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2021 Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS

Getting off-road and spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a great way to recharge. And for someone like me that also has a passion for photography, getting away from the beaten path allows me to explore new areas that might be ripe for the picking for gorgeous photos.

And I don’t know about you, but when I go overlanding or off-roading, I don’t necessarily want to leave all the creature comforts of normal life behind. I can’t exactly hook up a fifth wheel and drag it into the desert or the woods, though, so a trailer purpose-built for off-road use is in order.

What’s so great about off-road teardrop trailers is that you can have a place to seek shelter, to cook, to recharge your phone, and so forth, without the size and weight of a traditional travel trailer. Their small form factor and lightweight design mean you can tow them with much greater ease than many on-the-road trailers as well.

But, the question is, what are the best off-road teardrop trailers currently available? Let’s find out!

Editor’s Note: There are more trailers that will be added to this list. We are taking our time to thoroughly vet the options so that we present you only with the very best trailers. Keep coming back for updates!

Table of Contents

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers: So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS

Teardrop trailer being pulled in the desert

So-Cal Teardrops has been in the business for 17 years. As one of the first companies to enter this market, they have established themselves as the premier option for teardrop trailers.

When you look at the 510 XS, you can see that So-Cal Teardrops’ engineers aren’t messing around…

This rig’s frame is built from two-inch by three-inch .120 wall steel tubing, which is set on heavy-duty Old Man Emu leaf springs and a 3,500-pound axle with 10-inch electric brakes.

The trailer sports 9-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks, hubs to match your vehicle’s wheels and tires, and a reinforced rib system in the cabin that helps combat the flex and other forces of off-road use. In other words, this bad boy can tackle the nastiest of trails!

best off-road teardrop trailers 2021

The 510 XS has a well-appointed cabin with a full-size four-inch-thick mattress, interior lighting, plenty of cubbies and shelves for storage, a 12V outlet, a USB port, and an AM/FM/CD radio for a little entertainment. The galley has a two-burner propane stove that’s smartly mounted in a sliding drawer to save space. There’s a nested sliding utensil drawer as well.

So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS with hood open

For power, you get a 12V system that relies on a group-24 Interstate deep-cycle battery with an onboard three-stage marine charger. There’s shore power hookups to charge the battery when not in use as well.

This trailer is well-designed, impeccably built, and offers you everything you need to hit the road right out of the gate. In fact, without adding a single option to the trailer, all you need to bring is some bedding and a cooler (and your friends, of course) and you’ll be ready to go!

But perhaps best of all So-Cal Teardrops builds each trailer specifically for each client. If you have particular needs or wants, So-Cal Teardrops can accommodate you. This being the case, you can see why we’ve ranked them as the top option on this list!

Learn more about the So-Cal Teardrops 510 XS

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers: OverKill Campers S.O.5.10

best off-road teardrop trailers

A list of the best off-road teardrop campers wouldn’t be complete without this bad boy – the OverKill Campers S.O.5.10.

As the flagship teardrop from OverKill, this camper has all the best pieces and parts of every custom camper that OverKill has ever made. We’re talking features like a compact queen bed for two adults, a 48-inch settee that converts into a bed for Junior or Fido, and an articulating table that gives you a place to chow down or play games when you need it and folds out of the way when you don’t.

This rig comes equipped with a 32-gallon water tank – more than enough for your adventures – and a 2.8g per minute water pump. There’s dimmable LED interior lighting, exterior lights to illuminate camp, and snake lights underneath so you can see if any critters have come to visit in the night.

overkill campers kitchen slide out

You also get handy features like keyless entry, loads of cabinets and Zarges boxes for storage, and a slide-out kitchen prep area complete with a sink and a folding faucet.

OverKill Campers S.O.5.10 Interior

But perhaps the best feature of this teardrop camper is the slide-out. The slide-out features two FUAT windows and a 4-inch-thick compact queen mattress. You can crash for a nap without being in the way of your travel partner, who can sit on the settee and read a book while you snooze (and without the two of you being in each other’s way).

best off-road teardrop trailers interior

All of this is in a compact 5’ x 10’ form factor that’s set on a Timbren 3500HD suspension. As OverKill Campers says, this camper is “contained, not constrained,” and they aren’t kidding! You get the benefit of having a compact off-road camper for your adventures, but you won’t be constrained by tight spaces thanks to the genius addition of the slide-out.

