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2023 Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers

Now that spring is here (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), it’s time to start looking forward to all the springtime and summertime adventures that lie ahead. It also means it’s time for our annual list of the best off-road teardrop trailers!

As was the case in 2021 and 2022, we have a killer list of off-road teardrop trailers that offer incredible features, excellent durability, and the functionality you demand in a capable rig. You’ll find some familiar faces on this list and some new players with exciting trailers to offer.

Without further ado, let’s check out this year’s list of the best off-road teardrops!

Table of Contents

Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

boony stomper

Sunnyside Offroad is based in beautiful Reno, Nevada. But that’s not the reason why Reno is an important part of the equation…

Instead, being in Reno means the team at Sunnyside Offroad has unfettered access to some of the nation’s most difficult terrain. And with that kind of terrain as their backyard, the Sunnyside Offroad team has everything they need to design and test one of the best off-road teardrop trailers on the market today – the Boony Stomper.

sunnyside offroad boony stomper exterior 2

What’s so great about the Boony Stomper is that you get an incredible level of off-road capability in a small package. The trailer is just 670 pounds dry and has a 100-pound tongue weight, so you can tow it with virtually any vehicle – UTVs included! Hook the Boony Stomper up to your side-by-side, hit the trail, and get way off grid. What’s not to like?!

To help you get to those far-off destinations, Sunnyside Offroad has equipped the Boony Stomper with a custom-fabricated long-travel independent trailing arm suspension. The trailer also has adjustable shocks to give you the ultimate towing experience.

boony stomper suspension

The Boony Stomper has a 2×2 steel frame for durability, too. Combined with its rugged suspension, the Boony Stomper can tackle any trail your tow vehicle can. And you won’t have to worry about obstacles tearing apart the trailer’s wiring, either – Sunnyside Offroad has smartly embedded the wiring into the frame.

Other exterior features include a Class-4 locking ball coupler, LED running lights, brake lights, and turn signals, and a 4-pin plug to connect the lights to your tow vehicle. The trailer’s 119 x 74″ size is big enough to have all the interior space you need while still being small enough to navigate tight trails.

boony stomper storage

The Boony Stomper’s cabin is appointed with beautiful cabinetry with self-latching doors so your gear doesn’t escape while you’re on the trail. There’s a linoleum floor for easy cleaning, carpeted walls, and a carpeted headboard.

The cabin is spacious enough for you and an adventure buddy, be that another human or your favorite four-legged friend. Either way, you’ll have enough space to settle in for a good night’s sleep!

boony stomper on trail

As if all that isn’t enough, Sunnyside Offroad is a family-owned business, and their trailers are made in the USA. That’s something I appreciate as a small business owner and as an Army veteran, too!

Now, what about the price? Sunnyside Offroad knocks it out of the park on that front, too – the Boony Stomper starts at $10,250. Better still, it takes just 6-8 weeks to get your custom-made trailer! That means you can order yours today and have it just in time for summer camping adventures!

Learn more about the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

Sniper X.9

sniper x.9 4

If you perused our lists of the best off-road teardrops for 2021 and 2022, you saw the Sniper X.9. This year, the X.9 takes the top spot for all the same reasons it was part of our lists in previous years – this trailer is simply beautifully designed, impeccably built, and able to tackle whatever terrain your tow vehicle can handle.

But more than that, the X.9 is an ideal mix of size, weight, and features. In many cases, off-road teardrop trailers that are this small – about 13 feet from tip to tail and six feet wide – have few, if any, amenities. Yet, the X.9 breaks that mold – another great reason to name it our pick for the best off-road teardrop of 2023!

sniper x.9 2

For example, the X.9 has a queen-sized bed, a fold-up table with seating for two, and lots of internal storage space. The pop-up roof makes the cabin feel far roomier than it is, which is a nice bonus on chilly or inclement days when you curl up in bed with a good book and take in the view from the bedside windows (which are equipped with insect screens and blinds).

