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Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024

Let’s face it…

There are a lot of overlanding accessories available to make your trips more functional, comfortable, and fun. No list could possibly enumerate all the possibilities!

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t present you with a list of some of my favorite goodies and gadgets for overlanding. So, below, I’ve outlined ten of the best overlanding accessories of 2024. Some of these accessories have been around for a while; others are new to me. In either case, the items I’ve listed below have proven their worth for outdoor adventures.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Table of Contents

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Ride Dog

ride dog 1

When I moved to California in 1997, I had a Kawasaki ZX7 motorcycle that I absolutely loved. What could be better than cruising on your bike in sunny Southern California?!

Unfortunately, that bike was stolen and never found. I’ve always wondered what happened to it – and wondered what I’d do to the person who stole it!

Today, I make dang sure my stuff doesn’t get stolen. For example, I have a GPS tracker for my Turtleback Expedition Trailer just in case someone decides to hook up to it and drive off. The issue with my tracker, though, is that it’s expensive ($24.99 per month). Not only that, but there are very limited stats available and the battery doesn’t last all that long. 

I’ve found a new solution, though, that delivers a much better product and experience: Ride Dog.

ride dog 2

The first thing you should know is that this family and veteran-owned company was built from the ground up. There are no ties to China or other questionable entities that are interested in mining your data. Ride Dog doesn’t share your information, sell your data, or otherwise compromise your privacy – as it should be!

On top of that, Ride Dog offers the best coverage in the industry. How, you ask? It’s simple! Ride Dog partners with the top three network providers (Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T) so it’s easy to keep tabs on your ATV, UTV, SUV, truck, and other toys no matter the time of day and in virtually any location.

ride dog 3

Using Ride Dog is simple, too – it takes just a few moments to install and pair with the Ride Dog smartphone app. Once that’s done, you get instant security alerts about your rig, including motion alerts, battery disconnection warnings, and alerts about other types of tampering.

You can also set a 200-foot geofence around your machine with a single touch. There’s no need to draw maps or change settings. The app does it for you! You can take advantage of Ride Dog’s one-touch lock feature as well. But, in the event someone takes off with your vehicle, you’ll get real-time updates regarding its location.

Other features to note include the following:

    • Loss of signal alert, which lets you know if you’re in an area where your vehicle can’t be secured
    • Missed check-in alert, which lets you know if your device isn’t communicating as it should
    • Low battery alert, which informs you of your vehicle battery’s voltage level
    • Two-year warranty, which gives you the peace of mind that Ride Dog will take care of you if any issues arise

ride dog 4

All this is available for $249.00, which gets you Ride Dog and a year’s worth of protection. After that, your account moves to a month-to-month renewal starting at $7.00 per month. There are no contracts, and you can cancel your service at any time.

At the end of the day, your overlanding rig isn’t just your ticket to freedom – it’s an expensive investment that needs to be protected. Ride Dog can do just that, ensuring that your favorite ride remains safely in your hands!

Learn more about Ride Dog

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: SandyCats TrailWash V2

sandycats trailwash 4

When I go camping, I always manage to get dirty, even if I’m just lounging in my camp chair with a good book. The combination of dirt, bug spray, sunscreen, and campfire smoke can leave me feeling pretty grimy by the end of the day. That’s why I rely on the SandyCats TrailWash V2, one of the best overlanding accessories of 2024, to freshen up!

What’s so nice about the SandyCats TrailWash V2 is that it’s compact, yet powerful. A great combination for a camp shower!

sandycats trailwash 2

This unit has everything you need to wash away the day’s dirt and grime. The Wild Shower kit, for example, includes a high-pressure, low-flow shower head with a switch, a suction shower head holder, a six-foot hose with food-grade tubing, and quick-connect connectors. It also features a German-made water pump and an 18650 battery pack, all neatly packed in a convenient carry bag.

sandycats trailwash 1

If you prefer more versatility, the Fisherman’s Rinse option swaps the low-flow shower head and six-foot hose for a multifunctional spray nozzle and a ten-foot coiled hose. There are other fantastic options, too:

