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2023 Best Teardrops for Overlanding

About a month ago, I published a feature highlighting some of the best off-road teardrop trailers on the market. In the time since, I’ve gotten a ton of requests from readers to do the same for overlanding teardrops that are ideal for on-road travel.

Well, you asked, and you shall receive!

Just like with the off-road teardrop feature, there are dozens – maybe hundreds – of teardrops for overlanding. With such a saturated market, it can be tough to cut out all the noise and hone in on truly special trailers.

But I’ve done the work for you…

Below, you’ll find some of the top teardrops for overlanding on the market today. Be sure to check back periodically, as I’ll add more and more options to the list. Let’s get to it!

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Image by Pohle Creative Photography

When I think of overlanding, I think of a long, relaxing journey during which you explore new areas, see beautiful sights, and simply enjoy the process of traveling.

Of course, your ability to do those things has a lot to do with how you overland…

Sure, you can overland on a motorcycle or with your hatchback, but for me, overlanding is best done with a teardrop trailer. Think about it – a teardrop like those from Vistabule is small, lightweight, and aerodynamic. They make the perfect basecamp for your adventures and allow you to utilize your tow vehicle whenever you need without breaking down camp and packing up.


Image by Kurtco Photography

Of course, simply having a trailer is one thing, while having a well-designed, fully-featured trailer is another. Vistabule falls into the latter category…

Let’s start with the interior amenities, of which there are many. Two door-mounted side tables give you space for drinks or snacks. You can stash your snacks (and other gear, of course) in the headboard storage cubbies. Heck, there’s even a pass-through between the cabin and the galley, so you can have your significant other pass you a warm cup of coffee in the morning!


Image by Kurtco Photography

You can crash on the convertible sofa, deploy the sofa table, open the four cabin windows, and relax as you enjoy the panoramic views.

When you’re ready to go to bed, simply convert the sofa into a four-inch-thick 58.5 × 78 bed and sleep with a view of the stars out of the massive front window. If you want privacy, just pull the shades!


Image by Kurtco Photography

You can sleep in further comfort with the 10-speed 2-way Maxx Fan, which you can control with a remote. If you’re a night owl and like to read before bed, you can do that too with integrated dome lights and reading lights. There are exterior lights and lights in the galley, too.

Speaking of the galley, you’ll find loads of storage in the cabinets and below the laminated galley countertop. The galley features a stove, a sink, a nine-gallon water tank, and a nine-gallon grey water tank as well.


Image by Pohle Creative Photography

This trailer also has a well-appointed electrical system. You’ll find USB, 12V, and 120V ports throughout, in addition to a 120V city power plug. Vistabule trailers also come equipped with a Zamp solar plug-in, a 115 amp hour AGM battery, and a Victron 15A 12V battery charger that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how this trailer looks, too…

I mean, this thing is absolutely beautiful. I know that how things look isn’t necessarily important, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s so easy on the eyes!


Image by Pohle Creative Photography

Of course, the design also has a lot to do with classic teardrop forms. Vistabule trailers are ultra-aerodynamic just like classic teardrops, so it’s easy to tow. At just 1,400 pounds dry, 14 feet long, and 6’10” wide at the fenders, the trailer is also lightweight and compact, which aids in easy towing as well.

The trailer rides on a 2200-pound torsion axle, 14-inch alloy wheels, and ST205/75 R14 tires. This setup allows for easy on-road and light off-road towing so that you can explore the areas on your bucket list with ease.

In other words, if you want a trailer with everything you need in a compact, capable, and beautiful package, look no further than Vistabule!

Learn more about Vistabule trailers

So-Cal Teardrops

Though So-Cal Teardrops features prominently on our list of the best off-road teardrops, it also makes numerous on-road models that are perfect for overlanding. As you’d expect, these road teardrops are light, easy to tow, and offer all the amenities you need, whether you’re camping in an RV park or another type of established campground.

I want to highlight four different teardrops for overlanding you might consider from So-Cal Teardrops. Check out each one below!


The Cal-Deluxe‘s claim to fame is that it offers the most space. It’s the biggest of the So-Cal Teardrops line, with an overall length of 182.75 inches and a total weight of 1,120 pounds dry.

The Cal-Deluxe also delivers on its promise of “deluxe.” You get a bed that’s 59″x78″ and four inches thick, so you have a soft, comfortable place to lay your head after a long day of adventuring. Given its extra interior space, this is a great option if you’re tall. It’s also worthy of consideration if you’re traveling with a friend or spouse, your kids, or your dog!


The Sierra is a modern, compact trailer for a cozy camping experience. The cabin is 50 inches wide, so it offers a comfortable sleeping space for two people. The included queen mattress makes sure of that!

The Sierra has a large galley with good counter space. The counter height of 40 inches adds comfort to the overall cooking experience. The array of storage in the galley will help you keep your food and related items neatly organized, too.

At nearly 159 inches long and tipping the scales at 1,020 pounds, the Sierra is easily towable by large and small vehicles alike. Just plan your route, hook up, and hit the road!


The Rover from So-Cal Teardrops is yet another option for on-road travel that offers plenty of amenities for your overlanding experience.

This spacious teardrop is 47 inches wide, making it smaller than the previous two So-Cal Teardrops models. Yet, it has space for a cooler, a two-burner stove, and storage for your gear, so you have space for all the necessities in a compact package!

