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Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024

Each year, we generate a list of the best off-road teardrops money can buy. Our lists in 2021, 2022, and 2023 had some excellent choices, and this year’s list is no different!

It takes a lot to design and build a trailer that can withstand the rigors of off-road travel. Yet, the companies listed below have perfected the process. As you’ll see, this year’s crop of the best off-road teardrop trailers includes options with features and amenities that are unparalleled in the industry.

So, let’s stop with the chit-chat and dive right in!

Table of Contents

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: Cedar Ridge Campers Vega 2.0 XT

The first thing you look for in an off-road teardrop trailer is its off-road capabilities. The Vega 2.0 XT from Cedar Ridge Campers certainly delivers on this front…

This trailer rides on a 3,500-pound Timbren HD suspension with a two-inch lift, 21 inches of ground clearance, and a fully welded 2×3 tube steel frame. Cedar Ridge has added 12-inch electric brakes, 16-inch aluminum wheels, two-inch rock sliders, and BF Goodrich K02 265/75R16 tires for good measure, too.

But that’s not all! You get a full-size spare tire in case you damage one of the others, rear recovery points on each corner in case you need to be pulled out of the muck, and an ARK off-road tongue jack that makes maneuvering the trailer once you’ve uncoupled it a breeze. 

The CruiseMaster DO35 coupler with hand brake is a nice addition as well, ensuring a smooth trailering experience on and off the road. All the trailer’s wiring and hoses run inside the frame, too, which protects them from damage when off-roading.

cedar ridge vega 2.0 xt interior

Extreme off-road capabilities aren’t the only feature you want in an off-road teardrop, though. Having a comfortable place to crash is paramount, and the Vega 2.0 XT offers that in spades. 

The cabin features a faux wood look that makes it look and feel like a warm, cozy, inviting cabin in the woods. The four-inch memory foam queen-sized mattress is a nice place to crash after a long day of traveling. And you can do so without all your gear in your way – the large his-and-hers cabinets along the rear wall offer 10 cubic feet of storage, so you have a neat and tidy interior space. The headboard area also offers wireless charging for your devices. There’s even storage space under the mattress for more gear!

The cabin is also climate-controlled with a Maxxair fan (which has a rain cover and remote) to bring in fresh air and a Truma Combi furnace to keep you warm when the temperature gets chilly. Add an optional Zerobreeze air conditioner to keep you cool in the summer, and you’ve got an ideal setup for off-roading and camping year-round.

cedar ridge vega 2.0 xt interior 2

Better still, you can enjoy a comfortable interior experience while having a panoramic view through the two-by-three-foot Stargazer window. The custom Arctic Tern doors with built-in shades and screens add more natural light and offer a nice view on either side of the trailer.

So, this trailer gets you where you want to go and offers a nice space to rack out at night. It adds to its appeal with a full rear galley with everything you need to transport and store your food and related items and whip up incredible meals on the trail.

cedar ridge vega 2.0 xt galley

The stainless steel countertop provides all the flat surface you need for making your meals, while the two enclosed HDPE cupboards give you eight cubic feet of space to keep dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials organized and out of the way. The galley also features a slide-out Partner stove and a fully plumbed sink, a huge pantry drawer with divided space for canned and dry goods, and dimmable LED lighting to help you see what you’re doing as you make those late-night meals.

Cedar Ridge Campers has also ensured this trailer has a rock-solid electrical system. You get 10-volt plugs, USB ports, and 12-volt plugs in the galley and cabin, porch lights on both sides of the trailer, and LED under-trailer lighting.

Powering these accessories is a 105 amp-hour lithium battery paired with a Redarc 1500-watt pure sine wave inverter and a 100-watt Light Leaf solar panel. A Redarc Redvision with a Manager 30 battery management system makes keeping tabs on the system’s performance easy.

Other notable features of the Vega 2.0 XT include the following:

  • A 20-pound propane system
  • A 20-gallon insulated water tank (with a temperature monitor and a heating mat for cold-weather camping)
  • An integrated shower system
  • A 500-pound capacity roof rack
  • A fiberglass composite body (that won’t rot or mold!)
  • Heavy-duty stand-on steel fenders
  • A two-inch rear accessory receiver for a bike rack or cargo rack
  • Leveling jacks on each rear corner to stabilize the trailer at camp

cedar ridge vega 2.0 xt exterior

All this is in a trailer that is about 1,800 pounds dry and is just 13 feet long. At 85 inches side to side and 79 inches to the top of the roof rack, this trailer has a slim and low profile that makes towing it in tight areas all the easier.