Heck, you even get touch-controlled interior LED lighting and USB ports for powering your gadgets! If you want to make the interior even more comfortable for your camping adventures, you can add heat and air conditioning, too.

sniper x.9 3

Outside, the X.9 really shines with a whole host of features that make it the best off-road teardrop trailer on the market today

For starters, you get a stainless-steel slide-out kitchen with a two-burner stove so you can whip up incredible meals while you’re roughing it in the woods or mountains. You also get an 18’ x 6’ awning on the kitchen side of the trailer to give you shade and protect you from the elements. 

sniper x.9 6

The Sniper X.9 has a built-in shower enclosure, too. A nice shower when you come back to camp on those days when you’re out hiking, biking, or otherwise getting sweaty and dirty is the perfect way to end the day.

If you have devices to power, the X.9 can accommodate you there, too. There’s a 200-watt solar panel on the roof that feeds electricity to an onboard 100-hour lithium battery. Better still, there’s a REDARC Manager 30 battery management system included, which takes the fuss and muss out of managing the battery’s power.

sniper x.9 5

The Sniper team built this trailer to withstand the harsh conditions on the trail as well. For example, the aluminum subfloor is lightweight and strong, while the fiberglass-reinforced composite walls provide the same strength and durability. There’s even marine dust seals on the pop-up roof to keep the cabin as dust-free as possible.

All of this rides on a CruiseMaster CRS coil suspension with off-road shocks, 16″x7″ off-road wheels with 33″ tires, and 10-inch electric brakes. In other words, the Sniper X.9 is purpose-built to go on adventures near and far and provide you with a comfortable base camp, too!

I could go on and on about the amenities and features that the Sniper X.9 offers, but it might be more impactful for you to see this trailer for yourself. See this bad boy in action in the video above to get a sense of how it operates off-road and the amenities you can enjoy while you’re out adventuring.

Learn more about the Sniper X.9





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Aero Teardrops

aero teardrops winter camping

If you’ve perused our previous off-road teardrop articles, the name Aero Teardrops will certainly ring a bell…

This company makes its third appearance on our “best of” list due in large part to the impeccable craftsmanship of its trailers. Sure, anyone can make an off-road teardrop – but not every company is capable of making off-road teardrops like this.

Aero Teardrops’ two off-road models are built with the purpose of helping you connect with nature, adventure, and family. To do so, Aero Teardrops hand-crafts each trailer and customizes it to the customer’s specific needs. Add in beautiful and functional designs, a commitment to innovation, and years and years of camping expertise, and you have a recipe for some of the best off-road teardrops on the market today.

Let’s have a closer look at each off-road model from Aero Teardrops.

aero teardrops steel 1

First is the Steel, a 5×10’ retro-design teardrop that tips the scales at 1,500 pounds dry. The traditional Steel model is 14 feet long, 80 inches wide, and 66 inches tall, with a tongue weight of 195 pounds. 

The Steel HC (High Clearance) is slightly taller at 72 inches but retains the same length and width as the Steel. Its dry weight is the same, though the tongue weight is 215 pounds. The Steel HC rides on a 3,500-pound axle-less Timbren suspension and all-terrain tires, making it the ultimate adventure rig for getting way off the beaten path.

In either case, the Steel models are lightweight, easy to tow, and ready to tackle tough terrain!

aero teardrops steel interior

Inside the Steel trailer, you’ll find a foldable 54×80” mattress that’s a perfect fit for you and your camping buddy. There’s tons of storage with cabinets and shelves for frequently-used items and underfloor storage for less-used items. You can enjoy a great view out of the doors (which have screens) and the large stargazer window, too.

Other interior amenities include:

  • Fan-tastic Fan for ventilation
  • Reading lights
  • Phone shelves with USB ports
  • 120V plug & complete RV power center
  • Cupholders

You can also add any number of interior options, like a bunk and a tent on top of the trailer for additional sleeping space, an interior table for dining and playing games, and solid wood cabinetry. Add curtains, a Propex heater, and entertainment options like a TV, DVD player, and Bluetooth stereo with four speakers to the mix as well!

aero teardrops steel 2

Aero Teardrops gives you plenty of bang for your buck on the exterior of the Steel and Steel HC as well. For example, these trailers come standard with a 12V deep-cycle battery, wiring for 120V shore power, and LED interior and exterior lighting.

