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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your RV Electrical System

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This article was last updated on May 10, 2024.

The electrical system is one of the most critical elements of your RV or trailer. Whether you’re camping for a couple of days not far from home or heading out on a multi-week overlanding trip, you need your rig to give you reliable power.

Unfortunately, power problems can become more and more common as your adventure mobile gets older. But rather than hobbling along with an electrical system that offers less-than-reliable power, you can upgrade your RV electrical system and enjoy reliable power for your journeys.

Let’s dive in and explore the primary reasons why you should consider upgrading the electrical system in your RV.

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Upgrades are Cheaper Now

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Let me start by saying that upgrading electrical components in your RV or trailer can still be pretty pricey. However, the price tag is certainly less than it was even a few years ago. Besides, an RV electrical system upgrade is an investment that pays dividends over time.

Think about it – if you’re rolling around in an RV that has a bad generator, you’re constantly dumping money into maintenance and repairs that you never recoup. When you factor in the cost of fuel for every use, you’re already spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t give you reliable power.

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So, upgrading to an all-electric system, though heavy on the up-front costs, makes sense for the long term. You’ll eliminate costly maintenance and repairs, negate fuel costs, and each time you hit the road, you’ll reap the rewards of a clean, efficient, and modern electrical system.

You can also make consistent upgrades over time to avoid a large expense all at once. Perhaps this year you add solar panels, next year you upgrade the batteries, and the following year you upgrade the battery management system.

The point is that there are a lot of options in terms of what you can upgrade in your RV. But for my money, one of the smartest options is making the electrical system as bulletproof and reliable as possible.

Quality Products are Available for an RV Electrical System

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When you’re facing a significant monetary investment in your RV or trailer, you certainly want that money to go to good use. Part of that equation is ensuring the upgrade uses only the finest products that offer reliability and longevity.

When it comes to upgrading electrical systems, you won’t find a better outfit than Lux Liner – and they use only quality products in their RV and trailer overhauls.

For example, the Lux Liner team uses Victron electrical components and battery systems. From a reliability and durability standpoint, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better components than those from Victron.

That reliability and durability isn’t just for normal working loads in typical camping conditions, either. Lux Liner conducted a study a couple of years ago in which they spent 24 hours in a desert in an upgraded RKS Off-Road trailer. In addition to Victron components, the trailer was outfitted with a 12-volt 12,000 BTU air conditioning system. Even after 24 hours, the upgraded electrical system Lux Liner installed still had 20 percent battery power remaining.

If that doesn’t speak to the quality of the products and the design and build quality of Lux Liner systems, I don’t know what does!

Get More Reliability Out of Your Rig With an Upgraded RV Electrical System

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When you head out for a camping or overlanding trip, the last thing you want is to get up in the middle of the night to figure out why the generator isn’t working or why the batteries aren’t holding a charge. Pulling out of the driveway wondering if these and other electrical components will do their job isn’t ideal, either!

Again, by investing in an upgraded electrical system for your RV, you get reliable, clean, and efficient service that gives you peace of mind no matter where your journey takes you.

Think about it – you can upgrade to solar power, invest in lithium batteries, get a better charger/inverter, and add a battery management system that takes all the fuss out of managing your rig’s electronics. You can ditch the old generator, say goodbye to the old AGM batteries, and enjoy consistent power while having more time to hike, bike, fish, or whatever outdoor activities you enjoy doing.

Stay Off-Grid Longer

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The whole point of having an RV or trailer is to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some time unplugging in nature. Well, with an upgraded RV electrical system, you can do just that.

By going with a modern, all-electric system, you don’t have to worry about bringing enough fuel for your generator for a week of off-grid camping. Instead, your new solar-powered electrical system can do all the heavy lifting on its own.

And since the systems like those from Lux Liner are so efficient, even if there’s some cloudy days that reduce solar power collection, you’ll still be able to enjoy reliable power for your RV or trailer’s systems.  No need for shore power. No need for smelly, loud generators. What more could you ask for?!

Bonus: An Upgraded RV Electrical System is More Efficient

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While we’re at it, you can add a 12-volt air conditioning system like the one I mentioned earlier and lounge in your RV knowing that you have a quieter, more efficient, and off-grid capable air conditioner.

That’s the beauty of modern electrical systems – you can reap the benefits of improved efficiency while also creating an in-cabin environment that’s more comfortable for you. It’s a win-win!

Final Thoughts on an RV Electrical System Upgrade

upgrade RV electrical system

Photo by welcomia via iStock

As I noted earlier, the initial expense of upgrading an RV electrical system might give you heart palpitations. But when you think about the cost of many RVs and trailers in the first place, an electrical system upgrade from an outfit like Lux Liner is a smart choice for an already expensive investment.

Besides, if you use your RV frequently enough, you’ll recoup the costs of an upgraded electrical system in just a few years time. If you ask me, it’s an investment that’s well worth the money if you get years and years of reliable, clean power that no longer requires your constant attention and maintenance.

So, the real question is, what will you do with all your additional free time when you’re out overlanding in your upgraded rig?!

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