You know the saying, “Great things come in small packages?” Well, if this isn’t a prime example of that, I don’t know what is!

If this made-in-the-USA trailer piques your interest, contact Cedar Ridge Campers today. This is one family-run company that is ready to provide you with the best possible off-road camping experience!

Learn more about the Cedar Ridge Campers Vega 2.0 XT

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: Kruger Bush Campers Springbok

kruger bush springbok exterior

Getting off-road to find a great campsite doesn’t mean you have to rough it in a bare-bones trailer. In fact, these days, you can buy teardrop trailers that aren’t just highly capable off-roaders but also offer incredible luxuries like heating, air conditioning, and insulated water tanks.

Not every off-road teardrop comes loaded with amenities such as these – but the Springbok by Kruger Bush Campers sure does! This one-of-a-kind trailer inspired by African overlanding adventures is the poster child of off-road teardrop camping!

kruger bush springbok rear

Let’s start by talking about the technical features of this trailer…

The Springbok starts with a one-piece welded and fully hot-dipped galvanized chassis. The chassis is lightweight and incredibly strong, so it can take a beating from rough off-road trails. It is also durable, thanks to a 3mm thick layer of tar paint that virtually eliminates worries of rust.

Kruger Bush Camper Logo

As the Kruger Bush Campers folks explain in this detailed video, the chassis rides on a heavy-duty two-inch independent suspension with dual shock absorbers to make the rough off-road ride a much smoother towing experience. The 265/75R16 tires offer good grip on slippery surfaces, while the aluminum alloy rims are purpose-built for off-road travel. Kruger Bush Campers also includes electric brakes and a hand brake to ensure the trailer is controlled on the trail and stays put when you get to camp.

kruger bush springbok awning

On top of this robust chassis and suspension is an aluminum alloy body. It’s not just any body, though—it’s a two-layer panel system in which insulation is sandwiched between two aluminum panels.

Again, this system is lightweight, strong, and durable, and also helps create an interior environment that’s protected from large temperature swings outside.

kruger bush springbok galley

So, the Springbok is one heck of a rugged off-road trailer. But, as I mentioned earlier, it boasts all sorts of features that you don’t find in every teardrop.

For example, the trailer’s fully-featured stainless steel kitchen at the rear includes storage space, a sink with hot and cold water, two stoves, and a slide-out. You even get a 78-liter fridge! The trailer has an insulated onboard plastic fresh water tank, too, so you can camp in cold weather with less worry about your water freezing up.

kruger bush springbok passenger side

Other goodies include the following:

  • Outdoor washroom with privacy room
  • 30-amp DC charger
  • 2000-watt inverter
  • Two 100ah deep cycle batteries
  • Diesel heater with up to 5kw of power
  • Air conditioning

But what about the interior of the Springbok?

kruger bush springbok interior 1

Head inside to find a well-appointed cabin featuring bench seating at the front, a U-shaped dinette with a floor-mounted adjustable table at the back with cupboards for storage. You’ll appreciate the entertainment system, too!

The best part of this trailer’s interior is the pop-top one-piece aluminum roof plate and PVC waterproof tent. Not only does this feature give you more headroom inside the trailer, but it also allows for two beds. The top bed measures nearly 6.75 feet in length and is more than 3.75 feet wide. The bottom bed (which is created by the sofa area) is even larger at 6.8 feet long and almost 5 feet wide. There’s room for the whole family!

kruger bush sprinkbok tent up

All of this is encapsulated in a trailer that’s 16 feet long, 7 feet wide, and about 7.5 feet tall as you travel down the trail. Then, once you’re at camp and pop the roof up, the height of the trailer extends to nearly 10.5 feet.

With over 300 cubic feet of interior space, the Springbok is about as roomy a trailer you’ll find that can handle difficult off-road trails. Backed by a U.S.-based company (located in Savannah, Georgia), this trailer offers everything you need to have fun off-road adventures. 

