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Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth Review

Embarking on outdoor adventures requires a reliable companion and a camping tent trailer often fits the bill perfectly. Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth has made a significant mark among the numerous options. Known for its practicality and comfort, it’s become a favored choice for those who love to connect with nature through camping.

At first glance, the Freedom Stealth strikes an impressive balance between adventure-readiness and homely comforts. It’s designed for those seeking thrill and relaxation in their outdoor journeys. 

In this review, we’ll look closer at what sets the Freedom Stealth apart in the world of camping trailers. We’ll explore its features in detail and provide a comprehensive overview to help you gauge how this trailer aligns with your camping preferences and requirements. 

Join us as we unfold the various facets of the Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth.

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Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth Size

second wind stealth above

Second Wind Trailers’ Freedom Stealth redefines the essence of a compact and efficient camping trailer. Its dimensions, stretching to 13 feet in length and 7 feet in width, are meticulously crafted to balance spaciousness with maneuverability. This size makes it a perfect companion for various outdoor adventures, providing enough room without the hassle of a bulky setup.

Towing the Freedom Stealth is a breeze, thanks to its considerate weight range of 1,200 to 1,499 pounds. This weight strikes an ideal balance between sturdiness for durability and lightness for easy towing. It’s designed to be tow-friendly for a range of vehicles, from small SUVs to larger trucks, ensuring it’s a versatile option for all kinds of travelers.

second wind freedom stealth at night

Convenience doesn’t end on the road; it also extends to storage. The Freedom Stealth’s compact footprint comfortably fits most home garages or driveways. This feature is a significant advantage for campers with limited storage space, offering ease of storage without compromising on the trailer’s functionality or comfort.

Every aspect of the Freedom Stealth’s size and design is thoughtfully considered, making it not just a means to travel but a seamless part of your journey. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between the comfort of spacious accommodation and the convenience of easy transport and storage.




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Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth Interior Features

second wind stealth cabin view

Delving into the interior of the Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth, one immediately notices the meticulous attention to detail. The cabin has fully insulated walls and a ceiling, creating a comfortable haven regardless of external weather conditions. 

The interior also features birch cabinets with a natural finish, exuding a sense of warmth and welcome. This design choice complements the light wood birch finish of the interior, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Practical elements like quality laminate plank flooring ensure durability and ease of maintenance, an essential aspect of any camping trailer.

second wind freedom stealth galley

Thoughtful additions bolster functionality in the Freedom Stealth’s interior. Dual side doors with screened windows facilitate airflow, while four USB charging stations cater to modern connectivity needs. LED lighting with customizable RGB colors adds a personal touch, allowing occupants to set the mood to their liking.

In the back is a sizable galley area that allows you to bring all the food and beverages you need for an extended trip. You’ll find ample storage for small items like cutlery, a nice-sized countertop for meal prep, and space for a fridge to keep your food cold. What more could you want?!

Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth Exterior Features

second wind stealth side view

The Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth boasts a rugged exterior tailored for durability and style. Its weather-resistant frame, aluminum sides, and roof ensure longevity and resistance against diverse climates. 

Aesthetically, the trailer stands out with customization options like wrap-around artwork, allowing owners to personalize their travel companion. The 15” radial tires enhance its off-road capability, while the 12-14 inches of ground clearance make it suitable for diverse landscapes. 

second wind stealth top view

The trailer’s practical design is evident in every aspect, from its aerodynamic shape to its weather-resistant features. Sustainability is a key feature, with a deep-cycle RV 12-volt battery system powered by a 100-watt solar panel and 10-amp charger. Additionally, the trailer’s stability is reinforced with two rear stabilizing jacks and a front rotating jack, making setting up camp effortless and secure.

Get to Know Second Wind Trailers

second wind freedom stealth hooked to jeep

Second Wind Trailers is a beacon of handmade craftsmanship in the modern overland trailer industry. Beginning in mid-2014, the company embarked on a mission to transform the DIY Teardrop Trailer from concept to reality. They aimed to blend vintage inspiration with contemporary design, crafting trailers that speak volumes of meticulous workmanship.

The core mission of Second Wind Trailers is to craft trailers that enhance outdoor enjoyment without sacrificing home comforts. Their belief in the power of a well-designed, expertly constructed teardrop trailer to provide freedom and independence is evident in each model. These trailers are not just vehicles but enablers of unforgettable experiences and joyous memories in nature.

second wind stealth driver view

With the successful development of their ‘Whisper’ prototype, Second Wind Trailers gained crucial insights that fueled their evolution. The company’s next phase involves leveraging new technology and options in trailer building. Partnerships with vendors and artisans support this expansion, which is vital in bringing their innovative designs to fruition.

Second Wind Trailers is dedicated to those who seek quality and authenticity in their outdoor gear. Their trailers are more than just a means of transport; they are a testament to the passion for outdoor living, blending quality, function, and the spirit of adventure into every build.


second wind freedom stealth driver side view

Is there a warranty on the Freedom Stealth?

Yes, the Second Wind Trailers Freedom Stealth comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This comprehensive coverage includes all manufactured parts and materials, ensuring peace of mind for owners. Owners are still advised to carry travel and vehicle insurance for coverage of items not included in the warranty.

Is financing available for a Freedom Stealth?

Yes, financing options for the Freedom Stealth are available through Rock Solid Funding. They offer flexible programs, including subprime options, long terms with low payments, and no prepayment penalty. Virtual financing allows for quick pre-approvals, often within minutes, enabling prospective buyers to start their new loan process efficiently. 

Are other Second Wind Trailer models available?

Second Wind Trailers offers a variety of models to suit different needs and preferences. In addition to the Freedom Stealth, they have four other models named MAX, FLIGHT, SE, and EX. Each model has unique features and functionalities, catering to diverse camping and adventure requirements. 

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