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Why Go Camping? 4 Reasons to Get Out and Camp

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The answer to the “why go camping” question is easy – fresh air, relaxation, fun with family and friends. There are plenty of other reasons you should go out for a few days in nature, and most of them include some version of those I just mentioned. 

However, if done incorrectly, camping can quickly turn into a chore. It’s important to prepare correctly and take the right gear with you, as this will transform your experience from hard work to the relaxing outdoor adventure you deserve! 

This article answers the “why go camping” question by providing four reasons to do so. I’ll also outline some products that make the whole process even more fun, functional, and comfortable.

Let’s get started!

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Why Go Camping? To Escape Reality! 

Cook Your Own Meals while camping

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If presented with the “why go camping” question, most people respond with something along the lines of escaping reality and enjoying the calmness of nature. 

Living and working full-time in a city can get stressful. The constant noise, traffic, and sirens don’t let our busy minds take a break. In many cases, our solution to this problem is to take a vacation to a different crowded and noisy city which seems counter-intuitive.

We suggest you pack up your gear and escape for a calm camping adventure with the people you love. If you have kids, leave them home and enjoy a quiet weekend with your significant other. Now that sounds nice!

Why Go Camping? Because Camping Has Never Been Easier!


Some people may ask the common question of, “why go camping” when you have to rough it and be miserable in the woods? We believe camping can be just as comfortable thanks to campers like the FORT F-6.

With a trailer like the F-6, you’ll have a camping setup that includes all the amenities you need while being extremely easy and quick to deploy. To ensure that you aren’t limited in your adventures, this trailer is capable and light enough to tackle tight spaces and rugged trails while being easy to tow by a variety of vehicles.


The great off-road abilities of this trailer are due to the articulating hitch (Cruisemaster DO-35), its Timbren axleless independent suspension, and the available 16 inches of ground clearance (the same number as a Humvee!). It also features a very helpful 40+ degree departure angle. 

FORT Campers Articulating Hitch

In case you were wondering, an articulating hitch enables the trailer to undertake steep angles while off-roading. For example, if you are driving up a steep hill, your truck will hit the incline first, leaving the trailer on flat ground. In this instance, the hitch must be able to take the angles without binding and possibly failing. The same is true for side slopes. 


Aside from the off-road abilities, the F-6 has additional features that maximize comfort while parked at camp. For example, the power system includes:

  • Power cluster with USB and power ports
  • Victron 220 Ah AGM batteries 
  • 1200w pure sine wave inverter
  • 200w Solar panel and solar charge controller

With all that power, you’ll have no problem charging your devices, running the water pump, running camp lights, and so forth.

But the F-6 has much more to offer beyond a great electrical system…

FORT F-6 kitchen

This trailer has a dedicated kitchen area with a stove, sink, and pantry. There’s also a counter area with LED lighting so you can work on dinner after dark. You get a 46-inch slide-out storage drawer (where you can add a fridge if you like), interior weatherproof storage slide-outs, and a 270-degree quick-deploy awning that covers the entire kitchen area.

Additional features include a waterport with a shower hose and nozzle, 42 gallons of water storage, and a roof rack to support your rooftop tent. There’s 50 cubic feet of storage for all your gear, too. All this comes in a trailer that’s 150” long, 58” high, 75” wide, and has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds. Not bad!

FORT F-6 Storage

To make this trailer even more comfortable, you can tick the factory option boxes for a rooftop tent, refrigerator, water heater, inverter, and even a custom paint job.

We love this setup as it incorporates comfort and amenities in a lightweight and agile design that can handle difficult roads (or lack thereof). FORT Campers offers the ideal option for camping and doing so far away from anyone else!

We Go Camping to Make Great Memories 

Camping with dog

Photo by Vesnaandjic via iStock

Answers to the “why go camping” question don’t end at the relaxation part. In fact, the opposite is true. Some people love camping because it leads to lifelong adventures and memories. 

A trip with some of your best mates on tough trails leads to comradery while you all work together to conquer the obstacles ahead. If tough off-roading isn’t something you like doing, the memories can come in the form of unforgettable sights or even great camp meals enjoyed around a campfire. 

I know some of my favorite childhood memories are from camping trips with my family. That’s why I continue to camp today with my own family. Even the trips that were a bit of a disaster have been memorable (in a good way). So, why not hit the road this weekend and make some new memories out in the wilderness?!

We Go Camping to Develop Essential Skills

Beginner Camping Tips – How To Select A Campsite

Photo by wilpunt via iStock

Our final answer to the “why go camping” question is the fact that it helps us develop essential skills. These can come in the form of basic vehicle maintenance knowledge, survival skills, and even cooking skills. In nature, everything is up to us to fix or make, leading to a significant acquisition of knowledge.

It also wakes up primitive instincts still embedded deep in our DNA. For example, the satisfaction we get when sitting around a fire or the sense of accomplishment when cooking a delicious camp meal straight on the fire coals are linked to ancient reward systems. 

These skills and experiences are missing from today’s society but are still within us, and a good camping trip can help release them!

Why Go Camping? – Final Thoughts

woman resting laying on hammock at camping site

Photo by Vera_Petrunina via iStock

So, why go camping? As you can see, there are plenty of answers to this question. Some of them include relaxation, memorable experiences, and learning new skills. Add to that the fact that with the camping trailers available today, camping can be just as comfortable as sleeping in a hotel. Not to mention how prettier your surroundings will be!

In other words, there are many more reasons to go camping this weekend than reasons not. Who’s ready to pack up and head out?!

If you have ideas to share about our “why go camping” question, post them in the forum section of our page, where you will find like-minded people and information on off-roading and overlanding! 

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