With lots of space, plenty of features, and a second-to-none build quality, it’s easy to see why this trailer ranks so highly on our shortlist of the best off-road teardrops of 2024!

Learn more about the Kruger Bush Campers Springbok

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: Kimberley Kampers Kube

kimberley kampers kube 1

The whole point of an off-road teardrop trailer is to have something that’s durable, functional, and capable. Why not add some luxury to that with a Kimberley Kampers Kube?!

But before we discuss the luxurious amenities in this camper, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of its off-road capabilities…

The Kube boasts one of the most advanced suspension systems on the market. Built upon Kimberley’s renowned Outback proven independent trailing arm suspension, refined over three decades, it seamlessly integrates airbags and electric over hydraulic disc brakes. This combination ensures stability at highway speeds while offering unparalleled smoothness over rugged terrain, making you forget you’re towing anything at all.

kimberley kampers kube 2

Imagine effortlessly adjusting the trailer’s travel height via remote control for optimal towing stability and leveling at your campsite. Equipped with electronic vented disc brakes delivering twice the stopping power of drum brakes at 1200 psi, the Kube ensures safety even when traversing rivers without fear of brake fade. The suspension system is further enhanced with two-inch mono-tube, emulsion off-road racing shocks, providing a luxuriously smooth ride even on the most uneven trails.

kimberley kampers kube 3

The construction of this trailer is a definite selling point, too.

Crafted WITHOUT wood to prevent rot, the Kube features a one-piece fiberglass body atop a hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis, complemented by marine-grade stainless steel and high-grade alloys. Utilizing 3D computer-aided design since 2005 ensures precision in construction, guaranteeing resilience in any situation.

kimberley kampers kube 4

Inside is a real treat – a spacious cabin with a king bed surrounded by huge panoramic windows. The panoramic view is just what the doctor ordered when you’re camping. Wake up in the morning to a full view of the beauty around you, and get energized for a day of exploration after a good night’s sleep on the king-size bed. Yep, I said king-size! What could be better?!

kimberley kampers kube 5

The bed isn’t the only comfort-related item in this camper, though. The interior of the camper is lined with an automotive headliner-type material to reduce outside noise and condensation. There’s a Merlin Space Solar panel on the roof with the ability to plug in an additional 540 watts of portable solar panels.  The large (up to 600 Ahrs) Bluetooth-enabled lithium batteries can be charged from your vehicle via a 50 Amp DC-DC, solar, shore power, or a generator. Other high-tech features include the following:

  • Diesel-powered hot water and heating system
  • Dual water tanks (up to 50 gallons) with a single filler, marine pumps, and Jerry cans for extra water storage (you can also add a visi-flow water system and pump water from any source)
  • 85-liter fridge with freezer
  • Zip-on outside ensuite shower

kimberley kampers kube 6

The Kube is also outfitted with a huge outdoor slide-out kitchen with a stainless sink, various two-burner, Weber, or BBQ options, and a 40-watt Bluetooth sound system for entertainment while you cook. Add a 4G + GPS aerial to boost your internet signal and get the advantage of auto tracking and theft alert software while you’re at it, too! It also is Starlink-ready.

On top of all that, the Kube is easy to set up. If you need to make a roadside stop, use the camper as-is without the need to open it completely up – you still get full access to the kitchen, catering space, and fridge. Alternatively, when you get to camp, you can deploy the awning in about three minutes and have a full camp setup in no time.

kimberley kampers kube 7

In other words, Kimberley Kampers has built a teardrop trailer that ticks all the boxes. It’s lightweight, easy to tow, and impeccably designed. The build quality is second to none, the use of space is top-notch, and the innovative features in this camper make it a functional and comfortable option for your adventures.

I’m not surprised this trailer is so impressive, though. I met the Kimberley team a couple of years ago at Overland West, and while this teardrop hadn’t been developed yet, the hybrid camper they had on hand was one of the most impressive rigs there. Telling you about the quality of their work and showing you pictures of it just doesn’t do it justice. If you want a rock star of an off-road teardrop, Kimberley Kampers certainly obliges with the Kube!

