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Meet the SportsRig TrailStomper: A Micro Trailer for Your Off-Road Travels

Overlanding and off-roading have enjoyed explosive growth in recent years. And with that has come the development of many different overlanding and off-roading trailer options.

The problem with some of these trailers is that they can be extremely expensive. Prohibitively expensive, in fact.

Another issue is that some trailers billed as “off-roaders” are so big, heavy, and cumbersome that it’s hard to imagine getting off-road with one behind your vehicle.

So, the question is, what is the best budget-friendly micro trailer out there?

In my opinion, the SportsRig Trailstomper should be at the head of that list…let’s find out why!

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What is the SportsRig TrailStomper?

trailstomper off road

I think the best way to describe the SportsRig TrailStomper is “off-road beast.”

Again, so many trailers on the market claim to be off-road-ready, but when you look at their size, weight, suspension, tires, and other features, it’s evident that they are definitely not ready for off-road travel.

But one look at the TrailStomper, and you can immediately imagine towing this bad boy behind your side-by-side on your favorite Jeep trail in the mountains. If you want to get off-grid and away from everyone else while exploring remote terrain, this is the trailer for you.

Let’s explore some of the specifics of this trailer, and you’ll see what I mean when I say it’s an off-road beast.




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SportsRig TrailStomper Specs & Features

sportsrig trailstomper ts1

The base trailer – the TrailStomper TS1 – features powder-coated steel frame construction that’s both lightweight and strong. It’s extremely durable, too, which is certainly a feature you want in a trailer that will see difficult off-road travels for the duration of its life.

The trailer comes with a FOX coil-over independent suspension with heavy-duty trailing arms that can easily adapt to varying terrain. The 14-inch steel wheels and 27-inch all-terrain tires also help the TrailStomper navigate rough trails and over large obstacles on your way to your off-grid camping location.

The SportsRig TrailStomper also features loads of storage for your gear. For example, there’s a 43″ w x 40″ L x 26″ H aluminum chuck box that’s ideal for frequently-used items that need to be within easy reach. The 20″ x 39″ front cargo tray is another handy option for storage.

trailstomper rack

The upper cargo rack is shown on a TrailStomper Pro Package.

Additionally, there’s an upper cargo rack where you can carry even more gear, or, if you want, you can install a rooftop tent on the rack for a nice place to rest your head up and away from the cold ground.

The TrailStomper comes with LED trailer lights (with a flat-four connector), a 2″ coupler with a tongue jack, and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

trailstomper LED light

The TrailStomper Pro Package is shown above.

The beauty of the Trailstomper is that it’s modular. That is, you can add cargo trays, boxes, and other accessories like solar panels, lights, fridge boxes, and so forth. Load up your trailer at the outset and start your adventures with a fully-featured rig. Alternatively, you can adapt the trailer as you go and add accessories as needed or as your pocketbook allows.

Either way, you end up with a purpose-built trailer for your needs rather than someone else’s. Heck, SportsRig will even accommodate custom color requests so your trailer can be your favorite color!

SportsRig TrailStomper Models

sportsrig trailstomper aluminum side box

While the TS1 is a great base for building your ideal off-road rig, SportsRig has another TrailStomper model – the Pro Package – that provides even more goodies for off-grid experiences.

The Pro Package comes with everything from the TS1 but adds even more storage for your gear. You get two aluminum side boxes, each of which measures 37″ x 15 1/2″ x 12″. There’s a 30″ x 20″ x 20″ tongue-mounted gear box and a 450-pound capacity pull-out slide tray for a chuck box, too.

trailstomper with options

You also get upgraded aluminum wheels, a full-size spare tire, and a rear stabilizing/leveling jack. Add a 2″ rear hitch receiver to the mix, too, which allows you to utilize a cargo rack, bike rake, or other hitch-mounted accessories.

Of course, the Pro Package has the same roof rack with rooftop tent capability as the TS1 so you can turn this trailer into a true base camp for your off-grid adventures!

Where Can You Go With a SportsRig TrailStomper?

sportsrig trailstomper pro

The whole point of getting an off-road trailer is so you can go off-road, so where you can go with the TrailStomper is really only limited by the capabilities of your tow vehicle.

Whether you want to explore remote mountain trails with your UTV, load up your Jeep and head to your favorite Forest Service campground, or head to the beach for a weekend camping trip, the TrailStomper gives you the off-road capabilities you need to do so.

And, as explained earlier, this rig gives you ample storage so you can take all the gear you need, no matter the adventure that lies ahead. Summer, spring, winter, or fall, the TrailStomper allows you to get out and explore more often – just what you want from your off-road trailer!

Get Outdoors on a Budget!

trailstomper chuck box slide

So, how much of the green stuff does the SportsRig TrailStomper set you back?

Unlike so many off-road trailers, the TrailStomper starts under $10,000. In fact, the TS1 starts at $7,995! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a trailer with these capabilities and features for that price…

And if you opt for the Pro Package, you’re still only into the trailer for $13,495. When you look around the off-road trailer space and see price tags starting with a 2 or a 3, you begin to understand just how well-priced the TrailStomper is.

trailstomper at sunset

Buying an off-road trailer is sort of like buying a house – just like you don’t want to be house poor, you don’t want to be trailer poor, either. After all, if you sink all your money into a trailer, you won’t have money left for the gear you need, let alone the money you need for gas to undertake your trips in the first place!

I know that “budget-friendly” sometimes means “cheap.” And in many cases, that’s true. But SportsRig has built something that doesn’t kill your bank account while still being beautifully designed, durable, and extremely functional. It truly is the best of all worlds.

But don’t take my word for it! Head over to SportsRig today to learn more about the SportsRig TrailStomper and see why it might be the ideal option for your off-grid explorations.

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