Up front is a tongue jack for leveling the trailer, in back are two jacks for stabilizing the trailer at camp, and you get beautiful clear anodized aluminum siding and a powder-coated roof. You can add one of ten standard exterior colors to your trailer, too, provided you opt for the powder-coated sides.

aero teardrops steel exterior red

Exterior options include everything from a roof rack and roof basket to premium off-road wheels and a diamond plate rock guard. You can add additional storage with a tongue box and even opt for an extended tongue with a custom storage cage if you really need a lot of storage space.

But that’s just the start…get a full inventory of exterior amenities here.

aero teardrops steel galley

Last but not least, the Steel trailer comes with a beautifully-designed galley that makes campsite cooking a breeze. The galley features upper and lower cabinets for storage, a spacious laminate countertop, and two LED downlights so you can cook after dark.

Additionally, the galley is equipped with 120V and 12V outlets and a water jug. Of course, there is a long list of options you can add, too, including a stove with a pull-out drawer, a cooler drawer, and a plug-in cooler with wiring. You can also add a sink, your choice of two different-sized side tables, and custom wood cabinetry. Again, this is just the start of the options you can pick!

aero teardrops burnside 2

But, the Steel models are only half the story when it comes to off-road trailers from Aero Teardrops. The newest model, the Burnside, is a squaredrop design that offers a more minimalistic approach to teardrop trailer camping.

The trailer is 14 feet long, 80 inches wide, and 68 inches tall, so it’s roughly the same size as the Steel. However, it weighs just 1,250 pounds dry and has a tongue weight of 175 pounds.

aero teardrops burnside interior 2

Inside, you’ll find a full-sized 54×80” folding mattress, loads of cabinetry for your gear, and underfloor storage. The Burnside is also equipped with reading lights, 120V and 12V plugs, and phone shelves with USB ports. The standard interior features round out with a vent fan and doors with window screens that provide ample ventilation for the cabin.

As with the Steel, the Burnside comes with many optional interior features like a bunk, a heater, and an interior table. You can add curtains, an evaporative cooler, Bluetooth speakers, and a TV as well, too.

Aero Teardrops Burnside 1

While this is a minimalist trailer, there is a long list of exterior features. You get a diamond plate rock guard, a clear anodized white powder-coated roof, and Jeep-style fenders. This rig rides on a 3,500-pound Timbren axle-less suspension and American Racing Baja wheels wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler tires. 

The Burnside is also equipped with a tongue jack, two rear stabilizer jacks, and electrical components, including:

  • 12V 80Ah deep-cycle battery
  • Wiring for 120V shore power and 12V
  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • 7-way trailer connector

You can customize the Burnside to your liking with a laundry list of options, like rock sliders, a rooftop tent, or a 270-degree awning. Other options include premium off-road wheels, a tongue box, and a Lock n’ Roll hitch. Get a look at the complete list of options here.

The Burnside also has a spacious galley for your camping cooking needs….

aero teardrops Burnside-Galley-3

The standard galley comes with a power center that includes a voltage meter for the battery, 120V and 12V outlets, and two USB ports. There’s LED lighting and a laminate countertop as well. Optional features include a cooler drawer, a two-drawer stack, and a water jug pull-out. You can also add a side-mounted propane tank, a stove with a pull-out drawer, modern cabinetry, and a stainless steel countertop if you wish.

In other words, Aero Teardrops gives you all the standard features you need to camp and camp well – but with a long list of options that you can add to make your teardrop trailer the ideal setup for your specific needs. What’s not to like about that?!

Learn more about Aero Teardrops

BADAC Adventure Co SD-10

badac adventure co sd-10 rear 2

When evaluating teardrop trailers for inclusion on this list, they have to tick a few different boxes: excellent off-road capabilities, impeccable build quality, a comfortable cabin, and the ability to customize. The BADAC Adventure Co SD-10 ticks all those boxes – and then some.

Let’s start inside the SD-10’s baltic birch cabin…

badac adventure co sd-10 interior 3

Aside from being absolutely beautiful, the cabin features space for a full extra-large mattress where you can comfortably drift off to sleep after a long day of adventuring. With two large headboard cubbies and a closed compartment at the foot of the bed, you have ample space to store your gear out of the way, leaving you with maximum space to relax.