Learn more about Kimberley Kampers Kube

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: Escapod TOPO2 Voyager

Escapod Topo2 side

When it comes to off-road teardrop trailers, the Escapod TOPO2 Voyager is certainly a standout choice. It boasts an array of features that cater to both adventure seekers and comfort enthusiasts alike.

First impressions matter, and the Escapod TOPO2 Voyager immediately captures attention with its rugged and distinctive exterior design. It measures 13.5 feet in length, 84 inches in width, and 80.5 inches in height, striking a nice balance between spaciousness and maneuverability.

Escapod Topo2 front

The practicality of the TOPO2 Voyager extends beyond its appearance. With a generous ground clearance of 23 inches, this trailer confidently navigates diverse terrain, ensuring a worry-free journey even off the beaten path. It’s a testament to its thoughtful engineering, perfectly blending adventure-ready design with real-world practicality.

Underneath, the TOPO2 Voyager is equipped with a robust wheel and suspension setup, featuring 31″ tires and 16″ wheels (265/75R16). Whether cruising on smooth highways or conquering rocky trails, this trailer is ready for the challenge! Despite its spacious interior that caters to all camping needs, the TOPO2 Voyager maintains a compact profile, weighing just 2,000 lbs when dry, making it easily towable by most vehicles.

escapod topo2 voyager galley

Beyond its rugged exterior lies a well-appointed galley kitchen, complete with a full-size sink and a 2-burner cooktop stove. Additionally, the inclusion of an outdoor shower adds a touch of luxury to the outdoor living experience.

Stepping inside the Escapod TOPO2 Voyager reveals a welcoming space crafted for both practicality and comfort. The interior is constructed from high-density polyethylene and lightweight honeycomb composite, and promises durability without sacrificing ambiance.

Escapod Topo2 Interior Features

The sleeping quarters are particularly noteworthy, featuring a true queen-sized 6″ memory foam mattress ensuring a restful night’s sleep after a day of adventure. Ample headroom of 42 ½ inches and abundant storage, including nearly 8 cubic feet of cabinet space and an additional 5 cubic feet behind the headboard, further enhance the livability of the interior.

Practical touches abound as well, such as the heated mudroom at each entry door, providing a convenient space to store and remove dirty footwear, thus helping to maintain interior cleanliness. The inclusion of the spectacular Stargazer window, measuring 2.5’ x 5’, not only offers breathtaking views of the night sky but also enhances ventilation and overall cabin comfort.

Escapod Topo2 table

The Escapod TOPO2 Voyager distinguishes itself with a myriad of customization options tailored to individual preferences, too. From upgrading the standard YETI 75 cooler to a 63 qt ARB Fridge/Freezer for increased food storage capacity, to adding a 140W solar panel for extended off-grid adventures, the TOPO2 Voyager offers flexibility to suit diverse camping styles.

Moreover, optional features such as dimmable LED lighting with a red light setting for minimal wildlife disturbance, and the Truma Combi Eco Plus system providing integrated forced-air heating and instant hot water, further elevate the camping experience to new heights.

What truly sets the Escapod TOPO2 Voyager apart is its innovative design and construction. Crafted from a single-piece composite fiberglass shell with an eco-friendly PET core made from recycled materials, this trailer offers a sturdy yet sleek exterior.

The proprietary Freeride Suspension System, providing 5″ of independent travel per side, ensures a smooth ride on rough terrains while maintaining comfort on paved roads. Additionally, the frame, constructed from laser-cut 2×1-inch tube steel and hot-dip galvanized for durability, lays the foundation for endless customization possibilities, from rock rails to extra receiver tubes.

Escapod Topo2 Interior

In other words, the Escapod TOPO2 Voyager stands as a testament to innovation and thoughtful design, offering a perfect blend of ruggedness, comfort, and customization that sets it apart as one of the best off-road teardrops of 2024.

Our friends at BTR Outfitters have several TOPO2 Voyager models in stock, each with slightly different options to cater to your specific needs. There are several colors available, as well to give you some aesthetic choices! Backed by the expertise of the BTR Outfitters’ staff, your experience buying a TOPO2 couldn’t be any better!

Learn more about the Escapod TOPO2 Voyager models available at BTR Outfitters

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailers of 2024: Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60

Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60 Mini Camper tongue box

Next up on our list of the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2024 is the Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60. This little guy stands out as an excellent example of how teardrops can facilitate exploration with rugged durability. Built in Irondale, Alabama, this compact yet robust camper embodies no-nonsense engineering tailored for adventurers.

