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Four Things You Need for the Overlanding Lifestyle

Photo by Anze Furlan / psgtproductions via iStock

This article was last updated on May 28, 2024.

Overlanding requires a lot of work, tons of preparation, and some accessories to be comfortable. 

However, once you have the basics, it can be one of the best activities you have ever done.

Any place is reachable, and any campsite is your home for the night. Overlanding provides life experiences and lessons only a few activities can give.

In this article, we go over four things needed to experience the overlanding lifestyle at its fullest.

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 Overlanding lifestyle Essentials – Having Electricity

alp propane generator

Having electricity for days at a time is one of our biggest challenges; however, in recent years, it has become less of a fuss. 

There are plenty of products on the market that can give us power regardless of the time spent outside. 

A propane generator is one of those products, and the specific one we would choose is the ALP 1000-watt propane generator.


This is a 1000W generator that works on propane bottles. As long as the engine is running, you will have electricity.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – isn’t an internal combustion engine running in the background going to be annoying when trying to take in the peacefulness of a great camp spot?


Well, not really. The ALP 1000-watt generator has a rated noise level of 52dBA, which is a low number for such a device. Keep in mind that it can get louder depending on load, but still, it’s far quieter than similar generators on the market.

The ALP 1000-watt generator is also EPA and CARB approved and has a 60hr run time on a 20-lb tank and a 3hr run time on a 1-lb tank. As is the case with most spec sheets, run time numbers will also vary depending on load. 

From our experience, on a 20-lb tank, run time is closer to the 50hr mark. 

This generator is also portable. It only weighs 30lbs, and there are no smelly gasoline bottles to carry around. You just store this in your truck along with some sealed propane bottles, and you are good to go!


The unit itself can power most refrigerators, can produce double the power (2000W) if connected to a second identical device, and has pure sine-wave technology. There’s also multiple charging ports, low oil shut-off, and 1-year limited warranty. There’s even an ultra-bright emergency LED light which is useful when trying to locate the charging ports at night. This device will make living the overlanding lifestyle much easier and enjoyable!

Overlanding Lifestyle Essentials Sleep Comfortably in a Quality Tent 

iKamper Skycamp Mini

Image Credit: iKamper

Along with good food, a great night’s sleep is on top of the list when it comes to living the overlanding lifestyle successfully. 

Overlanding requires a lot of driving, and many times, it’s through difficult terrain. Not sleeping well can lead to tiredness and frustration after multiple days on the road; therefore, a quality sleeping setup is crucial.

One of the best brands when it comes to rooftop tents is iKamper. Their products can be seen on trucks all over the country, and that is purely down to the great quality they provide. 

The specific tent we have in mind is the Skycamp Mini. As rooftop tents have a tendency to make a vehicle top-heavy, I always like to choose the smaller and lightest ones available. 

The Skycamp Mini only weighs 125lbs; therefore, this effect will not be as prevalent.

One of the best things about the iKamper tents is the fact that setting up will only take a minute – literally.

You simply expand the tent and open up the ladder.


Image Credit: iKamper

Inside you will find a high-density polyfoam mattress that sleeps two adults and a thick, durable blackout canvas that helps you sleep longer even if it is bright outside.

The tent is also wind resistant and is much quieter than other rooftop tents on the market.

iKamper Skycamp Mini

Other features include:

  • Quilted, insulated lining for more warmth and less condensation
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic hard shell with two layers for insulation and strength
  • High-performance honeycomb aluminum floor panels (strong enough to hold a 1.8-ton Jeep Wrangler) 
  • Redesigned telescoping ladder with angled steps for safety and comfort 
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Rain fly for extra protection
  • 3-layer canopy windows for versatility and airflow
  • Universal mounting system fits most vehicles and crossbars
  • Customizable with accessories 

From the above features and quality control achievements, you can see that the people who make these tents take their products seriously. You definitely won’t be disappointed with an iKamper product.

Overlanding Lifestyle Essentials ­– Set Up your Vehicle Correctly

BF Goodrich all-terrain

It’s no secret that overlanding requires carrying around a lot of gear while traveling through difficult terrain. This puts a lot of strain on our vehicles; therefore, we must ensure that they are set up correctly.

A quality suspension system will provide your overlanding truck with a few inches of lift and the ability to carry the load more effectively.

The increased ride height helps it overcome obstacles without running out of clearance, and the stiffer coils ensure it remains flat when loaded.

Good quality aftermarket tires are also needed as they will provide more grip off-road and more protection against punctures. This will provide you with the peace of mind that the truck is ready to tackle most tracks you may come across. 

For suspension, we would go with products made by Old Man Emu, Icon, Fox, Bilstein, or a brand of similar quality. You don’t want to go cheap here as it is a crucial upgrade.

For overlanding, an all-terrain tire like the BF Goodrich all-terrain should do the trick perfectly.

Vehicle preparation is part of the activity, and once you learn the basics, it can become enjoyable.

Overlanding Lifestyle Essentials – Use a Quality Mapping System


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a location you have been looking for and constantly coming up to dead ends or trying to find fun local trails but ending up at nothing more than basic dirt roads.

These are all situations we may find ourselves in if we do not have a quality off-road mapping system at hand.

Don’t worry, there is both a budget and an expensive option here. The budget option is downloading a phone application like GAIA GPS

This provides you with the ability to plot off-road routes from home and download the maps for offline use. It can also be very useful when it comes to finding your way out of a dirt road maze as it has most dirt roads marked on the map.

Attractions and natural sites are also incorporated into the data. 

A full-on GPS device like the Garmin overlander will pretty much do the same thing but will also provide the ability for on-road voice navigation and the option to ask for help through satellite communication.

It is a much more expensive option, but the safety provided is worth it.

Overlanding Lifestyle Essentials – Conclusion

rooftop tent

Photo by ianmcdonnell via iStock

Once you have the basics sorted, the overlanding lifestyle is easy to achieve. Simply taking the time to plan your trip, get organized, and investing in accessories that enhance the experience will go a long way in making your overlanding adventures a success.

If you have any further overland or off-road-related questions, feel free to post them on the forum section of our page. 

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