  • The Oasis Combo: Comes with a Parker elbow faucet, a high-pressure low-flow shower head with a switch, a suction shower head holder, a six-foot tubing, and all necessary connectors, pump, battery pack, and carry case.
  • The Wilderness Wave: Includes a Parker elbow faucet, a multi-purpose nozzle, a ten-foot coiled hose, and the same comprehensive set of accessories.
  • The Ultimate Camp Kit: Combines all the accessories – Parker elbow faucet, ten-foot coiled hose, multi-purpose nozzle, high-pressure low-flow shower head with switch, suction shower head holder, six-foot shower hose kit, water pump, battery pack, quick connectors, food-grade tubing, scepter lid, and carry bag. It’s the ultimate solution for any outdoor washing need.

sandycats trailwash 3

SandyCats offers a wide range of camp shower setups to suit any requirement. But the TrailWash V2 isn’t just for showering. The Parker elbow faucet can help with cooking or cleaning tasks, and the multi-purpose nozzle is perfect for safely extinguishing your campfire. Whether you need to clean up yourself, your kids, or your dog, the TrailWash V2, powered by a rechargeable battery, provides the consistent water flow you need.

Compact, high-powered, low-flow, and easy to use, the SandyCats TrailWash V2 is the perfect solution for staying clean while camping. It’s an indispensable accessory for any outdoor adventure!

Learn more about the SandyCats TrailWash V2

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Campfire Mat

campfire mat 3

Living in Southern California as I do, the threat of wildfires is a constant concern, especially due to severe droughts in recent years. This isn’t just a California problem, though – many states are dry as a bone, which makes fire safety paramount.

While conditions have improved slightly, the risk remains high, largely because of careless campfire practices. I take fire safety seriously to avoid endangering people, property, or wildlife. This means building a proper fire pit, clearing away debris, and keeping a safe distance from combustible materials. An essential part of my fire safety routine is also using the Campfire Mat.

campfire mat 2

The Campfire Mat is a fire-retardant mat designed to be placed around the fire pit to protect the area from hot embers and ashes that could potentially spark a fire. Measuring 14.5 feet in diameter, the mat provides ample protection around the campfire, while the 43-inch center opening accommodates fire pits of various sizes, from small to large. You can also get the Campfire Mini Mat (pictured below), which measures 43 inches in diameter – a perfect size for your grill or stove!

summit stove with tire table and campfire mat 1

One of the standout features of the Campfire Mat is its versatility. It minimizes dust around the campfire and, if it rains, helps keep your shoes from getting muddy. It also provides a cozy spot for your family dog to relax by the fire while you enjoy storytelling and roasting marshmallows.

What makes the Campfire Mat truly exceptional is its ease of use. It’s simple to clean and easy to deploy—just unfold it and stake it down using the integrated grommets and included stakes. When you’re done, it stores compactly in the included storage bag.

campfire mat

Camping should be about enjoying the great outdoors without the worry of fire hazards…

The Campfire Mat offers peace of mind by adding an extra layer of protection against wildfires, along with several additional benefits. It’s a must-have overlanding accessory for 2024, ensuring your camping experience is both safe and enjoyable!

Learn more about the Campfire Mat

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Summit Stove

summit stove with tire table and campfire mat 3

When you’re overlanding, you’re bound to encounter rough terrain that can be tough on your gear. Plus, with all the equipment you need to bring, space is always at a premium. This makes packing a big grill for cooking impractical. That’s where the Summit Stove comes in—rugged, compact, and perfect for any outdoor adventure!

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, the Summit Stove is built to withstand the toughest conditions, whether you’re boondocking in the desert, navigating Jeep trails in the mountains of Wyoming, or somewhere in between. This stove is designed to endure whatever the trail and weather throw at it.

summit stove 3

Despite its robust build, the Summit Stove boasts a compact form factor. When folded down, it fits into a 4 x 4 x 16-inch box, with all the necessary hardware neatly stored inside, making it the ultimate compact camp stove.

Setup is a breeze, too. In just about a minute, you can have the stove unfolded and ready to cook. It burns wood or charcoal, so there’s no need to haul propane bottles. And let’s face it, food cooked over wood or charcoal simply tastes better.

summit stove 2

Cleanup is also quick and easy, thanks to the stainless steel construction. After a satisfying meal, you can spend minimal time cleaning up and more time enjoying your camping experience.