At its core, the Yakka 60 in its base Razoo configuration prioritizes comfort and efficiency. With a spacious 60-inch-wide interior, there’s ample room for movement and rest. Its structure is composed of lightweight yet sturdy composite panels, and is bolstered by Timbren’s 2200-pound axle-less suspension, ensuring reliability on any terrain.

Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60 Mini Camper top

Functionality is key with the Razoo configuration, featuring a Lock-N-Roll hitch coupler, a generously sized tongue box, and a robust Ark Jack. BF Goodrich KO2 AT 31″ tires provide traction and durability for all your off-road adventures as well.

The Razoo offers windows on both sides and a passenger side door, allowing you to take in the outdoors, even when you’re inside the trailer. And with the flexibility to upgrade and customize to suit individual preferences, you can outfit this bad boy just how you want or need!

Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60 Mini Camper tongue box 2

Elevating your adventures to new heights is the Yakka 60’s Yowie configuration. This upgrade builds upon the foundation of the Razoo setup, introducing a host of enhancements to make your overlanding experience all the better.

For example, you get a Cruisemaster CRS-2 axle-less suspension and a DO35 hitch coupler featuring a mounted hand-brake. Additional storage and accessibility are provided by a Tongue box rack and slide courtesy of TemboTusk.

Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60 Mini Camper inside

Inside, upgrades abound, including ample cabinetry for storage, a Maxx Air Fan, and MOLLE panel kits for added organization. Enhanced driver and passenger side panels, along with rear panels, further contribute to comfort during your journeys.

Powering your adventures is made seamless with the integration of a Renogy Power Kit featuring a 100ah battery, 175w solar panel, and a 40ah solar charge controller. A 1000w inverter, a BT-1 Bluetooth connector, a Dometic CFX3-45 fridge, and spare tire mount ensure preparedness for any situation.

In essence, the Yakka 60’s Yowie configuration redefines the mini camper game, offering a harmonious blend of ruggedness, comfort, and versatility that makes it one of the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2024!

Learn more about the Rustic Mountain Overland Yakka 60

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: Sasquatch Expedition Campers Highland 60

sasquatch campers 1

The Sasquatch Campers Highland 60 is an excellent example of rugged capability and luxurious comfort. Crafted with precision in Silverton, Colorado, this trailer redefines the standards of off-road adventure.

What sets the Highland 60 apart is its fusion of extreme off-road prowess with plush amenities designed to cater to all seasons of travel. Unlike conventional off-road trailers that prioritize toughness over comfort, the Highland 60 strikes a perfect balance, offering a bedroom space that’s extremely cozy, alongside ample storage, a well-equipped kitchen, and freshwater provisions.

sasquatch campers 3

Let’s dive into the off-road capabilities of the Highland 60, which serve as its foundation for exploration…

Engineered with a bespoke Bigfoot coilover independent suspension system, this trailer ensures exceptional off-road performance while maintaining a smooth towing experience. Its 17-inch black steel wheels (or optional aluminum Method wheel upgrade package) paired with 32.5-inch 285/65R17 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires, including a full-size spare, guarantee traction and durability on any terrain.

sasquatch campers 2

The trailer’s lightweight yet sturdy 4×2-inch aluminum frame, powder-coated to resist rust, is further fortified with electric brakes, a manual parking brake, and an Ark two-inch 360-degree articulating coupler, enhancing its off-road capabilities and maneuverability.

Externally, the Highland 60 is the essence of an off-road trailer with its custom-designed aluminum roof rack featuring five T-track crossbars for versatile gear attachment. Elevated for additional storage space underneath, accessing the rack is effortless thanks to the trailer’s full-length bed-lined running boards.

sasquatch campers 5

The Expedition side rack system along the sides of the trailer provides convenient mounting for recovery gear and Rotopax, complemented by four custom-made aluminum side boxes offering 20 cubic feet of weatherproof storage. Each box features independently controlled LED lighting for enhanced visibility.

