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First Look: The Bigfoot From Sherpa Trailers is Ready for Fun

In my opinion, small and rugged camper trailers are an excellent investment for any lover of vehicle-based adventure. They provide comfortable sleeping space and dimensions that make towing through narrow and tough off-road trails much easier. 

With countless options, it can be challenging to choose which product is the best fit for your needs. However, I love that process. It’s interesting to see the many variations of teardrop trailers, including how they’re designed and built, their standard features, and the array of options you can choose.

One of the brands I’ve taken a good, hard look at lately is Sherpa Trailers. Their Bigfoot trailer, in particular, is an exciting option for overlanding and off-road enthusiasts. 

In fact, I’m so impressed with this trailer that I wanted to share a few details about it with you!

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Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer Construction

sherpa trailer construction

The Bigfoot is the most off-road-oriented trailer available by Sherpa Trailers. It sits on 31” tires and comes with heavy-duty aluminum fenders. It features a straight Dexter axle with a leaf spring suspension (1400-pound spring on each side) to ensure it can cope with corrugations and tough off-road trails 

A straight axle leaf spring suspension offers a lot of strength while also being cheaper to produce. This leads to a trailer that will last a long time while also being affordable. Not bad!

How Big is the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot?

sherpa trailer size 2

Trailers must be small enough to enable easy towing through rough terrain and large enough to provide a comfortable sleeping space and room for your gear. The Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot finds the perfect balance between the two. 

The cabin is five feet wide and eight feet long, meaning a queen-sized mattress easily fits inside. That allows you to spread out whether you’re on a solo trip or with your favorite camping partner.

Sleeping space is very comfortable with just two people, but if you need to sleep with a kiddo or a dog, you can do so in relative comfort. You can also add an optional roof rack and a rooftop tent if you need sleeping space for additional people.

The convenience and safety factors offered by sleeping in an enclosed cabin with hard walls are also invaluable to many buyers. You can sleep comfortably knowing that animals like bears can’t do you harm. Likewise, you can leave your gear inside the trailer as you explore around camp, knowing that critters can’t get inside to investigate!

Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Teardrop Trailer Standard Features

sherpa trailer features

A trailer should come well equipped from the factory so you have a good base on which to build – this is exactly the case with the Bigfoot from Sherpa Trailers. 

This trailer has loads of standard features that make it an ideal option for your camping adventures. It has two doors so you can get a cross-breeze going through the trailer. Additionally, there’s a vent on one side and a 12-volt fan on the other to get airflow through the cabin.

The Bigfoot also comes with a six-outlet power strip on the rear bulkhead so you can charge up your devices. There’s an external outlet, too, so you can access shore power or a generator.As mentioned earlier, you can add a roof rack to the Bigfoot trailer to support a rooftop tent. Or, if you don’t need the added sleeping space, you can use the roof rack to store your gear.

Other standard features include:

  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • A wheeled tongue jack for better maneuverability
  • Dual rear stabilizer jacks
  • A two-inch rear receiver for a cargo rack or bike rack

Keep in mind that the interior of the Bigfoot offers carpeted walls and a carpeted floor, too. All this is in a compact and lightweight package that weighs about 1,300 pounds dry with a 140-pound tongue weight!

With all the important aspects of a trailer covered, the Bigfoot can be used straight out of the box. However, you can tick a few option boxes that will make it even more usable. 

What Options are Available from Sherpa Trailers?

sherpa trailer options

Sherpa Trailers offer a great list of options that will take the Bigfoot trailer to the next level. This includes interior and exterior amenities that expand the trailer’s already excellent functionality and comfort.

For example, you can add a two-bar roof rack, a roof rack basket, or a kayak rack. There’s an optional 8’ x 8’ awning and a deluxe awning room as well!

Other options include a large rear door for improved cabin access, additional cabin windows, and a side table for meal prep and eating space. You can add a tongue box for additional storage, a 110-volt heater, and an Ecoflow solar generator with a Rockpals solar panel.


But wait, there’s more! Sherpa Trailers allows you to add a diamond plate rock guard, a mounted propane tank, and a spare tire to your Trailer. Additionally, you can select:

  • Interior Bunks
  • Cubbyhole storage
  • Trifold queen mattress

Heck, you can even add a shower that utilizes the Waterpot Weekender’s 8-gallon water storage. This system is also food-grade so you can use it for cooking and drinking. 

In other words, Sherpa Trailers isn’t messing around with a bare-bones setup. You already get a great trailer from the get-go, but with options like these, you can really create a nice trailer for camping! 

What Vehicles Can Tow the Bigfoot? 

sherpa trailer with truck

At just 1,300 pounds dry, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot is a light trailer; therefore, you can tow it with a two-door Wrangler or a crossover like the Subaru Forester.

Obviously, the better your vehicle’s tow rating, the more comfortably it will tow the Bigfoot. For off-roading, I suggest using anything in the class of a Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, or a midsize or even full-size truck. Such vehicles will barely feel the weight of this trailer behind them, even on rough terrain.

Final Thoughts


If you love vehicle-based adventures but don’t want a big rig that requires tons of time to set up, the Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot will transform the way you travel. 

You get a safe, secure cabin for sleeping, tons of storage for your gear, a long list of standard features, and loads of options you can choose to customize your experience. What’s not to like?!

If you have any further questions regarding the Bigfoot, contact Sherpa Trailers. For other overlanding or off-road-related questions, get in touch with other like-minded folks in the forum section of our site! 

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