In a word, this trailer is badass. Thus the reason it’s on our list of the best off-road teardrops of 2021!

Learn more about OverKill Campers S.O.5.10.

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers: Bean Trailer Mean Bean and Meaner Bean

best off-road teardrop trailers on the trail

We get a twofer from Bean Trailer, the “Mean Bean” and the “Meaner Bean,” both of which are highly capable off-roaders that are ideally suited for your next foray down the trail.

These trailers are actually nearly identical, the primary difference being that the Meaner Bean version gets a Timbren 3500 HD Independent suspension in place of the 10-degree pitched torsion axle (which is also a 3,500 pound axle, so just as robust as the Timbren) that comes on the Mean Bean.

In addition to the different suspension, the Meaner Bean has frame reinforcements, 1 ½ additional inches of ground clearance (at 17 inches), and is two inches taller. The Meaner Bean also has a removable max coupler and a fully articulating hitch.

There are plenty of common features between the Mean Bean and the Meaner Bean that make them two excellent options for your off-roading needs.

meaner bean pop up table

Both trailers have a 60” x 80” floor size with 54 ½ inches of interior headroom. You get a 58” x 78” mattress that’s a cozy four inches thick. If you want to sit up in bed and read, you can do so in comfort with a backrest and overhead lighting. Plug your phone into the USB port, crack open the window to get some fresh air, and turn on the MAXX fan to exhaust stale air and bring fresh air into the cabin.

mean bean interior best off-road teardrop trailers

The sleeping space transforms into a couch with a removable table that you can use to chow down or play cards. With storage in the floor, an overhead cubby with accent lighting, and access to storage compartments from inside the cabin, there is no shortage of space to keep your gear organized and out of the way.

Aside from a wealth of practical features, the interior of these trailers is simply outstanding…

When considering the trailers that would be featured in this article, the things that drew me to Bean Trailers is the level of detail, the impeccable craftsmanship, and the materials that are used.

In some cases, you can get a trailer like this that’s durable, but is so utilitarian that it lacks comfort. On the other hand, some trailers offer the lap of luxury, but lack the durability and functionality you need for off-roading.

This is not the case with Bean Trailers. These guys are paving their own path and creating off-road teardrop campers that are not only durable, but offer you a comfortable place to relax, too.

Think about it like this – you’re out on the trail, you’re dirty, sweaty, and tired. Your trailer needs to be able to accommodate that kind of rough-and-tumble travel, which these trailers most certainly do.

Yet, at the end of the day, you want to have a trailer that also has a level of refinement that allows you to be comfortable, to have the amenities you need to sleep well, prepare meals, and carry needed supplies for your trip with ease. Again, these trailers do that, and they do it well.

mean bean kitchen

Bean trailers come with tons of additional features too. You get a Thule roof rack and a front storage rack for additional space for gear, an 18-gallon water tank, Pro Comp 51 Series wheels, and a kitchen space with a stainless steel sink, folding faucet, plenty of counter space for meal prep, and pull-outs for the stove and a cooler or refrigerator.

Bean Trailers really has thought of everything with these models. They have everything you need and nothing you don’t in a package that’s easy to tow and makes your off-road adventures that much more fun!

Learn more about the Mean Bean and Meaner Bean trailers.

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers: Vorsheer Extreme Overland Camper

vorsheer xoc exterior at night

When you think of the features that an off-road teardrop trailer should have, you likely think of maneuverability, ruggedness, and ground clearance (among others, of course).

The Vorsheer Extreme Overland Camper (XOC) ticks all those boxes – and in beautiful form, too.

These made-in-the-U.S.A. trailers tip the scales at 2,600 pounds, so they are a lightweight option that you can tow off-road with your Jeep, Land Cruiser, Tacoma, or another off-roading rig.

At 16 feet in length, 7.4 feet wide, and 7 feet tall, this trailer is a perfect size for towing off-road yet it gives you ample space for tons of features and creature comforts inside.

But let’s discuss the exterior features first…

vorsheer xoc exterior

This trailer rides on a Timbren axle-less independent suspension with 17-inch wheels and 33-inch all-terrain tires. The frame is rolled at 30 degrees, which gives the trailer improved durability (while also giving it a unique, eye-catching look, too).