This rugged exterior also includes a well-appointed galley at the rear of the trailer. Accessible through the spare tire rack, the kitchen boasts a spacious stainless steel countertop, a sink with on-demand hot water, and a Furrion three-burner propane cooktop. The kitchen is equipped with ample storage, a GFCI-protected 120-volt outlet, and optional features like an ICECO VL65 refrigerator/freezer and a stainless steel fold-down prep table.

sasquatch campers 7

Venturing inside reveals a sanctuary built for rest and relaxation. The four-season bedroom offers a 60×75 memory foam mattress, fully insulated walls, roof, and floor, and a Propex 6500 BTU heater, ensuring comfort in any climate. Additional features such as mesh side pockets, ceiling lights, reading lights, and 12-volt and USB ports add convenience and functionality.

Constructed with sustainable and durable materials like ACRE, a lightweight wood alternative, the interior of the Highland 60 is built to withstand the rigors of off-road expeditions without compromising on comfort or quality.

From its rugged exterior to its plush interior, the Sasquatch Campers Highland 60 is the epitome of the best off-road teardrop trailers of 2024. With unparalleled design, durability, and comfort features, this trailer ensures an adventure experience like no other!

Learn more about the Sasquatch Expedition Campers Highland 60

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: Bean Trailers Black Bean

bean trailer black bean exterior front

In the landscape of off-road teardrop trailers for 2024, the Bean Trailer Black Bean stands out as a pinnacle of innovation, durability, and comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this trailer redefines the standards of off-road exploration, offering you a comfortable camper on wheels.

At the heart of the Black Bean lies a commitment to comfort and convenience. The interior is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and functionality, featuring a 4.5″ queen foam mattress for restful nights under the stars. Under-mattress floor storage, left and right arm cushions, and stain and abrasion-resistant wall coverings add to the overall comfort and usability of the space. Optional custom wood grain laminate slate ceiling system and wood grain laminate upper cubby with LED push-button down lighting & dual USB ports elevate the interior ambiance, providing a touch of luxury in the wilderness.

bean trailer black bean interior storage

Storage solutions abound within the Black Bean, with four wood grain laminated interior cabinets with a galley pass-through, TROFAST compatible shelving system, and two large drawers under cabinet drawers ensuring ample space for gear and essentials. Additionally, floor-mounted D-rings and a floor storage compartment with an integrated lid offer secure storage options for outdoor equipment.

bean trailer black bean solar

Equipped for extended adventures, the Black Bean boasts impressive electrical capabilities. Powered by 105AH Lion Energy Lithium-Polymer batteries and a 1500W inverter, this trailer provides reliable electricity for all your electronic devices and appliances. The RedArc Manager 30 and RedVision power display interface ensure efficient power management, while the shore power connection and 120-volt outlet offer versatility in charging options. LED taillights, illuminated side markers, and AC wall plugs with USB ports in the galley and cabin further enhance the trailer’s functionality and safety.

bean trailer black bean exterior storage

Beneath its rugged exterior lies a robust chassis designed for off-road performance. The Timbren 3500 independent suspension with a 2″ lift, coupled with 15″ steel wheels and 30″ BFG AT tires, ensures exceptional ground clearance and traction on challenging terrain. The Cruisemaster DO35 articulating pin coupler and safety chains provide secure towing, while the rear stabilizer jacks and breakaway braking system offer added safety and stability.

bean trailer black bean window

Externally, the Black Bean showcases durability and versatility with its one-piece fiberglass shell construction, Raptor-coated sidewalls, and marine-grade white gelcoat roof. The Armadillo-coated front storage box and rear galley hatch with an integrated lift and latching system offer convenient storage solutions for outdoor gear and cooking essentials. The inclusion of Cloud Suspension System as an available upgrade further enhances the trailer’s ride quality, providing a smoother journey and increased ground clearance for rugged backcountry adventures.

In essence, the Bean Trailer Black Bean is one of the off-road teardrop trailers of 2024, offering you an unparalleled combination of comfort, durability, and capability. Whether traversing rocky trails or setting up camp in remote wilderness, this trailer ensures a memorable and enjoyable outdoor experience for all who seek adventure off the beaten path.