The warm LED lighting in the cabin gives you the light you need to get ready for bed, read, or play a quick game of chess with your travel buddy before hitting the sack. There are also integrated USB chargers on both sides of the bed for charging your devices from the included 100ah lithium battery or by using shore power. The trailer is solar-ready, too, with options for adding a roof-mounted solar panel or a portable solar panel.

badac adventure co sd-10 rear galley

Adding to your comfort is the fact that the SD-10 is purpose-built for year-round camping. Warm-weather camping is made more comfortable thanks to the large screened windows in both doors that allow for good cross-ventilation. The included four-speed MaxxFan aids in getting fresh air into the cabin, while an optional Zero Breeze portable air conditioner makes camping in the hottest months more bearable.

If you’re like me and enjoy a good cold-weather camping adventure, the SD-10 is ready to rock. Both doors are insulated, as are the ceiling and the floor of the trailer. You can add a heating system to the trailer as well, giving you warm, dry heat to keep the chill of winter camping adventures at bay.

badac adventure co sd-10 galley close up

An off-road teardrop trailer also needs a galley so you can prepare your off-grid meals, and the SD-10 delivers on that front in fine fashion with a stainless steel countertop, ample cabinet storage, and a large under-cabinet drawer for your cooking utensils.

BADAC Adventure Co has also included handy features like a magnetic knife holder, a paper towel holder, and dual-color LED lighting. The galley is also designed to be customizable to your specific needs with options like a Dometic fridge and freezer and a swing out double-burner stove.

badac adventure co sd-10 galley open hatch

In addition to all that, the SD-10 is purpose-built for tackling tough off-road adventures. The hand-welded 2.5 x 2.5” USA steel frame is powder coated for added durability, while the walls, floor, and roof are built using high-quality baltic birch to ensure the rig is lightweight yet has the strength and rigidity to stand up to the rigors of your adventures. Heck, the walls, floor, and roof are even coated in a bedliner to give it extra durability!

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have a good foundation…

BADAC Adventure Co uses an overbuilt and reinforced tube steel chassis with a heavy-duty 3,500-pound axle that’s ready to go on any trail your tow vehicle can manage. The 17” black wheels and all-terrain radial tires give the trailer good ground clearance and excellent grip, while the industrial-strength powder coating ensures long-term durability of the chassis components.

badac adventure co sd-10 side kitchen

Add in features like a welded wheeled tongue jack with a removable tongue, custom flat-top powder-coated fenders with steps, and a 7-pin trailer connector, and you have an off-road teardrop trailer that’ll give you years and years of service!

You can even customize the SD-10 to better suit your specific needs. For example, you can opt for a side kitchen arrangement with dual slides (as shown above), add a 200ah lithium battery for additional power, or have a custom full-length roof rack added to the trailer, as just a few examples.

BADAC Adventure Co might not be the oldest company on this list, but it has proven to be among the best when it comes to build quality, engineering, and attention to detail. From the front to back, top to bottom, this made-in-the-USA trailer exudes quality that’s reflective of the commitment this family-owned Oklahoma-based business has to helping you get out and adventure more often!

Learn more about the BADAC Adventure Co SD-10

TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth

tigermoth exterior

When I think of teardrop trailers, I think of traditional-looking trailers with a classic teardrop shape. But modern teardrops come in many other shapes and sizes, and the TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth is a great example of that.

In fact, the TigerMoth is unlike any other teardrop trailer I’ve ever seen. And when you’re inside it, it feels far larger than most teardrops. But how?

taxa outdoors tigermoth 11

The TigerMoth’s enormous side door is the key to making this off-road teardrop trailer feel much more spacious than it is. Just pop open the door, and you have indoor-outdoor living that’s easy breezy.

On top of making the cabin seem enormous, this side door also makes loading and unloading gear so much easier. With a traditional teardrop, you have to maneuver through smallish doors to get your gear (and yourself) in and out of the trailer, but that’s not the case with the TigerMoth.

taxa outdoors tigermoth 10

In addition to the unique side hatch, you get a well-appointed cabin that’s beautifully designed and wholly functional. For example, there’s a bed big enough for two adults, and when you aren’t snoozing, the bed converts into a lounge area for sitting. There’s even a cafe table you can install to create a dining area.

Moreover, there’s 12 cubic feet of storage under the bed where you can keep your gear neatly organized and out of the way yet still easily accessible when needed.