At the back of the trailer is a full kitchen space. There’s room for a sink with hot and cold water, a refrigerator, a freezer, and a high-output stove. There’s plenty of galley storage as well!

vorsheer xoc galley

Additionally, the base model of this trailer comes with a roof rack, a gear box, and a tongue box, as well as a safari ladder, a hatch rack, and a 2-inch ball hitch. You also get a full-size spare tire that rides on an adaptable spare tire carrier. The 23-inch ground clearance is worth noting as well!

Inside, Vorsheer provides a comfortable cabin experience that will be a welcome sight after a long, hard day on the trail. Sleep soundly on the queen mattress that gives you 59” x 80” inches of sleep space while the Fan-tastic fan helps control the temperature in the cabin. You can also opt to add heating and air conditioning to make your XOC an even better-equipped cabin for getting some sleep in total comfort.

vorsheer xoc interior

Speaking of options, Vorsheer offers a laundry list of features you can add to the XOC to customize it to your particular needs. This includes:

  • A 30-gallon water tank, a tankless water heater, and a high-volume water pump
  • An external shower
  • A sink package and a fridge/freezer package
  • Upgraded electrical with under trailer lighting, rack flood lights, and dual batteries
  • An ASTC bike carrier
  • An under rack table
  • A spare tire swing table

And that’s just a partial list!

The point is that Vorsheer is on our list of the best off-road teardrop trailers for a reason. They have a high-quality product that’s beautifully designed and well-made. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the base model, yet you have the ability to add specific features as you see fit. They even offer custom fabrication, custom modes, and a custom powder coat if you like.

Learn more about the Vorsheer XOC 

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers: Escapod TOPO2 and Original TOPO

escapod topo 2


There are plenty of reasons why Escapod is on our list of the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2021…

Their trailers are intelligently designed, impeccably built, and made in the USA in Utah.

But more than that, Escapod is a family-run business that has become a major player in the teardrop trailer industry. A look at their new TOPO2 trailer and Original TOPO trailer demonstrates their commitment to giving you the best off-road trailering experience possible.

escapod topo 2


escapod topo 2


Escapod has a new TOPO trailer – the TOPO2 – that I think you’ll agree is quite impressive…

In fact, this thing has the power to convert overlanders who thought they would never own a teardrop trailer…

Combining the best off-road features with supreme comfort and amenities, the TOPO2 is a top-of-the-line trailer that’s constructed of a single-piece fiberglass shell. There’s no structural wood in this trailer, which means there is zero concern about mold and rot.

escapod topo 2


But don’t worry – this trailer offers supreme rigidity and stiffness because of the PET core made from recycled milk cartons. You can hit the toughest trails and be environmentally conscious at the same time!

Supporting the TOPO2 shell is a laser-cut 2 x 1-inch hot-dip galvanized tube steel frame. The floor mold of the shell bolts directly to the frame providing even more structural stiffness while still being lightweight. There’s also the proprietary shock-in-spring Freeride Suspension System that allows you to take this trailer where other off-road trailers can’t go.

escapod topo 2


And while you’re out adventuring, you can whip up some incredible meals in the well-appointed galley kitchen.

The kitchen features an ENO two-burner stove, a Ruvati sink, storage for knives and spices, and a space for a 75L YETI cooler or an ARB 63-quart fridge/freezer combo, among many other amenities.

escapod topo 2


The interior of the trailer is like coming home to a luxury hotel room. There’s a true queen-sized 6-inch memory foam mattress, a five-foot-wide stargazer window, tons of storage space, LED lighting, and 42.5 inches of headroom. There’s even two entry doors, both with a heated mudroom!

escapod topo 2


escapod topo 2


Of course, we can’t forget the 100AH lithium battery, 140W integrated solar panel, USB charging ports, MaxxAir exhaust, forced-air heat, and 21-gallon water tank, either!

escapod original topo


Then there’s the original TOPO series trailer, which has a 5 x 9.5 ft. wood and aluminum body built on a hand-welded 2 x 2-inch powder-coated steel frame.