Learn more about the Bean Trailers Black Bean

Best Off-Road Teardrops of 2024: High Altitude Trailer Company XT50

high altitude trailer company xt50 exterior

Based in Sedalia, Colorado, High Altitude Trailer Company knows a thing or two about building off-road teardrops that can handle the rough stuff. Their XT50 is a perfect example of this, with a host of off-road features that enable you to take this trailer anywhere your tow vehicle can go.

That’s because the trailer is equipped with loads of features and options that make it as off-road-ready a trailer as you’ll find. You can choose from four different frames:

  • A Trailer Brake Frame with a 2-inch ball hitch and a 3500-pound Rockwell American Brake Assisted Axle with Leaf Springs
  • A Lock N Roll Frame with a Lock N Roll trailer hitch a 3500-pound Rockwell American Axle with Leaf Springs
  • A Deluxe Frame including a Lock ‘N’ Roll® trailer hitch and 3500lb Rockwell American Brake Assisted Axle with Leaf Springs
  • An Overlanding Deluxe Frame including Lock ‘N’ Roll® trailer hitch and a Timbren 3500HD independent suspension

You can add any number of optional spare tire configurations, too, including a full-size 31-inch or 33-inch spare with a mounting kit or a swing arm. You can also go with an integrated front spare with a bicycle mount and an extended basket. Nice!

high altitude trailer company xt50 interior

The interior of the High Altitude Trailer Company XT50 is a testament to both functionality and comfort. It’s meticulously designed to enhance your camping experience in every way possible.

Step inside and you’ll immediately notice the fully insulated cabin, boasting a 1.25” thick composite construction with an impressive R-10 rating. This ensures optimal temperature regulation regardless of the outdoor conditions, while the TOFF coating adds an extra layer of protection. The color of the cabin is left to your preference, allowing for personalization to match your style.

Moving to the flooring, the cabin features composite hardwood flooring, providing durability and aesthetic appeal, while the galley is equipped with practical vinyl flooring for easy cleaning. The stainless steel countertop in the galley offers ample space for meal preparation, complemented by the 20,000 BTU camp stove for cooking up delicious outdoor feasts.

high altitude trailer company xt50 exterior 3

Organization is made effortless with the in-house made tongue rack, conveniently welded to the front frame for storing firewood or other camping essentials. The Frontrunner Outfitters roof rack with two cross bars provides additional storage space for gear or equipment, ensuring you have everything you need for your adventure.

Powering your off-grid experience is a 1200 Watt DC inverter, paired with a 100 Watt Zamp High Amp solar panel and auto controller, feeding a 100AH lithium battery. This setup ensures reliable power for all your electronic devices and appliances, allowing you to stay connected even in remote locations.

high altitude trailer company xt50 galley

When it’s time to rest, the XT50 offers a luxurious sleeping experience with the Lucid foldable 4” queen mattress. For added comfort and ventilation, an 8” 12V DC roof fan keeps the cabin cool and fresh during warm nights.

Organization is further optimized with the custom overhead personal accessories shelf, featuring built-in reading lights for evening relaxation. Insulating flooring and recess-mounted D-rings in the cabin ensure that your gear stays secure and protected during transport, adding to the overall convenience and functionality of the interior space. To top it all off, a portable mounted Bluetooth speaker adds an extra element of entertainment, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes wherever your adventures take you.

high altitude trailer company xt50 exterior 2

High Altitude offers loads of options to enhance the comfort and functionality of this trailer, too. For example, you can add a Creature Comforts Upgrade that includes a 6” Folding Mattress, a Dometic CFXW35 DC Powered Refrigerator, and 10lb Propane with mount and 5’ hose line. You can also add an Extreme Cold Weather add-on that includes a diesel heater with RotoPax Diesel Fuel Container.

But, what if you’re camping in hot weather? High Altitude has you covered there as well! Simply add the Extreme Hot Weather add-on to get a Dometic RTX1000 Air Conditioner (4094 BTU, 12V) and a Victron Blue 20amp Smart Battery Charger.

No matter where you look inside or out on this trailer, you’ll find something impressive. But that’s the High Altitude Trailer Company way – design and build some of the best off-road teardrop trailers on the market!

Learn more about the High Altitude Trailer Company XT50

A quick heads-up: If you snag something through our affiliate links or check out our sponsored content, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. But fear not, we’re all about recommending stuff we’re truly stoked about!

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