Taxa Outdoors Tigermoth 1

Outside, you’ll find a slide-out kitchen that gives you all the counter space you need to cook on the go. The kitchen also has a two-burner stove, a portable sink, and space to store items like a cutting board and cooking utensils.


In addition to all of the standard features noted above, TAXA Outdoors offers a host of options that allow you to customize the TigerMoth to your specific needs. For example, you can add a roof rack for additional storage or as a space to mount a three-person rooftop tent.

TAXA Outdoors also offers a five-pound propane tank and mount, a Thule Tepui six-foot awning with a mosquito room and a mesh screen door, and air conditioning for the cabin. All this is in an off-road teardrop trailer that weighs just 1,300 pounds dry!

Learn more about the TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth

Second Wind Trailers

second wind freedom overhead

When I think of teardrop trailer camping, one word comes to mind – freedom. With a small trailer, you can go further, to more off-grid places, and do so in comfort, too. That’s especially true if you get an off-road teardrop trailer that’s purpose-built for freedom…

Second Wind Trailers offers several Freedom models, each of which offers plenty of amenities to make your off-road camping adventure all the better. For example, you get a trailer with fully insulated walls, a fully insulated ceiling, and a 3-Speed HIGH FLOW Top Fan to help keep the interior of the cabin a nice temperature no matter the time of year.

second wind freedom max interior

Also inside the cabin, you’ll find beautiful birch cabinets with a natural finish. The floor is covered with high-quality laminate planks, and there are two side doors, each of which has screened windows so you can get a nice cross-breeze in the summer. You can kick back and relax on the full-size memory foam mattress, too.

second wind freedom max cabin 2

You’ll find four USB charging stations in this trailer – two in the cabin and two in the galley. You’ve got solar LED porch lights that are switch controlled so you can see if nature calls in the middle of the night. The interior lighting is LED RGB, as is the lighting in the galley. Powering all this is a 100-watt solar panel with a 10-amp charger, plus a deep-cycle RV 12-volt battery system.

The galley features a durable resin countertop. You’ll appreciate all the storage the galley provides as well – more than enough for an extended trip!

second wind freedom max sunset

The Second Wind Freedom rides on 14-inch radial tires and a welded, weather-resistant trailer frame. The undercarriage is sealed and weather resistant, and the aluminum roof and sides offer long-lasting, durable protection without adding undue weight.

Other base features include two rear stabilizing jacks, a rotating front jack support, and a battery box with a custom-etched logo lid. You also get up to 14 inches of ground clearance. But, you can kick things up a bit with the Freedom MAX, which is the model shown above and below.

second wind freedom max galley open

In addition to all the features I just listed, the Freedom MAX has a fridge/cooler, a sink, 10 gallons of onboard water storage, and a water supply pump. There is one 115V plug in the galley, plus two more in the cabin.

The MAX version also boasts standard electric and water RV hookups, a two-inch welded rear receiver for your bike rack, and large off-road wheels and tires. Additionally, you get etched Air Force star logos on either side and a 2000-watt Renogy pure-sine wave inverter. Not bad, right?

second wind freedom max galley 2

But if you want to hit the road with even more goodies, Second Wind Trailers has your back with a long list of additional features and options. You can add anything from a roof rack with crossbeams to a propane tank with a built-in two-burner cooktop to a mount for a Jerry can. Throw in a propane water heater, a shower, an awning, and a Star Gazer window while you’re at it!

second wind freedom max nose

In other words, the Freedom trailers from Second Wind Trailers have everything you need for your next off-road camping adventure. Whether it’s something related to function or comfort, the Second Wind team has really thought through the design of its Freedom trailers to deliver a high-quality home away from home.

Don’t just take my word for it, though – check out the Second Wind Trailers website, where you can see customer reviews that rave about the quality of the product they purchased!

Learn more about Second Wind Trailers

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS

Teardrop trailer rock crawling

So-Cal Teardrops has a number of off-road teardrop models, but one of the most capable is their “Extreme Off-Road” 510 XS – a trailer that’s purpose-built to handle difficult off-road travel.

