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The 2021 Ram TRX is a Beast

The current generation of Ram trucks is one of the best full-size pickups on the market. Fighting against Ford F-150 or Chevrolet’s Silverado, Ram has great styling, a long list of features, and powerful engines. Interestingly, FCA didn’t forget about the off-road market, and Ram 2500 Power Wagon or Ram Rebel is very competent trucks aimed at users who need a full-size pickup, which can be useful on the trail. However, it wasn’t enough, and Ram boys were always frustrated with Ford’s Raptor’s success. In 2020, they finally decided to do something about it.

2021 ram trx exterior

Even though the car community remembers the concept vehicles, followed the rumors, and saw the pre-production pics, nobody was ready for the 2021 Ram TRX and its highly explosive mix of power, performance, aggressive looks off-road dominance. The Ram TRX has officially introduced a few months ago and already managed to win several “Best Driver’s Car” awards and even a few “Best Performance Car” awards. What is so unique and interesting, and why do truck enthusiasts lose their mid over this truck?

What is the 2021 Ram TRX?

The 2021 Ram TRX is a performance off-road truck designed and engineered to compete with Ford F-150 Raptor. However, it is not just that. The TRX can be considered a muscle car first and an off-road truck second. In fact, this is the only off-road-dedicated muscle car ever made. Simply, the fire-breathing and supercharged Hemi straight from Challenger Hellcat clearly designates Ram TRX as a member of the Mopar muscle car family. On the other hand, special chassis, extreme suspension, and a whole bunch of off-road components make it ready for the zombie apocalypse or Paris Dakar rally.


Engine and Performance

If the immensely aggressive stance, big off-road tires, or high ground clearance don’t catch your attention, the growl of the supercharged V8 definitely will, and the Hemi V8 is TRX’s main party trick. With 702 hp and an astonishing 650 lb-ft of torque, it is significantly more powerful than the Raptor. The 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi is well-known from other FCA’s muscle cars, and this is the same unit you can find in Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.


The numbers are astonishing, but what does it mean? Recent magazine testing showed that the 2021 Ram TRX could sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, making it the fastest production truck currently offered for sale. This is an impressive number for any vehicle, let alone for a full-size off-road truck with a curb weight of over three tones. The capable and well-designed 8-speed automatic transmission is responsible for such stellar acceleration times along with extraordinary engine power.

For those looking for tow numbers, we have to say that TRX cannot tow as much as some other Ram models, but its tow rating is still healthy at 8,100 pounds. It can carry up to 1310 pounds, and those numbers make it slightly more capable than the Raptor.

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Chassis and Drivetrain

Ok, we know that the Ram TRX is fast and powerful, but let’s see what makes it a fantastic off-road machine. Even though most people will concentrate just on engine power or acceleration times, we feel that technology underneath the sheet metal is far more impressive. The TRX uses standard Ram chassis but thoroughly changed and strengthened to cope with more power and torque and heavy-duty off-road use.


The suspension is completely changed, and there are more than 13 inches of travel, and the TRX comes with massive 35-inches all-terrain rubber as standard. There are 11.8-inches of ground clearance, and according to the manufacturer’s spec sheet, Ram TRX can go through 32-inches of water without any problems. The list of standard features includes heavy duty underbody plating for protecting the differentials, oil pan, and suspension components. Bilstein remote-reservoir dampers are also included and needed since the TRX has long suspension travel. The electronic-locking rear differential and the enormous 15.0-inch front brakes complete the package.

Ram TRX Interior and Equipment

The current generation Ram trucks have one of the best interiors in the business and are universally praised for big central display, intuitive infotainment system, comfort, and roominess. So, the 2021 Ram TRX is all that and more since it offers better materials, few more features like a premium audio system, and sporty details like a flat-bottom steering wheel or shift paddles to follow the theme of the truck. Since this is a crew-cab model and at the moment it is only offered in one body style, the interior room is enormous, and the seats are well-made and supportive. This will come in handy when you drive off-road at high speed, and your passengers start jumping from their seats.


2021 Ram TRX Price

As you might expect, the 2021 Ram TRX is an expensive piece of kit, but at a $71,000 base price, we think it is worth the investment. Compared to Raptor or any other off-road or SUV vehicle with that kind of power and features, the TRX looks like a great deal since it offers unmatched performance, off-road capabilities, and everyday usability. If you can stand the 9-mpg fuel consumption, that is.


Even though the Ram fans waited long for their favorite truck brand to introduce something to fight the Raptor, the result is impressive, and TRX is faster and better than the Raptor. It is also a more capable off-road and better overall vehicle for any use. That is why we are happy to see it on the road and curious if General Motors will join the battle with a similar off-road performance truck from Chevrolet or GMC.

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