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Top 10 Accessories for Overlanding

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There is nothing more fulfilling than exploring nature and getting away from the big city lifestyle’s fuss and stress. That is why we are very happy that overlanding has gained traction amongst the thousands of people as a perfect way to spend your weekends doing something meaningful rather than sitting in the local mall’s parking lot. However, overlanding is much more than just getting to the remote spot. It is about spending quality time in nature, surviving in it, using it to your advantage, and being safe, warm, and mobile regardless of the conditions.

That being said, there is a fine line between a perfect overlanding weekend and a dangerous disaster, and often, the difference is preparation and accessories you have in your trunk. Today, we will tell you about 10 accessories for overlanding you need in your kit. We will try to stay away from obvious stuff and concentrate on essential accessories, which will immensely help your adventure.

Accessories for Overlanding: First Aid Kit

accessories for overlanding first aid kit

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Even though you probably have a first aid kit in your overlanding vehicle, truck, or SUV as a part of mandatory equipment, we suggest you get something more serious and packed with hand sanitizers, insect repellant, sterile needles, and so on. We hope you won’t ever need a first aid kit, but if you do, even for something benign like an ordinary cut or thorn stuck in your thumb, you will be glad to it have around.

Overlanding Tools

Even if you are not a skillful mechanic, a good set of tools can be a real lifesaver. There are so many small things that could need replacing, and screws and bolts that need tightening up. Of course, if you encounter some more serious mechanical problems or breakdowns, you can’t do anything without the tools, even if you are the mechanical wizard. You don’t need to move your shop to the camping site; just pack a good hammer, socket set, crowbar, spanners, and any specific tools your vehicle requires.

Accessories for Overlanding: Multi-Function Jump Starter

One of the best things you can pack is one of the multi-purpose jump starters you can buy online. For just around $100, you can get a powerful jump starter equipped with LED lights and USB charging ports. Think of it as your own power station, which can jump-start your vehicle as well as provide light and charge your phone or GPS. Some overlanding fanatics even have small generators that run on diesel fuel, but there is no need for that if you don’t plan to spend weeks in nature.

You’ll Need an Ax and Shovel

accessories for overlanding ax

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Do not leave the comfort of the civilization and paved road without your trusty ax and shovel. The ax is essential if you need to get some wood for the campfire, and the shovel will come in handy if you have to dig your vehicle out of the sand, mud, or snow. A full-size machete could come in handy but be careful since those things are hazardous if not used properly.

Accessories for Overlanding: Satellite Messenger

When you go overlanding, the chances are that you will spend time in a place where your phone will have no signal, no internet, and no way to communicate with your friends and family. The whole point of going on an overlanding trip is to get away from text messages, constant notifications, and being reachable. However, in case of an emergency, you will need a communication device. The satellite messenger is the perfect thing. It is a little satellite receiver that will mark your location, and you can even call for help by pressing the “SOS” button.

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Bring a Grill While You’re at It!

bring a grill

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The best part of spending time in nature is the fact that clean air will give you an enormous appetite. There is nothing better than BBQ and campfire while watching the sunset over the mountains or sand dunes. Of course, you will need two things to make the experience complete a grille and something to put on it. We will not give you any culinary advice (at least not this time), but we urge to don’t forget the grill since it will ruin the trip.

Accessories for Overlanding: Water Purifier

You can always pack your vehicle with gallons of fresh water, but no matter how much you bring, the chances are that you will still need more. For those who really want to conquer nature, there are numerous water purifiers you can buy and filter the water you find in nature (lakes, streams…) and use it for drinking. The best ones can filter up to 99.99% of harmful ingredients and make it even safer to drink than tap water.

Extra Fuel is a Must

extra fuel is a must

Photo by CagdasAygun via iStock

Forget about official fuel economy figures when you drive off-road. Bigger tires, more weight, and rugged terrain will raise fuel consumption significantly. That is why it is smart to bring some extra fuel with you. Of course, the fuel must be appropriately stored in fuel cans, and there are several affordable choices on the market. Imagine being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dry tank, terrible, right?

Accessories for Overlanding: Warm Clothes

City folks tend to forget that the temperatures in nature are far lower than in the urban areas. Even in the hottest desert, nights can be freezing, and inexperienced overlanding enthusiasts often mistake not carrying warm clothes. I don’t matter that you planned your trip for the middle of the summer, just be sure to have a jacket and some warm clothes in the back of your vehicle. You will thank us when the sun goes down.

Don’t Forget Your Recovery Boards

The crafty overlanders will use their axes and make recovery boards out of tree branches; however, you don’t need to turn into MacGyver if you just bring a pair of recovery board. Those things are immensely helpful if you get stuck in the mud, sand, or snow and just place them beneath the wheels, and you will get unstuck in no time. The modern ones are made of thin but durable plastic, which makes them light and affordable, and they can be easily stored on the roof of your vehicle.

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