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Best Nude Camping Grounds in the US

Photo by AygulSarvarova via iStock

I’ll be the first to admit that nude camping isn’t my thing…

However, there is a small yet mighty contingent of camping enthusiasts that prefer to be out in nature sans clothing – and I, for one, want to help highlight where camping nude is celebrated.

So, with that in mind, I scoured the internet to find the best nude camping grounds in the US. From sea to shining sea, you’ll find that nude camping at the locations listed below can be as beautiful and relaxing as it is freeing!

nude camping

Image by Dmytro Buianskyi via iStock

Nude Camping at Shangri La Ranch, Arizona

Our first pick for one of the best nude camping grounds in the US is Arizona’s Shangri La Ranch.

This clothing-optional resort is located in New River (just north of Phoenix) and is a haven for nude camping, given the abundance of sun and warmth of the Arizona desert.

There’s no pressure to ditch your clothes at Shangri La, so if you’re new to camping nude, you can ease into it at the resort.

Bring your RV and get a site with full hookups for just $15 a night. Or, if you want to take a quick trip and ditch your RV or camper, you can choose from a range of motel rooms.

While you’re camping nude at Shangri La, be sure to drop by the Bare Buns Cafe to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just be careful not to spill your coffee…

Learn more about the Shangri La Ranch

Hidden Lake Campground, Florida

If camping nude is up your alley and you find yourself in Florida, there are many different options you can choose from.

One of the best is Hidden Lake Campground, located in Jay, just north of Pensacola in the panhandle.

You can swim, enjoy the beach on a private lake, fish, and paddle board. The campground also boasts a clubhouse, gardens, hiking trails, and RV spots with full hookups.

Other activities include monthly movie nights and potlucks, holiday celebrations, and many other social events throughout the year. Of course, there’s nude camping, too! This is a clothing-optional facility, so you can take your time to get comfortable being without clothing.

Daily camping rates start at $15 per night plus ground fees and taxes.

Learn more about Hidden Lake Campground


Photo by swissmediavision via iStock

Nude Camping at Blue Lake Resort, Illinois

Another one of our picks for the best nude camping grounds in the US is Blue Lake Resort.

Located in Erie in the western part of the state near the Mississippi River, this resort has loads of amenities for campers in the warmer months (due to the northerly location, the resort is closed from November through April).

You can partake in volleyball, shuffleboard, or swimming. There’s also horseshoes, frisbee golf, and pétanque, which is similar to bocce ball.

The resort is nestled amongst lots of mature trees where you can park your RV with full hookups, enjoy picnic areas, and watch your kids play on the playground. You get all that for rates that start at $30 per night.

It should be noted that this is not a clothing-optional park. Per the Resort’s FAQ page:

“This is a nudist park. Everyone is expected to be nude with the exception of cold weather or sunburn, or medical need. Underwear is not considered outerwear and is prohibited.”

So, if nude camping is what you want, this is the place to do it!

Wildwood Naturist’s Resort, Texas

Camping nude can be done in Texas, too…

Our pick for the best nude campground in Texas is Wildwood Naturist’s Resort, located just northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The resort encompasses 118 acres which offers loads of opportunities for exploring wooded areas and meadows. You can lounge by the pool, hop in the hot tub, check out the seasonal wildflowers, or watch wildlife roam around the area.

There are lots of gaming opportunities as well. There’s a horseshoe pit, water volleyball, and pétanque, as well as many indoor gaming options inside the clubhouse.

The resort hosts many different events throughout the year, too. You can enjoy potluck dinners, dances, holiday events, and the annual SkinnyDipper 5K if you like!

Rates start at $35 per night plus daily grounds fees and taxes. This is a nudist camp, so clothing is only allowed in adverse weather conditions or for health reasons.

Learn more about Wildwood Naturist’s Resort

camping without clothing

Photo by PKpix via iStock

Nude Camping at Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado

Valley View Hot Springs, which is located on the Western Slope outside of Moffatt, is a peaceful setting where you can enjoy clothing-optional camping.