A great example of this is that the trailer is built with 2×3″ .120 wall steel tubing that gives it a strong, yet lightweight frame. The frame sits on a 3,500-pound axle with Old Man Emu leaf springs and 10-inch electric brakes. The 510 XS also has 9-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks for good measure.

Another way this trailer is built for off-road travel is that it comes with hubs to match the wheels and tires of your vehicle so your spare can work all the way around. The 510 XS also has a reinforced rib system that helps prevent flex when you’re rocking and rolling on tough trails.

Teardrop trailer being pulled in the desert

Inside, you’ll find a cabin with tons of storage, an AM/FM/CD stereo so you can enjoy some tunes at camp, and a 4″ thick mattress that will help you get a good night’s sleep. The cabin also features tons of interior lighting, a 12V outlet, and a USB port for powering your gadgets.

In back is a huge galley with plenty of storage, including a nested sliding utensil drawer to keep your cooking utensils organized and easy to reach. There’s also a two-burner propane stone mounted on a sliding drawer to save space.

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS with hood open

As if all that’s not enough, the 510 XS has a power system with a group-24 Interstate deep-cycle battery, an onboard three-stage marine charger, and shore power hookups.

So-Cal Teardrops is one of the first companies to get into the off-road teardrop market, and it shows. The 510 XS is smartly designed, built like a tank, and built specifically for each client. That means you get a trailer that’s totally customizable for your specific needs!

What’s not to like about that?!

Learn more about the So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS

BADAC Adventure Co SS-7

badac adventure co ss-7 exterior

At 84 x 48 inches, the BADAC SS-7 “super shorty” gives you all the room you need for you and your gear without being a bulky, cumbersome rig to tow. In fact, at approximately 700 pounds dry, this little guy can be towed with any vehicle equipped with a hitch.

So, whether you have a two-door Jeep Wrangler, a Subaru Outback, or a side-by-side, the SS-7 can be your adventure buddy on- or off-road!

But, just because this is a compact off-road teardrop trailer doesn’t mean it isn’t stuffed with awesome features….

badac adventure co ss-7 towing

The trailer is built on a hand-welded 2 x 2-inch powder-coated steel frame with a torsion suspension that allows you to reach those off-the-beaten-path campsites you love so much. And when you get off-road, you don’t have to worry about the trailer’s weather resistance because the walls, roof, and floor are made of high-quality birch coated in a high-performance urethane elastomeric bedliner for the ultimate in durability.

But the amenities of this trailer’s exterior don’t end there. The trailer also has 15-inch steel wheels with 235/75R15 AT tires, a wheeled tongue jack, and a rear hitch receiver for adding a hitch-mounted accessory.

badac adventure co ss-7 interior

Inside, you’ll find a comfortable bed, dual locking doors with windows, and ample storage space for your gear. The MaxxAir vent above the bed and the windows aid in ventilation, while the energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the cabin for getting ready for bed after a long day of fun on the trails.

You’ll also stay comfortable in varying temperatures thanks to the rigid foam insulation in the roof, front wall, and rear wall. The low VOC Polycrylic finish on the baltic birch interior adds durability and beauty, too.

badac adventure co ss-7 truck towing

Other amenities include a large rear storage cabinet with exterior access, pre-wiring for a simple power system, coin flooring, and a 2” ball hitch coupler, among other handy items. This trailer has everything you need to get out more often and get further off the trail!

badac adventure co ss-7 gladiator

BADAC Adventure Co was forged out of a love for the outdoors, and the quality and craftsmanship of the SS-7 demonstrates this passion for exploration. As a family-owned business, BADAC is committed to helping each and every customer realize their adventure dreams and providing top-quality customer service while doing it. If you want a high-quality trailer with a dash of down-home Oklahoman hospitality, BADAC Adventure Co is for you!

Learn more about the BADAC Adventure Co SS-7

BRX Trailers

brx trailers

When you learn about BRX Trailers, a few things immediately stand out…

First, the company’s headquarters is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where there are thousands of miles of overlanding and off-roading trails to test their rigs. That means these trailers are purpose-built to handle virtually any terrain

Second, because BRX Trailers is so committed to building the highest-quality trailers on the market, you reap the benefits of loads of features and options that make your journey comfortable, safe, and fun.