The Rover’s dry weight is just 920 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest options on this list. If you have a smaller vehicle or an EV, this is an ideal option for your travels.


The Buzz is the lightest teardrop trailer So-Cal has to offer with a minuscule dry weight of just 670 pounds. You can easily tow this trailer with a four-cylinder-powered vehicle, an EV, or even a UTV if you like!

Don’t let its light weight fool you, though – this is a quality-built and durable teardrop. The cabin has a 46-inch-wide mattress that’s four inches thick, giving you room for two adults to rest. And while it doesn’t come with a galley, the Buzz does have an optional side mount table for cooking needs, making it a streamlined, budget-friendly option for overlanding with a teardrop trailer.

Learn more about So-Cal Teardrops’ Road Teardrop Trailers

Sherpa Trailers

Another entry from our off-road teardrops feature is Sherpa Trailers. Unlike the Bigfoot trailer that is purpose-built for off-road travel, Sherpa Trailers’ Yeti trailer is ideally suited for your explorations on pavement.

At 1,100 pounds dry and tongue weight of just 125 pounds, you can tow this trailer with virtually any vehicle. But don’t think that because it’s compact and lightweight that Sherpa Trailers skimped on the features…

The Yeti features two doors; crack both open to get a nice cross breeze or turn on the 12-volt fan to help circulate fresh air into the cabin.

You also get LED lighting inside and out, so you have a means of seeing what you’re doing after the sun goes down, all the while using the onboard battery power efficiently.

Speaking of power, Sherpa Trailers includes a 6-outlet power strip so you can plug in your devices and other goodies while you’re camping. You can rely on your own power via a battery or a generator, and you can hook up to shore power when it’s available.

Though the Yeti is a small trailer, it’s big on storage. You can add handy cubbies in the cabin for keeping small items, and on the back of the trailer, you’ll find a 2″ hitch receiver that you can use with a cargo rack for additional storage space.

As I discuss in my Sherpa Trailers Yeti Review, you can also add a roof rack, a roof basket, a tongue box, and other optional features to increase how much gear you can store. Other options include an awning, an awning room, solar power, and a heater, to name just a few.

On top of all that, the Yeti has dual stabilizer jacks at the rear of the trailer so you have a stable cabin for sleeping. Up front is a wheeled jack that allows you to easily maneuver the trailer in your driveway or campsite.

And with heavy-duty construction, insulated walls and roof, and durable aluminum sheathing, the Yeti can handle all sorts of adventures. That’s what makes it one of the best teardrops for overlanding!

Learn more about the Sherpa Trailers Yeti

Sunnyside Offroad

White Boony Stomper on a trail

Teardrops for overlanding can double as teardrops for off-roading, and the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper is a great example of this.

At just 119 inches long and 74 inches at its widest point, this is one of the most compact teardrops for overlanding you can find. It’s also one of the lightest at just 670 pounds with a 100-pound tongue weight.

As I discuss in my Boony Stomper Review, this little guy is built using a 2×2 steel frame that gives it superb rigidity and durability without adding tons of extra weight. The trailer’s electrical systems run through the frame to protect the wiring from obstacles when you’re off-road, which also helps avoid damage when you’re traveling on the highway, too.

Inside, the Boony Stomper features carpeted walls and a carpeted headboard that helps create a cozy, comfortable space. The floors are linoleum, which makes them easy to clean when your teardrop travels get dirty.

sunnyside offroad boony stomper interior

Something else to appreciate about the interior of this trailer are the large storage cabinets. You get all the room you need for clothing and other gear, which frees up floor space in the trailer for sleeping and lounging.

At just 6’4″ long from the hitch to the back bumper and 46″ wide, the Boony Stomper is a tiny teardrop. But with dual doors, loads of options (like an awning, electrical upgrades, and a tongue box), and classic teardrop aesthetics, this trailer could be the one you’re looking for!

Learn more about the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

Bean Trailers

bean exterior

Bean Trailers might be best known for their off-road models, but the Classic Bean is an ideal teardrop for overlanding with its compact size and beautiful looks.

The Classic Bean isn’t just about looking pretty, though…

Inside, you’ll find a queen-size foam mattress that’s 4.5 inches thick to help you drift off to sleep. The walls are stain and abrasion resistant to ensure the cabin stays looking beautiful no matter what you throw at it.

bean interior

The interior also features cubbies for storage, laminated cabinets, shelving, and tons of lighting. There’s even dual USB ports so you can charge your devices once you set up camp.

On top of that, the Classic Bean offers a large attic space and in-floor storage, giving it an incredible amount of space for organizing and storing your gear. Add a 14″ roof vent for good measure, that way you and your gear can enjoy some fresh air!

Outside, the single-piece fiberglass shell is lightweight, strong, and durable. There’s a front storage rack, a battery box, and two side doors with integrated windows that have shades and screens.

Bean also includes a shore power port, a solar power port, and a power converter. There’s even a 100-amp deep-cycle AGM battery thrown in for good measure!

bean rear hatch with tent

In back is a rear galley hatch with an integrated lift and latching system, while underneath is a powder-coated steel tube frame, a torsion axle, and 15-inch steel wheels that give you more than enough to tackle overloading both on- and off-road.

In other words, Bean has stuffed every imaginable feature and amenity into this trailer!

Learn more about Bean Trailers’ Classic Bean

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