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Yes, You Need Solar Panels for Camping

Solar panels are a great way to keep your batteries charged when off-grid. 

They are lightweight, do not affect wind drag, and if they are on your roof, they cannot be seen, either. 

The energy coming from them is also neutral to the environment, which fits our love for nature perfectly.

In this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why you need a solar panel and which brand we would go with for the best results!

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Solar Panels for Camping – Why You Need Them

Sunfire Solar Panel in a studio

The first and one of the best reasons why solar panels are great for camping is the fact that they are silent. The worst thing is sitting down and enjoying a peaceful campsite and then remembering that you need to start up the generator to charge your devices. 

Granted, some generators are quiet, but nothing can beat the silence of solar. 

Using solar panels for camping is also clean. There is no gas or diesel to spill and no need to carry propane bottles in your trunk. There are no exhaust gasses either, so you needn’t worry about fumes around camp.

Solar panels are also efficient. They can keep charging even if the day is cloudy, and they will do so without costing you a thing. Once you buy them, you are done with the investment.

Finally, a solar panel enables you to have reliable power. If all your other power systems fail or if they need a little extra juice, the solar panel will be there to save the day.

Solar Panels for Camping – Our Choice

flexible camper solar panel kit from Sunflare

Our solar panels of choice come from Sunflare in the form of the XPLOR Solar Series. These are great-quality solar panels that will take your overland game a step further. 

There are many reasons why we choose these specific solar panels.

Firstly, they’re tough. 

The individual solar cells in these panels are made from stainless steel – not brittle silicon solar cells, which are prone to micro cracking during transport, installation, and long-term wear. Such microcracking can cause shorts in the solar panels that can lead to hotspots, burns, and even fires. 

You can imagine that if such an issue can occur during normal transport, using it on a 4×4 would be catastrophic! 

Sunflare Solar Panel overhead

The second reason we have chosen XPLOR is that their panels offer bypass diodes on every cell. This means that these panels do not have the shading issues presented in other panels.

Usually, if a cell or two are in the shade, the entire series goes out and doesn’t generate electricity. But, the XPLOR panels do not have that issue, which is perfect as 4×4-mounted solar panels are often in areas that are tree covered, so some parts of the panel are going to be in the shade.

Since these panels will be mounted on the roof, they also need to be light and flexible. To achieve this, the XPLOR panels are made from stainless steel and are laminated with industry-leading 3M plastics instead of the bulky glass and frame found on traditional solar panels.

Sunflare product shot

You can be sure that these solar panels will not affect the drivability of your vehicle since they are some of the best-packaged panels on the market. 

Mounting the panels is also easy as the process involves using double-sided adhesives that ensure the panels remain secure, even at speeds of 85MPH. The panels come with adhesive on the back and are ready to be installed. 

For peace of mind, the XPLOR panels come with a 25-year warranty; therefore, you can be sure that the people who make these have trust in their product. 

Solar Panels for Camping – What are the Available Choices?

XPLOR solar panel options

XPLOR offers three choices: the 105W / Weekend, 126W / Adventure, and the 180W / Expedition. 

The 105W is a great option for someone who likes to go out on the weekend or if you just need a little extra juice to keep everything topped up. 

The 126W option will provide a bit more power, and two of those panels will fit perfectly on top of your rooftop tent, giving you the power to work regardless of where you happen to be. 

Finally, the 180W expedition offers a great charging rate that allows enough power to stay away for a while. This is great for people who are into the more remote side of things. 

Solar Panels for Camping – Conclusion

Solarflare solar panels in air

Solar is where the future of camping power lies. It is easy, quiet, and relatively cheap. The benefits are obvious, and quality brands such as Sunflare XPLOR will make your experience even better. 

If you have any further questions regarding solar panels or anything else off-road or overland-related, head over to the forum section of our page.

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

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