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Why Mercedes Camper Vans are Ideal for Overlanding

Whether you are on the road with your friends through the wilderness or just exploring untouched nature all by yourself, a Mercedes camper van is one of the safest ways to go. TrueVan’s ‘Vision X’ uses the Mercedes camper vans as a base to allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep in a fully-equipped luxury camper that will take you just about anywhere.

This article will discuss why the Mercedes camper van is such a good choice for your camper setup and how you can get one yourself.

Why is the Mercedes Van Sprinter Camper so Popular?

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Well, besides its good looks, solid and dependable diesel engine and four-wheel drive, even the smaller one of the two sizes pack more than enough space to build an amazing camper setup. The smaller version of the Mercedes Sprinter has a 12-foot wheelbase, while its larger sibling has a 14-foot wheelbase. 

The Sprinter van is designed to haul cargo and can easily handle the extra weight of a camper van build. A standard sprinter can weigh over 5000lbs, with some even going up to 8000lbs. Just how much you can safely stack onto that depends on your model. 

There are three sprinter models on the market; the Mercedes Sprinter Passenger Van, the Sprinter Crew Van and the Sprinter Cargo van. As the name suggests, the Cargo’s maximum payload is higher than the other two. Depending on the build you have in mind, this may come in handy. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Sprinter comes standard with an emergency call system that will automatically contact emergency services upon impact. In addition, it is also equipped with automated emergency braking.

How Does This Translate to TrueVan’s VISION X?

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The TrueVan Vision X Mercedes camper van is well equipped with just about anything you would need on a long overlanding trip. So whether you want to sleep in on an almost queen-size bed (57” by 77”) or want to get some work done while listening to the sound of nature, you can do it all and simply fold it away when you need the space.

This even goes for the built-in bathroom with a shower and a ceramic black water toilet that expands 5 to 7 inches so you can have a decent shower on the road! This is definitely something that makes this Mercedes camper van build so unique and superior.

kitchen and table

The bathroom and kitchen come with a separate 24-gallon black and grey water tank and a 26-gallon freshwater tank, so you don’t have to worry about emptying it daily.

Between the solar panels and the largest onboard battery in the industry (13.2KWH), you can run a week on sustained utilization or turn on the AC for up to 12 hours. In addition, the full-size kitchen is equipped with a 4.2 CU fridge, a microwave, an induction stove and a sink. And after you are done cooking, you can turn around the swivel chairs in the front and take a seat at your very own dinner table that seats up to four people comfortably.

power system

Home automation touch screen control and mobile app integration for remote monitoring should make your life on the road as easy as it can be. And to top it all off, the TrueVan Vision X Mercedes Camper van comes with magnetic screen doors for easy opening and closing and a room divider for added privacy. 

How Much is a Mercedes Camper Van?


When it comes to buying a van, especially now that the prices for used cars have gone up so much, you might end up wondering whether it is worth the money right now.

The answer is yes; these vans are worth every penny as they are one of the most versatile and capable vehicles out there to use as a camper base. Their reputation for reliability is well earned, and they are packed with safety features to ensure you have the best driving experience.

Buying a new 2021 Mercedes Benz camper van will cost you about $36,000 for the 1500 Cargo three-door van with a 2.0L 4cyl Turbo 9A. Keep in mind that usually, only the diesel engines are the ones that come equipped with 4×4. So, if you want to build a Mercedes 4×4 camper van, you need to keep an eye on whether it comes with four-wheel drive or not. As soon as you start adding things like higher roofs and windows, it becomes increasingly more expensive as you go.

Where to Buy a Mercedes Camper Van?

Mercedes Camper Van

Of course, you can browse your local car dealership or turn towards the internet for a dependable used Mercedes camper van for sale. But if you are looking for a new Mercedes camper van, you can go to your nearest Mercedes Benz dealership or a car dealer specializing in full-size vans. 

Keep in mind that not every dealership will carry the Sprinter model, so search for one that does. Take this opportunity to ask as many questions as possible and test-drive the different models and options to see what suits you best. 

It never hurts to do some research on the Mercedes Benz official website to see the options available. Here you can get a good indication of what a higher roof or added windows, along with the other available options, will cost you. 

And once you have a general idea of what you need, you can truly start searching for the Mercedes camper van that suits you and see if that car exists in the lot. If you need help locating any Mercedes Benz dealerships near, you can simply go to their website’s dealers’ page. 

If you don’t want to scour the dealerships, you can also opt to preorder a brand-new TrueVan Vision X Mercedes camper van directly at TrueVan. As their website states, “don’t pay a penny more than we paid”, you can skip the long waitlists for a sprinter and still get a good deal directly through them. If you bring your own Mercedes camper van to TrueVan for conversion, the cost is $35,000. 

Does my Mercedes Van Camper Need to Stop at a Weigh Station?

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If you have to stop at one of these stations is dependent mainly on the weight rating of your vehicle. If you have a Mercedes van Sprinter camper, you usually will not have to stop, as the payload is less than 10,000 pounds.

However, if your Mercedes 4×4 camper van exceeds 10,000 pounds, you will need to be checked at the weigh stations. Just something to be aware of as you travel around in your Mercedes camper van!

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