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10 Tips for Those Who Want to Try Sprinter Vanlife

 photo by Oleh_Slobodeniuk via iStock

Sprinter vanlife is a lifestyle that most people dream of or plan for their future. It is a lifestyle that gives people complete freedom. People living the vanlife don’t need to ask themselves when, where, and how long. 

The necessity of hygienic and economic conditions are of great importance, especially in today’s world, which has made camper vans much more valuable. In this life, according to the budget you have, you can create your own wonderful space to travel and live in.

Of course, living in a van offers minimal opportunities compared to home conditions unless you can buy a luxurious motorhome. You have to meet your shelter, food, and other needs in small volumes. 

Behaviors such as keeping the goods at the optimum level in the van, ensuring the proper use of the areas, being organized and clean, constantly controlling the levels of the tanks such as water, energy, waste, and fuel will make this life more manageable and conducive to your enjoyment.

Make a Travel Plan

Making check list for travel for Sprinter Vanlife

 photo by hocus-focus via iStock

Before your Sprinter vanlife begins, the road plans and the places to stay should be determined together with the alternatives. In addition, you must pinpoint health and safety institutions around the places to visit beforehand. 

Having dry cleaning companies in the vicinity for cleaning clothes on long-term journeys will make it easier to meet the needs. It is also essential to have shopping points around you for your shopping.

Energy, Water, Fuel, and Waste Storage

water cooler

 photo by Miyuki Satake via iStock

Your water and electricity reserves, which will provide a terrific convenience in meeting your daily needs in Sprinter vanlife, should always be under your control. In case of untimely depletion of these resources, you can have a lot of difficulties. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you always keep your water tank full at destinations. Likewise, you should remember to dump your waste tank whenever you can so that it does not cause problems such as overflow and clogging.

Many Sprinter vans have excellent onboard water and waste systems that give you the ability to be offgrid for days on end before needing to fill up the water tank or empty the grey or black tanks. 

truevan front

For example, the TrueVan Vision X Sprinter van has a custom 24-gallon grey water tank, a custom 24-gallon black water tank, and a 26-gallon fresh water tank. You won’t find grey or black water tanks that large in any other Sprinter van!

Of course, it’s vital to keep track of how far the fuel stations are so that your vehicle does not run out of fuel and stays on the road, too!

Security Issues for Sprinter Vanlife

Broken sprinter van window

 photo by HAYKIRDI via iStock

In some regions, cases of theft are evident. You can opt for an alarm system to battle this problem. Although alarm systems developed for vans also show deterrent properties, it is also crucial to take your own precautions. 

Insurance, Official Documents and other car papers

Insurance papers with toy cars

 photo by juststock via iStock

Maybe you waited for months and finally set out for the vacation you dreamed of. However, your vehicle may be banned from traffic during the controls you encounter while traveling due to a missing document or not complying with official requirements. 

You should make sure that your documents are complete to avoid such situations. Insurance is also very critical. Being financially and morally secured in a life intertwined with external conditions will be a guarantee for you.

Position Your Van for Optimal Sprinter Vanlife

truevan side 2

Moving a camper van after setting up your camp is hard, especially if you will stay for a long time in a campground. For this reason, you should determine the sunrise and sunset well and determine whether your camper van will be under the sun during the day. You should choose your spot wisely! 

Equipment for Exploring the Environment

RV and kayak by a lake

 photo by ewg3D via iStock

It will be perfect to have a bicycle in your van for land trips and an inflatable boat for coastal cruises. You can even choose a motorcycle according to your carrying capacity. In this way, you will increase your freedom even more.

Of course, you’ll need a place to store all your exploration gear, and Sprinter vans typically offer excellent storage space.

interior of truevan

For example, in the TrueVan Vision X I mentioned earlier, there’s a full-size garage in back that has space for multiple mountain bikes, a couple of small motorized bikes, a few surfboards, or whatever other adventure gear you might have.

And to keep all your gear safe, there are two fully-adjustable L-tracks that have ring fittings so you can strap everything down. This type of system is a God-send for keeping everything in place, even when you’re bouncing around off-road!

Have Knowledge and Skills to Maximize Enjoyment of Sprinter Vanlife

truevan side

You and your camper van will be exposed to many different environmental conditions while traveling. In addition, there may be malfunctions in the electrical and water installations you use in the van during your stay due to technical issues. 

Sometimes this situation can happen to you in desolate and remote places, and you may not be able to find a maintenance specialist. That’s why it’s essential to master the current system in your van and know what goes where. 

You must be able to take care of yourself. Therefore, we recommend that you develop yourself in this direction. In addition, it is vital to have first aid knowledge to find a solution to unwanted accidents that may happen to you.

Make Your Memories Permanent

woman in the woods with a camera

 photo by Dmitry Belyaev via iStock

As part of Sprinter vanlife, you will get to see beautiful sceneries and have fantastic experiences during your trip, so you will need a camera. You can create a memory book and share it only with your close circle, or you can share it with many other people by using social media platforms or by creating a blog. While doing this, you will shed light on those who will experience these beauties for the first time.

Secure Your Items for Sprinter Vanlife

kitchen and table of truevan

It is crucial to stabilize the items in your vehicle to not scatter and damage during the trip. Therefore, it is recommended that you set out after ensuring that your belongings are in place and will not move. As you can see above, Sprinter vans like the Vision X give you plenty of options for securing the goods you’re transporting (even the dining table!).

Breaking and scattering glassware, such as glasses, can injure you during your vacation and cause you to lose your mood. Larger incisions may interrupt your holiday. Small details can produce significant results.

Make a Pre-Travel Checklist

Checklist for travel for Sprinter Vanlife

 photo by kmatija via iStock

While making your Sprinter vanlife plans, it would be good to prepare a list and determine what you need.

Then, check everything according to this list and take it with you. Ensure you have all the items you need because it will be hard to find stuff in remote places. 

Enjoy your trip, and always remember to have fun while being on the safe side!

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