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Benefits of a Compact Tent Trailer

There’s no denying the fact that Overlanding and camping are two of the most adventurous activities one could enjoy. Although preparing and planning are the two main parts of a camping trip, the execution defines how well it goes and whether you make the most out of it.

Apart from a robust truck, you ought to have substantial gear and amenities for your Overlanding trip. Off-roading trailers have gained popularity and momentum in sales, thanks to the freedom and utility they offer. A compact tent trailer not only gives you extra storage space and payload capacity, but there’s much more it has to offer that can turn your average off-roading trip into a five-star experience.

FORT Campers offer one such rugged and versatile compact tent trailer – the FORT F-6 – which has many luxury features and amenities for your backcountry boondocking. In this guide, we’ll discuss why a compact tent trailer like the FORT F-6 is such an excellent option for Overlanding and off-roading enthusiasts.

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What Makes FORT F-6 Such a Good Compact Tent Trailer?

The list explaining the qualities of this compact tent trailer is never-ending (after all, that’s why the FORT F-6 is on our list of the best expedition trailers of 2022), but let’s just go through some of its salient features to see why it is such a good option for your Overlanding adventures.

Rugged and Capable

FORT F-6 trailer tent

The FORT F-6 is made of highly durable and robust carbon-aluminum alloy that offers superb rigidity while keeping it lightweight. To further enhance its off-roading capability, it’s equipped with a sturdy Timbren independent suspension and allows wheels that can traverse just about any terrain with little effort. 

A movable hitch prevents any dislodging of the trailer or imbalance while maneuvering tricky terrain, offering stability and confidence. A generous 16-inch ground clearance and all-terrain tires ensure you don’t have to worry about the track or your destination, and reliably tow your gear in this rugged, compact tent trailer. 

No matter if it’s rain or shine, summer or winter, the FORT F-6 will help you make the most of your off-grid adventures.

Tons of Storage Capacity

FORT F-6 Compact Tent Trailer

What good is a trailer if it can’t carry all your gear? The FORT F-6 has a class-leading storage capacity of 50 cu-ft, thanks to its intelligent design and construction.

For example, there’s several slide-out storage areas that are smartly placed around the camper, and each is well-protected from the weather and other hazards. 

A large 46-inch slide-out drawer can also store large items and the optional refrigerator that you can buy for your trips. To keep your drinking, washing, and cleaning activities running, the FORT F-6 comes with a 42-gallon water tank as well. With such marvelous storage capacity, this compact tent trailer carries everything you need to get way off-grid and stay there for a while!

A Luxury Bamboo Kitchen

FORT F-6 Luxury Bamboo Kitchen

With the FORT F-6 at your disposal, you don’t want to carry haversack meals on your Overlanding trips. This versatile compact tent trailer comes loaded with a luxury bamboo kitchen dedicated to your culinary needs.

The pantry has a utensil drawer, a retractable prep counter, a sink, a stove, and a propane supply. Made of highly durable and environmentally-friendly bamboo, it lets you cook your favorite meals at your campsite, keep your cooking gear organized, and it looks good while doing it, too.

Utility and Convenience

fort compact tent trailer

To make your trip comfortable and fun, there’s some added goodies in this compact tent trailer. The aforementioned 42-gallon water tank lets you shower, wash your dishes, and have a clean water supply off the grid.

It also has LED lights for illumination at night and comes with weatherproof storage to keep your gear safe. To protect yourself and your luggage from rain, the versatile compact tent trailer has an awning that comes standard and offers you that extra comfort and utility in harsh climates. Having a protected outdoor living space is crucial for maximizing your experience off-grid.

Solid Power Source

fort reliable power system

Although the FORT F-6 is a compact tent trailer, it has a robust and reliable power system. To help you charge your gadgets, run your optional refrigerator, power up that sound system, portable TV, or coffee maker, it comes equipped with a powerful 1200W sine-wave inverter, backed up by Victron 220 Ah batteries.

Even if you’re going off the grid for a longer duration, don’t stress! This smart and compact tent trailer also has a 200W solar setup, including a portable solar panel and solar charge unit.

With USB and power ports, simply plug in your devices and enjoy like you’re living in a suite!

Luxury Options

fort features

One would wonder, after reading about the FORT F-6’s portfolio of features, what’s left or what’s missing? Well, you can get some options to further enhance your camping experience with this compact tent trailer. 

These options include:

  • Roof Top Tent – To enjoy stargazing and extra space, you can buy a rooftop tent that can be installed on top of this trailer while camping in the woods.
  • Refrigerator – To keep your drinks chilled and food from spoiling, get the optional fridge, as it hides nicely in the 46-inch drawer and offers superb usability.
  • Water Heater – This 6-gallon water heater is a must-have option. Imagine bathing with warm water in the backcountry with your new compact tent trailer!
  • Bigger Inverter – If you’ve got greater power needs, it’s ideal to upgrade to an optional 2000W inverter rather than the standard 1200W.

At the end of the day, this compact tent trailer is precisely what you need for your Overlanding adventures. It’s got the features you need, the options you want, and it’s all wrapped in a bulletproof trailer that’s easy to tow on or off-road.

Visit FORT Campers today to learn more about this epic camping trailer!

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