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An Off Road Trailer with Rooftop Tent is Ideal for Off-Grid Camping

Sleeping on the ground under a tent is not a requirement for camping…

Instead, you can have a comfy arrangement that won’t break the bank with a few extras, such as a small, simple-to-tow trailer. However, some adventure trailers have a few drawbacks – their weight and price, for instance. Thankfully, that’s not the case with all adventure trailer companies.  

If you’re going on a real adventure, you’ll need a trailer that can handle everything from city streets to twisty two-tracks in the mountains. That is precisely what the Bunejug from Sunnyside Offroad does. This trailer might just be one of your favorite designs because it’s suitable for camping, hunting, and various other outdoor activities.

This article explores the Bunejug in greater detail so you can see why it’s the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

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An Off Road Trailer With Rooftop Tent is Compact and Lightweight


The ultra-lightweight Bunejug off road trailer with a rooftop tent is made in Reno, Nevada, and has been tested in some of the most rugged terrain the Western U.S. has to offer. As such, this bad boy enables you to camp in locations you couldn’t access with many other trailers.

This off-road trailer with rooftop tent stands out from the rest thanks to its lightweight construction and specially-made trailing arm suspension. Additionally, the trailer has load-adjusting shocks to offer the smoothest trailering experience possible.

bunejug 3

Of course, the light weight of the trailer helps. At just 650 pounds dry, this trailer can easily be towed by various vehicles, including UTVs. The top of the trailer has a static weight rating of 550 pounds, so even if you load it to the max, the GVWR is still scant compared to many other trailers on the market.

The light weight means this is a no-frills trailer. There’s no galley, no electrical system, and no water tanks. But simplicity is part of what makes this off road trailer with rooftop tent such a great option. It’s easy to tow, easy to maneuver, and easy to set up!

Get Off-Grid With a Trail-Ready Suspension

sunnyside offroad bunejug suspension

The Bunejug excels when the going gets rough because of its off road suspension and its small dimensions and lightweight.

As mentioned above, the system consists of a long-travel, customized independent trailing arm setup with load-adjusting shocks. This system was designed and tested at high speeds to be the trailer with the smoothest ride possible.

The Bunejug is one of the greatest solutions available because of its mobility and off-road toughness. If you need to tow a trailer in a remote and challenging area, this is it! You get a rugged trailer, a reliable suspension, and the ultimate in off road performance. That’s not a bad combination!

An Off Road Trailer With Rooftop Tent Gets You Off the Ground

bunejug 2

You can get off the ground and enjoy the luxury of sleeping high with the rooftop tent, which for many people, feels safer than lying on the ground. Additionally, packing up in rainy conditions can be simpler since your tent won’t be covered in mud and muck.

You have various options with an off road trailer with a rooftop tent, too. For instance, a two-person tent provides living space and a sleeping area with a maximum height of 45 inches. 

bunejug 4

The Bunejug off road trailer with rooftop tent has a three-inch foam mattress that has space for two people to sleep, and it has a mesh mosquito screen to keep biting midges out while you get a nice night’s rest.

Furthermore, a 420D polyester oxford rainfly with taped seams is installed in this Sunnyside Offroad trailer with a rooftop tent and is constructed of 280G poly-cotton ripstop that offers long-term durability for adventures in tough weather conditions.

The Ideal Trailer for Wilderness Exploration

sunnyside offroad bunejug

Anyone looking for a reliable trailer that can be towed by almost any vehicle should consider the Bunejug. Today’s trailers are usually large and heavy. And that means they require the use of a strong vehicle that can tow them, and even then, size restrictions still place limits on the locations you can visit. 

You won’t have similar problems with the Bunejug. It can tackle just about any trail thanks to its compact size, and it doesn’t diminish the capabilities of your vehicle. 

What’s more, the Bunejug can be your base camp from which you go on daily adventures. So, not only is it easy to tow and set up, but it also gives you more freedom to hit the trails during the day while having a comfortable camping experience to look forward to.

In other words, the Bunejug is simply the perfect answer for your off-grid camping needs! 

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