The trailer’s cabin features aluminum exterior walls and roof (all of which are insulated, along with an insulated floor), plenty of storage inside, and a 5-inch Utah queen mattress where you can lay your head down and catch a breathtaking view of the sky through the 9 x 42-inch stargazer window.

escapod original topo


There’s even recessed LED lighting, 2 dual USB chargers, and a 4-speed exhaust fan for climate control. You get two doors, both of which have windows and screens as well!

Outside you’ll find a stunning galley kitchen that’s constructed with waterproof HDPE and a stainless steel countertop for rugged and long-lasting durability. There’s a two-burner stove, an 11-pound propane tank, and space for a YETI Tundra 65L Cooler on 500 lb. locking drawer slides too.

escapod original topo


You’ll appreciate having two drawers and spacious rear cabinets for storing all your kitchen necessities. The cabinet faces even  double as your dining table and cutting board, so you get tons of functionality in one space.

Add a standard 3,500-pound Torsion axle suspension (or upgrade to Escapod’s proprietary Freeride Suspension System), 31-inch all-terrain tires, 17-inch wheels, and 20-inches of ground clearance to the mix and you can see why this off-road trailer is ready to rock! And with loads of options available – a solar power system, a water heater and outdoor shower, an air compressor, and a fridge among them – you can off-road in style!

There are simply too many amenities to list for these trailers, but I think you get the point – Escapods are among the best off-road teardrop trailers for a reason. These trailers represent the pinnacle of quality and functionality, and either model will elevate your off-road adventuring to new heights.

Learn more about Escapod’s TOPO2 and Original TOPO.

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers: High Altitude Trailer Company GEN IV XT50


If you’re looking for a rugged teardrop trailer that offers loads of amenities and an impressive list of options, the GEN IV XT50 from High Altitude Trailer Company is certainly worth a look.

It begins with 2″ x 3″ 11-gauge steel frame that sports a 2-inch ball hitch and a 3500-pound Rockwell American Axle with leaf springs.

If that doesn’t suit you, you can opt for the trailer brake frame option which adds a brake assist feature to the axle; the Lock ‘N’ Roll frame, which includes a Lock ‘N’ Roll trailer hitch; or a deluxe frame that gives you the brake-assisted axle plus the Lock ‘N’ Roll trailer hitch. There’s even two overlanding frame options with a Timbren 3500HD independent suspension.

And as impressive as the frame options are, what sits on top of the frame is even more impressive…

GEN IV XT50 galleyYou get a well-appointed composite cabin that’s fully insulated, including the space-age composite floor.

The standard cabin features composite hardwood flooring, a 20,000 BTU camp stove, a galley with a stainless steel countertop, and a 4-inch queen mattress.

This rig has a 1200-watt inverter as well as a 100-watt Zamp high amp solar panel with an auto controller that feeds a 100AH lithium-ion battery. Again, this is just the start of the features!

GEN IV XT50 interior

You can add other amenities to make this off-road trailer the perfect option for your adventures. Do you want to go off-road but have some creature comforts? Opt for High Altitude’s Creature Comforts upgrade, which includes a plush 6-inch-thick mattress, a Dometic refrigerator, and a propane tank. Ready for off-roading in extreme weather? Opt for the Extreme Weather add-on that includes a diesel heater with a RotoPax diesel fuel container.

high altitude trailer company GEN IV XT50 interior

You can also choose from various spare tires and mounts, an outdoor shower, an awning, a lift kit, a motocross motorcycle mount…you get the picture! These guys will make you the rig of your dreams – you just have to let them know which options best suit your off-road adventures.

These trailers are made in the U.S.A., which as a veteran, I really appreciate.

In fact, the president of High Altitude trailers is a U.S. Army veteran that served his country on active duty for eight years plus an additional three years in the Indiana Guard. Those of you that know me know that I love to support companies that build their products here at home. You do that when you buy from High Altitude Trailer – and you also support a small, minority and veteran-owned business. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

To say that High Altitude Trailer Company gives you premier options, high-end quality, and impeccable craftsmanship is an understatement. In fact, demand for these rugged off-road trailers has grown by 500 percent in the last two years as word has gotten out about their high-quality, reliable design.

As one of the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2021, you’ll be well outfitted in this rig for whatever adventures await you.

Learn more about the High Altitude Trailer Company GEN IV XT50

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