And third, BRX Trailers manufactures its rigs here in the USA, and in speaking with the folks behind the company, it’s evident that family values are baked into its DNA. It’s a recipe for success and building trailers that exceed customers’ demands.

So, what does BRX Trailers offer in their off-road teardrops? Let’s find out!

brx trailers size

There are three options: The X1, X2, and X2+.

The X1 is the base model, but don’t assume that “base” means “basic.” This trailer is loaded up with features and amenities ranging from a heavy-duty steel frame to a 3500-pound Timbren HD axle-less suspension to a Max Coupler Multi-Axis Hitch.

The trailer rides on Ultra 229 18-inch wheels wrapped in 275/65 R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. You get the benefit of 12-inch electric brakes, integrated rock rails, and three leveling jacks to keep the trailer nice and stable when you get to camp.

brx trailers ground clearance

Aside from that, the X1 has so many features you don’t usually find in a teardrop trailer. There’s an instant water heater, a 24-gallon underbody water tank, and a galley with a stainless countertop, stainless sink, and maple cabinetry. You get LED lighting in the galley, cabin, and exterior, 12-volt and USB power ports, and a front storage box with two 500-pound slides as well.

The X1 also comes with a dual battery-powered inverter, dual power monitors, and is ready for solar. It’s also pre-wired for heat and air conditioning to make it a truly ready-to-rock teardrop trailer. Throw in a cabin fan, doors with screened sliding windows, and a spare tire to the mix while you’re at it!

brx trailers interior

The X2 model takes things a step further…

You get everything from the X1 plus added goodies like a Dometic 55L electric cooler, a Partner two-burner gas stove, and a generator/inverter. The X2 also boasts a BRX roof rack for added storage space, an AC/heat unit, and a queen-size mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.

But wait, there’s more! If you want the ultimate off-road teardrop experience, the BRX X2+ kicks it up yet another notch.

brx trailers on the trail

In addition to having all the features of the X2, the X2+ adds a side awning and awning room for protected outdoor living space. You also get a Thule Tepui three-person rooftop tent, so your friends and family have a place to crash.

The X2+ gives you space to prepare meals, too, with a spare-mounted folding work table. There’s also a 180-watt solar charging system to ensure your batteries are topped off, and you can run the trailer’s electrical components when needed.

green brx trailer

On top of all that, each BRX trailer can be specifically color-matched to your vehicle. If you have a green Toyota Tacoma and want your trailer to match, no problem! Do you want your trailer to match your purple Ford Ranger? You got it!

Moreover, BRX Trailers can paint your trailer in any color you want, whether you want it to match your tow vehicle or not. Bright, dark, matte…whatever you want! I’m particularly fond of the bright green above and the matte black below.

black brx trailer

In other words, BRX Trailers has incorporated everything you need (and more!) for your next off-road camping adventure. Hitting the trail and camping off-grid requires that you have gear you can rely on for the duration of your journey, and that’s precisely what BRX Trailers brings to the table with their X1, X2, and X2+ trailers.

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HYK Outdoors

hyk outdoors 2022 3

HYK Outdoors Summit

When you think of off-road teardrop trailers, you might think that they’re rough and ready – utilitarian with not much comfort. But that’s simply not the case!

HYK Outdoors is a Missouri-based company that builds trailers that are off-road-ready, comfortable, and affordable. That’s a great combination of features!

In fact, HYK Outdoors’ motto is “Convenient. Comfortable. Camping.” They have a variety of teardrop models that make that kind of camping a possibility.

hyk outdoors 2022 1

HYK Outdoors Trailrunner

The HYK Outdoors lineup includes two 8-foot models – the Trailrunner or Trailback – or the Summit 10-foot model, all of which start at under $20,000. All three trailers ride on a chassis that’s purpose-built for off-road travel with features like:

  • 2.5 x 2.5-inch welded steel frame with black powder-coated finish
  • Timbren 3500-pound HD axle
  • Off-road rhino-lined steel fenders
  • 265/75R16 tires
  • Two-inch receiver coupler
  • Two-inch rear hitch
  • 14 inches of ground clearance

hyk outdoors 2022 2

HYK Outdoors Trailback

But, like I said, these trailers aren’t just about hitting rough trails…

For example, each trailer has a 6.5-foot Ironman 4×4 awning to give you some outdoor living space that’s protected from the elements. There’s also a two-bar roof rack where you can add additional gear storage or a rooftop tent if you need space for friends or family to join you on your adventures.