Outdoor adventures are all about exploring beautiful places, enjoying fresh air, and spending quality time with family and friends. With the Summit Stove, you can enhance these moments by whipping up delicious meals with a compact, rugged camp stove.

As someone who loves to cook, the idea of preparing wood or charcoal-fired meals at camp is incredibly appealing. If you feel the same, the Summit Stove is definitely worth considering. It’s an excellent way to elevate your overlanding cooking capabilities in 2024!

Learn more about the Summit Stove

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Garmin inReach Mini 2

51yVqDGXt4L. AC SL1000


The Garmin inReach Mini 2 is a standout overlanding accessory for 2024, offering essential features for safety and navigation in a compact, lightweight package.

This satellite communicator enables two-way messaging and interactive SOS capabilities globally, ensuring you can stay connected and safe no matter where your adventures take you (an active satellite subscription is required, and some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communication devices, FYI).

One of the key features of the inReach Mini 2 is its TracBack routing, which allows you to navigate back to your starting point with ease. This is particularly useful when you’re exploring unfamiliar areas and need reliable guidance to return safely.

Additionally, you can share your location with loved ones back home at any time through your MapShare page or by embedding your coordinates in messages (with an active satellite subscription). This feature provides peace of mind for both you and those waiting for you at home.

The inReach Mini 2 is also equipped with a digital compass that provides accurate heading information even when you’re not moving. This ensures you can always find your direction, whether you’re on the move or taking a break.

For trip planning and topographical mapping, you can sync the inReach Mini 2 with the Garmin Explore app and website on your compatible smartphone. This allows you to create waypoints, courses, activities, and collections that you can sync to your device, making it easier to plan and execute your adventures.

The device also pairs with other Garmin devices, such as wearables and handhelds, enabling you to send and receive messages and trigger an SOS from these devices (again, with an active satellite subscription). This integration enhances the functionality of your Garmin ecosystem, providing seamless communication and safety features.

With a battery life of up to 14 days in 10-minute tracking mode, the inReach Mini 2 ensures long-lasting performance during extended trips. It’s also water-resistant and features Bluetooth connectivity, adding to its versatility and durability.

In other words, the Garmin inReach Mini 2 is an indispensable tool for any overlanding enthusiast. Its combination of two-way messaging, global SOS capabilities, accurate navigation, and integration with other Garmin devices makes it one of the best overlanding accessories of 2024!

Learn more about the Garmin inReach Mini 2

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Ratchet Wrangler

ratchet wrangler

If you’re like me, your collection of ratchet straps becomes an impossible rat-nest of a mess despite your best efforts. I take the time to carefully wrap each strap around itself and then wrap a Velcro strap or bungee cord around it to keep it from unraveling into a tangled mess.

Yet, despite my best efforts, I spend an awful lot of time untangling those dang straps. The same goes for tent guy lines and solar power cables. Sometimes, though, the simplest solution is the answer to all your problems…

The Ratchet Wrangler is one such simple solution. As the name indicates, this ingenious gadget keeps your ratchet straps neat and tidy. As shown in the video above, put one strap in each Ratchet Wrangler pouch, and say goodbye to all your problems! After all, it’s hard for a strap or cord to become a tangled mess if it’s stowed away in its own little pouch.

You can use the Ratchet Wrangler for virtually any common size of strap, too. The pouch is made of a super-stretch material, so it can easily accommodate straps and cords big and small. Add two, three, or more of these bad boys to your overlanding kit, and you can enjoy improved organization and less stress and frustration!

Learn more about the Ratchet Wrangler

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Goal Zero Skylight

goal zero skylight fully extended


I don’t know about you, but despite my best intentions, I don’t always get to my campsite before dark. When that happens, I call on my Goal Zero Skylight to help me see what I’m doing as I get camp set up.

This bad boy puts out a whopping 6,000 lumens, so you get plenty of light, even if you’re camping with other folks and you’re spread out far and wide. See what I mean in my review video below:

What sets the Skylight apart for overlanding, off-roading, and outdoor adventures is its exceptional customizability. It features four different brightness settings, a versatile stand adjustable from four to twelve feet high, and six adjustable light petals that offer a 180-degree range. This allows you to precisely illuminate any area you choose, making it a game-changer for your outdoor experiences.

