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ALP Propane Generator One-Year Review

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since I got my first ALP 1000-watt propane generator.

Yet, here we are, 12 months later, and it’s been a great ride with this powerful little rig.

I’ve found the ALP propane generator to be one of the best items I have in my overlanding kit. In today’s article, I’d like to explain precisely why it’s such a valuable component of my overlanding setup.

Let’s get started!

The ALP Propane Generator is Perfectly Sized


When you’re heading out for an overlanding trip, the last thing you want is a giant generator that’s bulky and heavy taking up tons of space in the back of your truck or in the underbelly storage of your trailer.

That’s what makes this generator so valuable.

At 18-1/4”L x 10-1/4”W x 14”H and 30 pounds, it’s something that I can easily pack, unpack, and move around. I can put it in the backseat of my truck, in the truck bed, or in the storage bay of my Turtleback Expedition Trailer, depending on what other gear I have and how I need to pack it all.

Having that kind of flexibility in terms of where I store this generator is a big bonus!

This Generator is Just the Right Power Output, Too


My ALP propane generator isn’t just the right size from a physical standpoint – it’s also got just the right amount of power.

At 1000 watts, it’s actually far more power than I need. Obviously, if I had a big RV or fifth wheel I would need more juice. But since I use this generator primarily to charge my trailer batteries (two Briter Products Lithium-Ion batteries), run the trailer lights, power the trailer outlets, and run an electric heater or electric blanket in the colder months, I’ve got all the power I need.

My trailer does have a solar panel charging system installed, which is what I typically use to top off the trailer batteries. But on those days when it’s overcast, having the ALP 1000-watt propane generator for charging the batteries offers great peace of mind.

The ALP Propane Generator is the Strong, Silent Type

alp propane generator

How often have you been camping and you’re snuggling into your sleeping bag, only for the whir of a gas generator coming on to disturb you?

It’s happened to me a lot…

I’m not faulting someone for using a generator where generators are allowed. Heck, I’ve used a gas generator at nighttime on more than one occasion. However, I always felt bad that I might be disturbing other campers with the constant noise.

That’s why I like this ALP propane generator so much. Is it totally silent? No. But it is whisper quiet – it operates at under 52 dBa. It’s so quiet, in fact, that you can stand next to it and have a conversation with someone without yelling! Even when it’s under heavy power draw, this generator is surprisingly quiet.

I Get Incredible Runtime With This Generator


Years ago when I had a gas-powered generator, I could maybe make it 6-7 hours before it ran out of gas. There’s not much worse than having to venture out in the dark in the early morning hours to gas up your generator…

That isn’t an issue with the ALP propane generator, though.

For quick tasks, like recharging my laptop and other electronics, I hook up a one-pound propane tank and can get about three hours of runtime. For bigger tasks, like running an electric heater in my tent overnight, I use a 20-pound propane tank and can get about 60 hours of runtime.

That means that even when I’m camping in the colder months, I can run a heater all night and have plenty of juice for a long weekend adventure. In the warmer months, I can go on multiple trips without having to refill the 20-pound tank. Not only is this much more convenient than constantly having to fill up gas cans, but it’s also much cleaner. There’s no worry about gas spilling or gross gas smells around camp.

The ALP Propane Generator Offers Great Flexibility


In addition to giving you the option of running the generator on different-sized propane tanks, the ALP propane generator also gives you multiple power output options.

It has dual 120V AC outlets, two USB ports, and a 12V DC output.

You can also run two of these generators in parallel if you need twice the power output.

In other words, these generators offer you all sorts of flexibility to meet your needs for power when you’re camping or overlanding.

What About Operability and Build Quality?


When you invest in a generator, you want something that’s easy to operate and well built. The ALP 1000-watt propane generator definitely ticks both of those boxes.

There’s a simple five-step starting procedure to get it running, and it gets going every single time. I’ve had generators in the past that require far more steps to get things rolling, and even then, it was still hit or miss whether the generator actually fired up.

But with the ALP propane generator, I don’t have to worry about spotty performance. Over the last year, this bad boy has fired up each and every time and given me reliable power when I needed it.

I also really appreciate the build quality of this generator.

The exterior is made of hard plastic that can take a few lumps (not that I throw it around or anything). It’s been exposed to a wide temperature range, dusty environments, snow, and all sorts of other elements and has worked like a champ in every situation.

I also like that it has a nice, big integrated handle on top for easy maneuvering. That might seem like a small feature to point out, but it makes it so much easier to load and unload the generator.

ALP Propane Generator Pricing

At the time of this writing, the ALP propane generator is on sale for $529.99. But even the regular price of $579.99 is well worth all the features and benefits you get.

For my money, having two of these generators is ideal. Having a backup is always nice, and having the ability to use them in parallel for those occasions when you need double the power is nice too.

As I said before, this generator has proven to be one of the best items I’ve picked up for overlanding. I have no doubt that if you invest in one of these, you’ll feel the same way!

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