Each trailer has dual 26 x 36″ doors for easy ingress and egress, as well as dual interior-exterior cabin vents and vented windows with rain guards that allow you to get nice airflow through the trailer.

hyk outdoors 2022 4

HYK Outdoors Trailrunner

At the back of these trailers is a nice galley with a lower storage area and a laminate countertop. There’s also plenty of upper cabinets with sliding doors that make getting your cooking supplies all the easier.

The galley also comes with plenty of power options, including a 110V outlet and a USB port. The galley door stays up and out of the way with two hydraulic gas struts so you can cook with ease. If you like, you can add a stove, a stove slide, a fridge slide, and a 30-liter fridge to the galley to make it even more functional.

hyk outdoors 2022 5HYK Outdoors Summit

The cabin gives you a 57 x 75″ sleeping area, though you can upgrade to a 57 x 80-inch sleeping area in the Summit trailer if you like. Each model comes with dual reading lights, USB outlets, a 110V outlet, and a 12V outlet. You’ll appreciate the MaxxAir 4-speed fan, too!

With loads of storage inside and out, a 100Ah deep cell marine battery (with an optional 120Ah battery available), a battery charger, and a shore power point, you have a recipe for a trailer with everything you need for your off-road camping adventures!

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Vistabule Teardrop Trailers


Image by Kurtco Photography

If we give out an award for the most beautiful design, Vistabule would be in the running, for sure. These teardrops are absolutely stunning and are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

But, this is a list of off-road teardrops, not pretty teardrops!

Now, there are varying levels of “off-roadedness.” Vistabule trailers are on the minor off-roading end of the spectrum – its 10 inches of ground clearance is ideal for the occasional foray onto dirt roads with minor bumps.


Image by Kurtco Photography

With that said, wherever your adventures take you, a Vistabule trailer offers all sorts of features and amenities to make your trips all the more enjoyable.

Starting outside, the base trailer’s aerodynamic and lightweight design makes it a dream to tow (and easier on your pocketbook for fuel, too). The trailer can handle bumps along the way with its 2200-pound torsion axle, 14-inch alloy wheels, and ST205/75 R14 tires.

The 0.040” painted silver aluminum exterior is not only beautiful, but it’s also durable and can withstand the challenging elements encountered on your trips.


Image by Kurtco Photography

The Vistabule trailer comes with a 120-volt city power plug-in as well as a solar plug-in, a 115 amp-hour AGM battery, and a Victron 15A 12V onboard battery charger (with Bluetooth connectivity!). 

You’ll love the huge front and back windows with pull-down honeycomb shades as well as the door and porthole windows, which are operable with screens. I honestly have never seen a teardrop trailer with so many windows!


Image by Kurtco Photography

The cabin has loads of amenities that make your trips more comfortable and convenient. There’s a convertible sofa bed with a four-inch mattress, flip-up tables on both side doors, and headboard storage that helps you keep your belongings neatly organized.

There’s even a pass-through opening between the galley and the cabin so you can pass food and drinks back and forth and have conversations between folks inside and out!


Image by Kurtco Photography

Add to the list a collapsible sofa table for additional space for eating or playing games, under-bed storage for less-used items, and plenty of lights throughout. You’ll enjoy having USB, 12V, and 120V outlets for your gadgets and a 10-speed, 2-way Maxx Fan with a remote to keep air flowing through the cabin.

The trailer is also equipped with a nine-gallon water tank, a nine-gallon grey water tank, and a beautiful galley with a laminated counter and cabinets for storage.


Image by Kurtco Photography

At 14 feet long (the body is 10 feet), 6’10” wide at the fenders, and just 1,400 pounds dry, this teardrop trailer is perfectly sized for a two-person adventure on-road and off. The carefully balanced design means it’s a dream to tow with virtually no swaying or fishtailing.

Some folks think that teardrop trailers are just little cans you sleep in and nothing else. But trailers like those from Vistabule prove that line of thinking is wrong. Vistabule trailers are impeccably designed, have tons of features and amenities, and look like a million bucks, too!

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