The Skylight’s 3250K color temperature is perfect for outdoor adventures, too, providing pleasing lighting that is neither too warm nor too bright, ensuring a visually comfortable environment wherever you go. Setting up the Skylight is effortless—just remove the lid from the carrying case, adjust the light petals, set up the tripod legs, and raise the light to your preferred height. It’s camp illumination made easy!

goal zero skylight 2

Weighing in at just 14 pounds (or 17.9 pounds in the carrying case), the Skylight is easy to transport from one spot to another. Its collapsible design ensures it won’t take up too much space in your vehicle or trailer, making it a practical choice for those on the move.

Adding to its appeal, the Skylight features an integrated rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of runtime on the lowest setting. Connect it to a Goal Zero Yeti 1000X power station, and you can extend that to an impressive 250 hours. With a larger Goal Zero power station, like the 1500X, you’ll enjoy even longer periods of illumination.

With all these features, the Goal Zero Skylight is a no-brainer for any best-of-2024 list. Whether it’s for your campsite, backyard, or any point in between, this versatile light is sure to brighten up your outdoor experience!

Learn more about the Goal Zero Skylight

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Tailgater Tire Table

tire table 2


The Tailgater Tire Table is one of the top overlanding accessories of 2024, and it’s worth every penny. This gadget is a personal favorite because it’s compact, easy to set up, and provides a stable, level surface for preparing ingredients, even on uneven terrain.

By hooking over the tire of your vehicle or trailer, the Tire Table creates an ultra-solid base for all your cooking needs. With its deployable leg for added support, you can load this table with everything you need to cook a meal without worrying about it sagging or giving way.

tire table 15

There are several versions of the Tire Table available, including regular and large sizes, as well as models made from aluminum or steel. No matter which model you choose, you’ll get a reliable table. Whether you’re preparing a campsite dinner, making your morning coffee, or doing something in between, the Tire Table is a dependable accessory that will serve you well for years to come.

tire table 30

If you invest in the large Tire Table, it can accommodate tires ranging from 30 inches to 50 inches tall. The sliding mechanism fits tires up to 20 inches wide, making it compatible with even the biggest overlanding tires. The large model, which I personally use, can hold up to 75 pounds. Despite its capacity, it remains compact, easy to transport, and weighs only 16 pounds.

With its blend of durability, convenience, and versatility, the Tailgater Tire Table is a must-have for any overlanding enthusiast in 2024. As I discuss in my Tailgater Tire Table review, it’s become one of my most-used accessories, and I’m sure it will be for you, too. In fact, it’s the first thing I set up at camp and the last thing I pack away!

Learn more about the Tailgater Tire Table

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Jetboil Zip

7163RfLx43L. AC SL1500


The Jetboil Zip stands out as one of the best overlanding accessories of 2024, especially if you’re seeking a highly portable cooking stove. Renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and affordability, the Zip is a trusted classic within the overlanding community.

Simple yet high-performing, the Zip personal cooking system is an indispensable companion for backpackers and overlanders alike. Powered by innovative FluxRing technology, it boasts impressive speed and efficiency, and is capable of boiling water in just over two minutes. What’s more, it consumes only half the fuel compared to traditional systems, ensuring longer-lasting fuel reserves for extended overlanding trips. Personally, I use this little guy to heat up my Peak Refuel camp meals and boil water for coffee. It’s the perfect size and gets right to work!

81l7kFtJ9wL. AC SL1500

The 0.8-liter FluxRing cooking cup, complete with an insulating cozy, not only facilitates rapid boiling but also excels in heat retention, keeping your beverages and meals warm for extended periods. This thoughtful design feature enhances the overall camping experience, allowing you to savor hot meals and drinks even in remote wilderness settings.

Versatility is another hallmark of the Jetboil Zip, which seamlessly integrates with a range of compatible accessories. Whether you’re craving a morning coffee or need a convenient suspension system, the Zip adapts to meet various culinary needs on your outdoor adventure. With Jetboil’s range of accessories, you can simmer soups, sauté vegetables, or fry up breakfast with ease, too.

