Based in Red Wing, Minnesota, the company prides itself on crafting trailers that align with its core values. These values include a positive attitude, individual accountability, and continuous improvement. Every Space Trailer is a product of these principles, designed to enhance the outdoor experience of its users.

Space Trailers stands out for its versatility and adaptability to various outdoor activities. Whether hauling bikes, kayaks, or essential camping equipment, these trailers are up to the task. Built to support a range of adventures, they represent a perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and high-quality craftsmanship.




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Space Trailers Camping Tent Trailer Exterior Specs

space trailer in the mountains

Space Trailers start with a standard 4×7-foot box and tailgate, offering ample storage for your camping essentials. The trailer bed, made of ½” dual-coated plywood with poly coating on both sides, features non-skid flooring. This design ensures that everything inside stays secure, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions you encounter.

The trailers are equipped with 13” Mod Black highway-rated radial tires, perfect for various travel conditions, including heavy snow. This feature makes Space Trailers an ideal companion for four-season adventures. The tailgate’s unique design, flipping open to both 90° and 180°, allows for versatile use and easy access to your gear.

space trailers on dirt road

In terms of model variety, Space Trailers offers the HighRider and LowRider options. The HighRider features springs above the axle for higher ground clearance, while the LowRider, with springs below the axle, suits vehicles with lower ride heights. This customization ensures that your trailer matches your vehicle’s specifications and travel needs.

Further enhancing their appeal, Space Trailers come in ten different color options, allowing for personalization. The removable UV protectant HDPE canopy with an aluminum frame adds to the trailer’s versatility, easily opening for access and removable for larger items. These features combine to make Space Trailers not just functional, but also adaptable to your specific camping style.

Space Trailers Camping Tent Trailer Interior Specs

space trailers with rooftop tent

In addition to the robust storage space, Space Trailers are equipped to accommodate the Thule Foothill 2-Person Roof Top Tent. Although sold separately, this tent is a perfect match for the trailers, offering a comfortable and elevated sleeping area. The tent’s compact foldable design allows for additional roof space for bikes, kayaks, or other gear, maximizing the trailer’s utility.

The Thule Foothill tent is not only space-efficient but also user-friendly. It features an aerodynamic design for reduced drag while driving and easy storage when not in use. The tent includes a comfortable 4cm foam mattress with a removable cover, panoramic rear window, and skylights for ventilation and stargazing, enhancing the camping experience.

Thule Foothill Rooftop Tent to Your Space Trailer

Space Trailers’ interior design and compatibility with accessories like the Thule Foothill tent reflect a deep understanding of campers’ needs. The trailer provides a sturdy and secure base for your outdoor adventures, while the tent addition offers a cozy and convenient sleeping solution. Together, they form an ideal setup for anyone looking to explore the outdoors comfortably and efficiently.

Space Trailers Uses

space trailer rear view

Space Trailers are designed to be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of outdoor activities, making them ideal for diverse camping styles. They are particularly effective for bikers and kayakers, providing ample space and secure transport for all types of gear. With the option to include 80” SPACE bars, these trailers can carry up to five bikes or four kayaks, making them perfect for group adventures or family outings.

space trailers cargo bed

For those who need a trailer for hauling larger items, Space Trailers also excel in this area. Their design allows for easy removal of the canopy, transforming the trailer into an open space suitable for bulky items like lumber, ladders, or even an ATV. This feature makes them a practical choice for DIY enthusiasts and those who frequently need to transport large items for home projects.


space trailers 2023 expedition trailer

What kind of terrain can Space Trailers handle?

Space Trailers are engineered to handle a wide range of terrains, matching the versatility of many vehicles. They are perfect for on-road travels and equally adept at managing light off-roading adventures. Their robust construction and reliable tires ensure stability and durability, whether you’re cruising on highways or exploring less-trodden paths.

How much are Space Trailers?

The pricing for these versatile trailers starts at $4,999. This cost-effective pricing makes them an accessible option for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. Considering their versatility, durability, and the array of features they offer, they represent great value for any adventurer looking to enhance their camping experience.

Where are Space Trailers Built?

Proudly rooted in American craftsmanship, Space Trailers are built in Red Wing, Minnesota. They are a product of skilled workmanship combined with a deep understanding of the needs of outdoor adventurers, reflecting the commitment to quality that the brand stands for.

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