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How Much is a Propane Gas Generator? (and Other Important Questions)

This article was last updated on May 28, 2024.

If you’re an avid camper or an Overlanding enthusiast, you’d know the importance of reliable power sources and the dire need for better alternatives. Historically, the go-to options to power camping rigs were huge diesel or gas generators that are heavy as a boulder and take up too much space in your truck’s bed. Not to mention the noise they create and pollution caused by them.

Although solar technology has helped, sometimes you need more power than solar can provide. There is another great alternative: propane-powered generators, which are quite versatile and ideal for camping.

The ALP 1000-watt Propane generator is one such great product that solves all your Overlanding issues related to a power source and is super friendly to carry and use. Let’s learn what makes the ALP propane gas generator so good and why you must consider it if you’re a hardcore camper.

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How Much is a Propane Gas Generator?


Being a newer technology and a compact product, propane gas generators cost relatively less than diesel generators and almost the same as gas generators. The price range for a propane generator is between $450-750 on average, which is less than diesel-powered generators that can cost up to $1,200.

If you’re looking for a propane generator and wondering about its price, you can get the ALP propane generator for $549 delivered to your doorstep.

How Long Does a Propane Gas Generator Run?


If you’re concerned about the running time of the propane generator, we have good news for you. It’s important to consider that the running capacity of a propane generator depends on the gas tank it is linked to and the power that is being drawn at that time. For instance, the ALP 1000-watt propane gas generator can be used with either a 1lb or a 20lb propane gas tank.

When it is running on 25% power using the 20lb tank, the ALP generator can run nonstop for up to 60 hours. Whereas it can run for nearly 3 hours when connected to a 1lb propane gas tank. It is crucial to realize that one should carry a 20lb tank when going camping, as a long run time is required for days, and a 1lb tank should only be used for short trips and saving space.

How Loud is a Propane Generator?


Worried about the propane gas generator making too much noise and creating a ruckus at your camping site? You’re in for a surprise. One reason behind propane gas generators becoming so popular is their ability to work quietly.

The ALP generator is a whisper-quiet powerhouse that produces reliable power without making too much noise. With a rating of under 52 dBA, the sound will fade into the background as you read a novel or have a nice conversation with your buddies around camp.

How Much Power Does a Propane Gas Generator Create?

alp propane generator

The ALP propane gas generator features a 53 cc OHV 4-stroke air-cooled engine with a compression ratio of 7.6:1. This capable machine produces a maximum power of 1000 watts, but you can run two of them in parallel to double the power..

The amperage of the ALP generator is rated at 7.1 amps. On average, propane generators produce 850-1,200 watts and can power most refrigerators, sound systems, fan heaters, and other appliances.

Is a Propane Generator Easily Portable?


Propane gas generators are quite compact and weigh considerably less, in contrast to diesel or gas generators that often weigh too much for easy transport.

The ALP 1000-watt propane gas generator weighs just 30 lbs and is18 inches x 10 inches x 14 inches. It also comes with a large handle to pick up and carry it without any problem, and it adjusts easily in any narrow space or truck bed hassle-free.

What Power Options Does a Propane Gas Generator Have?

Green ALP Generator

The ALP propane gas generator produces 1000 watts of power thanks to its capable engine and smart design. It comes with different power options and outlets, including normal ports and USBs as well.

As standard, it has two separate 120V power outlets for different appliances, such as a refrigerator or TV. Additionally, it has a set of parallel ports that offer double the output and can power heavier appliances when used with another generator.

To charge your smartphones and tablets and run other gadgets, you’ve got two USB 2.0A ports. With the ALP propane generator, you’ll never be short of options when trying to run appliances or gadgets.

What Other Features Should I Look for in a Propane Generator?


A propane gas generator is a smart piece of equipment, not just a motor running to generate electricity and power the light bulbs. The ALP generator is one such example, and it comes with many features that make life simpler for you around camp.

It includes a built-in LED that acts as an emergency light when the power is out, the chance of which is minimal with ALP at your service.

It is also CARB and EPA-approved, meaning there’s less worry about harmful gases or toxins. The motor uses the latest sine-wave technology that reduces friction and enhances efficiency, increasing the lifespan of the generator. There is also a low-oil auto-stop function that turns off the engine if the engine oil level is too low.

With so many additional features, compact design, and quiet operation, you cannot get a better propane gas generator than the ALP 1000-watt propane generator!

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