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Sherpa Trailers Yeti Review

The great outdoors is calling, and the Sherpa Trailers Yeti is the answer for those looking for a compact and versatile teardrop trailer to take on their next adventure.

Whether you’re planning a road trip to a national park, a weekend getaway to the beach, or a week-long camping excursion in the mountains, a trailer like the Yeti is the perfect way to make the most of your time and experience. 

With its strong and durable construction, the Yeti is built to withstand any road and any weather. And with its range of features and customizable options, it can be tailored to suit any adventure seeker’s needs. 

This article takes a closer look at what makes the Sherpa Trailers Yeti stand out, from its standard features and available options to its construction and design. So, pack your bags and get ready to hit the road with the Yeti by Sherpa Trailers!

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What is Sherpa Trailers?

Sherpa Trailer 2022 Teardrop Trailer Lineup

Sherpa Trailers is a Montana-based company that has proven its mettle over the years. The company was founded to provide customers with strong and durable teardrop trailers that can withstand any road, from pavement to back roads and gravel. They specialize in building custom teardrop trailers for camping and adventure enthusiasts. 

The company’s name is inspired by the sherpa guides of the Himalayan mountains, who are known for their strength and determination in leading expeditions to the summit. In the same vein, Sherpa Trailers designs and builds teardrop trailers that can get you and your gear to your destination and shelter you from the elements once you arrive.

Sherpa Trailers offers a wide range of models, each with its own set of features and options. The company prides itself on its ability to design custom teardrop trailers tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. 

In addition to building trailers, Sherpa Trailers also offers a range of accessories and add-ons that make your camping adventures more comfortable and functional. These include roof racks, awnings, and solar panels, to name just a few.

What Features are Available in the Sherpa Trailers Yeti?

Sherpa Yeti Trailer With Tounge Box

The Sherpa Trailers Yeti is a teardrop trailer with a range of features that make it an excellent option for camping and adventure enthusiasts. One of the key features of the Yeti is its lightweight yet sturdy design. With a dry weight of about 1100 pounds and a tongue weight of 125 pounds, the Yeti can withstand any road while being easy to tow.

The Yeti model comes with two doors that provide cross ventilation, and with a 12-volt fan on one side and a vent on the opposite side, you to stay cool on hot summer days and enjoy the fresh air. There is a rear screened window to keep out insects and other unwanted pests, providing a comfortable living space.

Sherpa Urban Street Teardrop Trailer

The Yeti also comes with LED lighting inside and outside, providing a bright, energy-efficient lighting solution. The trailer’s interior has a 6-outlet power strip on the rear bulkhead, which allows you to plug in your electronic devices and appliances. There is also an external inlet to access shore power or a generator, providing you with multiple power options while on the road.

Yeti Sheripa Trailer Rear Door

The Yeti is equipped with a 2″ hitch receiver on the rear of the trailer, which can be used for a bike rack, cargo rack, or other attachments. The trailer tongue fits a 2″ ball, and there is a wheeled jack on the tongue for easy maneuverability. Dual stabilizer jacks on the rear provide added stability when parked. 

What Options are Available in a Sherpa Trailers Yeti?

Yeti Sherpa Teardrop Trailer Rear Door

The Sherpa Trailers Yeti is not just a sturdy and reliable teardrop trailer, but it also offers a range of options that allow you to customize it to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a way to increase storage space or add an awning for shade, Sherpa Trailers has you covered. 

Here are some important options available for the Yeti model:

Two-Bar Roof Rack 

This steel roof rack is mounted through the side and is welded for added strength. It is 30 inches long and comes mounted in the center, which provides ample space for a rooftop tent or other gear. The rack is also powder-coated for protection against the elements. If you need more space, you can also add a third bar for an additional charge.

8’x8′ Awning 

This ARB brand awning provides an 8′ x 8′ shaded area where you can escape the sun, rain, and snow while still enjoying the outdoors. It requires a two-bar roof rack for mounting.

Deluxe Awning Room with Floor

Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Deluxe Add On Room

This option adds another room to your Sherpa Trailer, providing extra space and cozy shelter. The room is screened with adjustable rip-stop nylon privacy curtains and has a floor. It requires a two-bar roof rack and an 8’x8′ ARB Awning.

Ecoflow Solar Generator with Rockpals Solar Panel

This power package is small, light, and powerful enough to keep the electricity flowing. The package includes the Ecoflow River Solar Generator and a separate 100-watt solar panel that can be placed on the roof to generate power while on the road. This option is great for those who want to be self-sufficient and not rely on external power sources.

How is the Sherpa Trailers Yeti Built?

Sherpa Trailer Propane Tanks With Table

One of the key factors that set the Sherpa Trailers Yeti apart from other teardrop trailers on the market is its high-quality construction. The company uses only the best materials and the latest construction techniques to ensure that each trailer is built to last. 

The walls and floor of the Yeti are made from 3/4” exterior grade plywood, which provides a sturdy and durable foundation for the trailer. The walls and floor are carpeted on the inside, which provides insulation and a soft surface for the interior. The exterior of the walls is covered in 24-gauge sheet metal flashing, which provides protection against the elements. Customers also have a choice of 23 colors for the sides of the trailer.

Yeti Sherpa Trailer Interior Storage

The ceiling of the Yeti is made from mahogany plywood and features 2×4 ribs about every 12 inches. The ribs are pocketed into the sides of the trailer for added sturdiness. The mahogany plywood is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, which helps keep the trailer’s interior dry and comfortable.

The doors and windows of the Yeti are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand off-road conditions. The doors are made from solid wood and feature a weather-stripped seal for added protection against the elements. The windows are made from tempered glass and are designed to provide a clear view while also being energy-efficient.

Sherpa Trailer 2022 Lineup

Sherpa trailers take the time and effort to ensure that the Yeti is painted and finished to a high standard. The paint is applied in a controlled environment to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

In other words, the Sherpa Trailers Yeti is a beautiful, well-built rig that you can customize to your specific needs. With a long list of standard and optional features, a great price, and excellent customer service to back it up, the Yeti should be on your short list of trailers for your camping adventures!

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