You can hop in the natural hot springs and pools to enjoy the therapeutic warm water, book some bodywork or a massage, and camp in your car, RV, or tent. There’s a pavilion for campers to enjoy as well as a community fire pit.

You’d be remiss if you didn’t explore the natural beauty of the surroundings. The resort is located in a beautiful area that offers hiking, star-filled night skies, and panoramic views.

In fact, Valley View Hot Springs is part of a 2,200-acre protected area where you can view all sorts of wildlife, including Colorado’s largest bat colony.

Rates begin at $30 for an overnight stay.

Learn more about Valley View Hot Springs

Be Considerate and Respectful When Camping Nude

While each of the best nude camping grounds in the US that are listed above have their own rules and regulations, there are some basic considerations to keep in mind when you visit a nude camping site. Below are a few of the most important things to think about when camping nude.

Check Resort Rules Regarding Clothing Before You Visit

As noted earlier, some nude campgrounds are clothing-optional while others prohibit clothing except in cases of bad weather or medical need. If you aren’t completely comfortable being nude in front of others, be sure you understand the rules regarding clothing before you book a trip – and select a location that allows clothing.

Don’t Expect to Take Photos

cameras are prohibited

Photo by Pritam Mitra via iStock

Camping nude presents significant privacy issues, and for that reason, campgrounds strictly prohibit the use of cameras in public areas.

Some resorts will have an official photographer who can take photos of you and your party. Typically, this photographer will only take photos when given express permission.

Keep in mind that having other devices with cameras (e.g., your phone or tablet) is strictly regulated as well. Be ready to place stickers or tape over any camera lenses, just to give everyone in the park peace of mind that photos or videos aren’t being taken surreptitiously.

Always Have a Towel

A universal rule amongst nude camping grounds is that visitors have a towel with them at all times.

Towels aren’t required for covering up, necessarily, but are instead required to sit on. Without clothing, it’s necessary to have something to maintain hygiene of seating surfaces.

You can also use towels to cover up if the weather suddenly gets bad or use it as a sunshade if need be. Speaking of the sun, don’t forget to bring sunscreen – and a lot of it!

Maintain Eye Contact When Speaking to Someone

Most nude camping resorts do a great job of providing formal and informal activities for guests. You’ll likely find that other guests are interested in striking up a conversation with you, getting to know a little more about you, and enjoying your company lounging by the pool or playing an outdoor game.

When you’re speaking to another guest, keep your eyes on their eyes. Nothing makes camping nude more uncomfortable than someone whose eyes are wandering south of the border if you know what I mean.

In some cultures, though, eye contact is regarded as inconsiderate. If your cultural heritage follows this norm, look at the bridge of the person’s nose, their forehead, or simply look off into the distance as you speak. This will help maintain respectful boundaries for you both.

Why Do People Like Nude Camping?


Photo by blackCAT via iStock

For many folks that enjoy camping nude, it’s all about the freedom to be enjoyed without clothes.

If you visit one of these best nude camping grounds in the US, you might find that being without clothes not only frees you physically but also helps free you from social norms and hierarchies that some people find stifling.

Camping nude can also be a huge confidence booster for you. If you’re not comfortable with your body, being in front of total strangers without clothing on might quickly help you build confidence and overcome your fears. Once you’re comfortable camping nude, your confidence can extend to other areas of life.

Some folks camp in the nude simply for the sake of trying something new. It can be exhilarating to get out of your comfort zone, and it can be fun meeting new people that have the confidence to camp, hike, fish, and engage in other activities while nude.

If you want to plan a nude camping trip, just remember that it’s important that you ease into it at your own pace. For some people, there’s no period of adjustment needed – they can throw off their clothes and join other visitors at nude camping sites within minutes of arrival.

But for other people, it might require a few hours, days, or even several visits to nude camping facilities before they’re comfortable. If you fall into this category, just know that it’s completely okay and to move at your own pace.

Whichever of these best nude camping grounds in the US you choose, you’ll find communities of friendly, supportive people that will help you become part of the nude camping community.

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