81MAHNmEv0L. AC SL1500

The Zip’s practical design extends to its space-saving features. For example, the bottom cover doubles as both a measuring cup and a bowl. This multifunctional aspect optimizes pack space, allowing you to prioritize essentials without sacrificing cooking convenience.

Included with the Jetboil Zip are essential extras such as a fuel canister stabilizer and a drink-through lid with a pour spout and strainer, enhancing ease of use and convenience. Lightweight and compact, the Zip is effortless to pack and carry, making it an ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. With its blend of simplicity, efficiency, and versatility, the Jetboil Zip more than earns its place as one of the top overlanding accessories of 2024!

Learn more about the Jetboil Zip

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Hest Foamy Wide Camping Mattress

hest foamy rolled out


With my Hest Foamy Wide sleeping pad under me, my comfort level on overlanding trips ticked up a few notches. Actually, a lot of notches. Designed for those who prioritize comfort and support, this sleeping pad truly delivers!

The Foamy Wide boasts impressive dimensions, measuring 78″ long, 30″ wide, and 8.8″ thick. Despite its generous size, it weighs a manageable 13 pounds, striking the perfect balance between portability and luxury. This pad provides ample room for a good night’s rest, no matter where your adventures take you.

hest foamy on cot

The standout feature of the Foamy Wide is its two layers of high-performance memory foam. These layers are meticulously engineered for optimal body alignment, pressure point relief, and temperature regulation.

The plush, contouring top layer ensures comfort and temperature regulation, boasting an impressive R-value of 8.8. The supportive bottom layer provides essential pressure point relief, catering to stomach, back, and side sleepers alike.

hest foamy thickness

The Foamy Wide includes an integrated compression strap for easy transport and storage. Its durable, temperature-resilient memory foam is complemented by a waterproof lower fabric. This fabric ensures a dry and comfortable night’s sleep, even in damp conditions. The grab-and-go design, facilitated by easy roll-up and an integrated handle, eliminates setup hassles, making it an ideal companion for road trips in trucks, trailers, or RVs.

hest foamy rolled up

The thoughtful design of the Foamy Wide extends to details like a pocket at the top for essentials such as your phone. There’s also a compression harness that doubles as a convenient mat for changing. Additionally, Hest has incorporated connector clips on the sides, allowing you to expand the sleeping space by combining two mattresses.

The Hest Foamy Wide stands out as a game-changer in outdoor comfort for 2024. It offers a perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and durability for a superior camping experience. Sounds like a great combination of features to me!

Learn more about the Hest Foamy Wide Camping Mattress

Best Overlanding Accessories of 2024: Exped Megamat Duo 10 Sleeping Pad

Exped Megamat Duo Long and Wide


If you need a little more room to crash at night, the Exped Megamat Duo 10 is a fantastic option. After a tiring day-long hike or basecamp trek, a good night’s sleep is essential. The Megamat Duo delivers exceptional comfort and support.

The Megamat Duo is made of high-quality polyurethane that’s insulated for all-weather comfort. It provides a king-size sleeping solution for you and your partner. Its 4-inch padding offers superior comfort, allowing you both to snuggle up and get cozy regardless of the conditions.

Setting up the Megamat Duo is a breeze, thanks to the small pump included in the pack. After a long day of adventure, you won’t have to waste your breath inflating your sleeping pad. Plus, the material is free of harmful chemicals. So, you get ideal insulation in the summer and a warm reception in the winter.

Exped Megamat Duo Long and Wide 2

Despite its generous size, the Megamat Duo is lightweight and comes with a carrying bag. The bag has a strap, making it super easy to pack and carry along on your overlanding trips. This practical design ensures you can enjoy a comfortable snooze no matter where your adventures take you.

Forget about your sleeping worries on trips and invest in the Exped Megamat Duo for a comfy, restful night’s sleep. It’s one of the most useful items you can have, providing a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and all-weather durability. For these reasons, it’s on my list of the best overlanding accessories of 2024!

Learn more about the Exped Megamat Duo

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