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5 Great Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Go Camping

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For those who love the outdoors, there’s no specific time to go camping, and whenever the cravings start, they just rush to those beautiful backcountry locations.

Some people would argue that summer is the best time to go camping, and when the season starts to become colder, the fun fades away. But that’s not true at all! For me, fall is the ideal time to go camping, and there’s a good reason for that.

Let’s understand how you could improve your Overlanding experience and why fall is the best time to go camping.

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Why Fall is the Right Time to Go Camping

family hiking through the woods

Photo by Geber86 via iStock

No one should need convincing to go camping during fall, but if you still need reasons, we have some really good justifications as to why fall is the best time to go camping.

A Solar Power System Makes Fall Camping That Much Better

flexible camper solar panel kit from Sunflare

Fall is as mesmerizing as nature can get, and there’s no better time to go camping. The environment is so soothing that you get to recharge your energy and enjoy a natural detox.

While out there, you’d need a power source to run your appliances like an electric heater, fridge, TV, and coffee maker. The good thing about fall is that you don’t need to run a chiller, and most of the time, you spend your time enjoying it with your buddies.

To run all your appliances, you don’t have to carry a generator which is heavy and makes a lot of noise. It is ideal that you take a solar panel setup with you, as it is easier to manage and is the best source of generating power out there.

XPLOR solar panel options

Sunflare XPLOR is a series of portable solar panels that are compact, lightweight, and very easy to manage. These versatile solar panels feature individual bypass diode technology that makes every solar cell inside the panel a functional unit, and even if half of your panel comes under shade, the rest of the device still remains functional.

These are also compact and easy to install, thanks to stainless steel solar cells that allow you to fold or bend these panels without damaging them. A double-sided adhesive tape excludes the need for drilling holes or finding a nice location to install the panel, and you could simply attach them to your hardshell tent roof. See how I did it in the video below:

There’s a plethora of accessories that you can run with XPLOR solar panels, thanks to the power that a single panel offers and a stable supply of power without any hindrance. Imagine enjoying the beautiful sceneries with no noise, no pollution, and a compact setup of portable solar panels generating non-stop clean energy for you.

Fall is a Great Time to Go Camping Because There Are Fewer People Out There

Autumn Camping

Photo by ozgurdonmaz via iStock

What’s better than having all of the outdoors to yourself and enjoying the serenity in solitude? That’s the beauty of going out in the fall and convincing you of the fact that it’s the best time to go camping.

Most of the outdoor localities and backcountry spots are not crowded this time of year, and you can enjoy privacy when camping with your loved ones. So pack your bags and run off!

No Bugs and Mosquitos

woman swatting at bugs while camping

Photo by helivideo via iStock

If you’re worried about “what’s the best time to go camping?”, we have some good news for you. When you go camping in the fall, there would be no mosquitoes or bugs, making your life miserable out there.

You won’t have to use those smelly insect repellants or mosquito nets and instead can enjoy the cool, fresh air, beautiful fall foliage, and the serenity of a quiet weekend camping.


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Fall is a Fun Time to Go Camping Because of Early Campfires

more time to enjoy a campfire

Photo by katerinasergeevna via iStock

What’s better than having a nice empty campground to yourself and more time to enjoy a campfire? Fall is a great time to set up a campfire earlier than normal and have a nice, long evening to yourself.

Your friends and kids are going to love this idea, sitting around the campfire gossiping, playing games, and enjoying your favorite music. Gather some wood for a nice, early campfire, and enjoy!

Beautiful Scenery

Fall camping in Beautiful Scenery

Photo by Elenathewise via iStock

Do we need to even tell you about this? There’s no better time than fall to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. Most importantly, the leaves are flaunting their best colors, and nature undergoes transitions to show how mesmerizing the outdoors can get.

So pack your stuff, call your friends, hop in your truck, and go explore the beautiful locations that you’ve been planning to do all year!

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