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How to Plan a Camping Trip With an Adventure Trailer

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

This article was last updated on May 2, 2024.

An adventure trailer makes our camping outings far easier and more comfortable. We have a place to sleep, a place to cook dinner, and a place to escape the elements when the weather turns south.

And, of course, all this comes in a compact, yet capable package that we can tow on the highway, rough two-tracks, and just about everywhere in between.

However, we need to make some considerations when it comes time to plan a camping trip due to the fact that we have a trailer in tow. Planning our route, for example, scouting the best camping locations, and taking the time to get our trailer ready are just a few things we need to do to plan the best trip possible.

Of course, having the right adventure trailer helps, too.

In this guide, I’ll give you an overview of a great expedition trailer from Beaver Built while also providing you with some great tips that will make your camper trailer adventures easier and more enjoyable.

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Let Beaver Built Outfit You With an Adventure Trailer

beaver built 3

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

When you think of an adventure trailer, you probably think of something that’s rugged and utilitarian and built like a tank. 

You’d be right!

The folks at Beaver Built specialize in adventure trailers for folks that want to get way off-grid, yet have some creature comforts that make camping in the wild a more enjoyable endeavor.

The Beaver Built Wapos trailer offers a superb base from which you can add any number of features to create a custom trailer to fit your needs.

Beaver Built Owner Spotlight

The Wapos trailer is 144 inches long and 79.75 inches wide with a dry weight of 1,050 (GVWR 3,527). Yes, this is an ultra-light, compact trailer and can be towed by smaller SUVs like Subarus or a two-door Wrangler!

As received from Beaver Built, the Wapos trailer has a 37-degree departure angle that can be increased by adding larger tires. Its structure consists of an aluminum body, a galvanized steel frame, and a Cruisemaster CRS2 1.6-ton dual-shock suspension. In other words, this sucker is ready for even the toughest adventures!

beaver built 1

 Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Despite its compact size, the trailer offers more than 43 cubic feet of storage space with the ability to carry even more gear on the roof rack.

The rear storage compartment is made of aluminum and has a large rear door that features a food-grade stainless steel countertop. This makes a perfect area for food storage and preparation.

beaver built 7

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Of course, this being a build-your-own adventure trailer, it enables you to add accessories. As the years progress, you can upgrade to larger tires, a larger roof rack, or storage boxes (adding side boxes turns the Wapos into a Mahkesis trailer).

You can add a kitchen management system, a drawer system, or armor protection, too. These and many other bolt-on options are available to help your adventure trailer grow with you as your needs change.

beaver built 9

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

So, not only has Beaver Built designed a tough trailer that can handle difficult terrain, but they’ve also developed something that you can truly customize to your needs. This is a fantastic feature as you plan a camping trip – you can literally customize your trailer to your needs now and again in the future. What a concept! 

How to Plan a Camping Trip With an Adventure Trailer: Plan Your Route

beaver built 2

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

To plan a camping trip, you need to plan your routes accordingly. Granted, this is a small trailer that has good off-road abilities; therefore, it can be towed through difficult terrain. However, there are still limitations if you want to avoid damage. 

The best thing to do is research the condition and difficulty of the trails you intend to take. It may even be worth asking locals about current trail conditions. Bad weather can significantly change the difficulty of a trail as new ruts are formed and existing ones get even deeper.

You will also need to consider your own off-road capabilities. Your vehicle and trailer may be able to tackle certain trails, but you may not feel confident enough to do so yet. 

Remember that we’re out in nature to have fun; therefore, you may be better off tackling something a bit easier and slowly progressing to the tougher trails. You can have the most capable adventure trailer in the world, but if you lack the confidence to tow it in dicey situations, your adventure won’t be that fun!

How to Plan a Camping Trip With an Adventure Trailer: Find Great Camping Spots Beforehand

beaver built 4

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Yes, we agree that some of the best camping spots are the ones you stumble across while driving down the trail. However, it pays to have a few possible locations in mind before beginning your adventure. 

There are a few ways to do this, and the first one is by searching on the internet. Organized camp spots will have reviews and photos of the site, making it easy to decide whether it’s worth spending the night there or not. You can also get on Facebook groups or website forums and ask for recommendations based on the specific areas you will be traveling through. 

If you want to take the route less traveled, a great way to do so is to get on Google Maps (satellite view) or an application like GAIA GPS and pinpoint areas that look like great camping spots. Sometimes this pays off with an epic campsite, while others it may be a bit underwhelming. Uncertainty is part of the adventure though!

How to Plan a Camping Trip With an Adventure Trailer: Get Your Trailer Ready

beaver built 10

 Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Before we set off on any adventure, we need to make sure that our gear is in top condition. Go over your trailer and check parts like wheel bearings, suspension components, and tires. You can also check your door locks and the trailer in general for signs of abnormal wear. 

Once you do so, it is time to pack everything up. To ensure you can find gear easily, assign designated spots for certain items. To save space, use items like multitools and foldable cookware that give you multiple functionalities without taking up added space. 

Always try to avoid overpacking as it weighs down your vehicle and trailer, which leads to more stress on components and, therefore, premature wear. It also makes it more difficult to find stuff as everything is packed to the brim!

Having a trailer like the Wapos or Mahkesis from Beaver Built certainly helps to keep things organized. With loads of storage options, you can designate spaces for particular gear so you can find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

beaver built 6

 Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

To plan a camping trip successfully, you need to take into consideration aspects like driver skills, vehicle capabilities, and whether you are towing a trailer or not.

Once you do so, you will be able to undertake a trip that is within the capabilities of all your equipment. Sure, there’s fun to be had by pushing those limits, but if you do it on every single trip, you will need to replace your gear far sooner than you would like!

So, take the time to plan, invest in quality gear, and find an adventure trailer that offers rugged durability like those from Beaver Built. With a solid foundation like the Wapos or Mahkesis, your camping trips will be set up for success from the get-go.

If you have any further questions about how to plan a camping trip or any other overland or off-road-related topics, head over to the forum section of our page. 

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