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Your Guide to Trailer Tiedowns

This article was last updated on May 9, 2024.

If you use a trailer to haul your gear or toys, you know the pain of trying to find secure tiedown points. 

In most cases, you need to drill holes in your trailer, which is something we would all prefer to avoid. 

But what if I told you that drilling holes for mounting points isn’t necessary anymore? Let me elaborate…

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What are Trailer Tiedowns? 

Load securing with ratchet tie-down strap

photo by gabort71 via iStock

Trailer Tiedowns are securing straps that help fasten a load on a trailer. They come in many widths, lengths, materials, and colors. Most of them have a locking clasp that allows you to increase or reduce slack in the strap. Likewise, there are metal hooks for securing the strap to the trailer. 

The straps are made from strong materials that enable them to be tightened down and remain tightened for long periods. They should also be UV resistant and must have the correct coatings to help them withstand the weather.

Why is Securing Your Load So Important in Overlanding and Off-Roading?

Strapped in motor bikes

Securing any kind of load with trailer tiedowns is very important when off-roading and overlanding. 

Other than the fact that we tend to carry heavy equipment, we also drive on rough roads, which makes anything that is mounted on our trailer far more prone to falling off. 

That being said, trailer tiedowns aren’t just important for off-road use. Normal cars driving on normal roads with a loaded trailer should also use them, as without them, a quick avoidance maneuver can lead to an accident.

The Problem With Traditional Trailer Tie Downs

Webbing and ratchet lashing tie-down strap on a flatbed lorry/truck

photo by Stephen Barnes via iStock

The biggest struggle with normal trailer tiedowns is the fact that finding a place to mount them can sometimes be difficult. 

Depending on the shape of the load you are carrying, you may need to pass the tie down straps at a weird angle. When this happens, the existing holes your trailer has may not be at the correct spot for mounting straps. 

This leads to a lot of head-scratching until you figure out a solution. 

In many cases, you might drill more holes in your trailer to provide more mounting spaces.

Drilling holes may solve the issue, but it takes time, and in some cases, decreases the value of the trailer. Therefore, it is best to be avoided. 

The Best Trailer Tiedowns – Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamps

Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamps

This is where the universal mounting clamps from Elf Offroad come in handy.

These genius mounting clamps – which come in large and small sizes – can hook onto any iron surface, such as the rail of a flatbed, without the need for drilling. 

You simply attach the straps to the item you need to secure and to the Elf Offroad clamps. As you tighten the strap, the clamps will move forwards and cling on top of the iron surface.

Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamp

Therefore, rather than drilling holes into random areas on your trailer, you just place these clamps where you want them and tighten down the load. 

The Elf Offroad universal mounting clamps are made from billet 6061 aluminum to ensure longevity and safety. This makes them lightweight but strong. The small clamps have a working load limit of 600 pounds each and a break strength of 1,800 pounds each.

Elf Offroad Clamps

If you use the larger clamps, you can strap a load of up to 2,000 pounds while having a break strength of 7,200 pounds. 

The Elf Offroad clamps are a genius solution to a very common problem. Strong, easy to use, and incredibly well made. What else do you need?!

Get the Proper Trailer Tiedowns 

A young boy checking straps for quads on a trailer

photo by Akchamczuk via iStock

Trailer tiedowns are an essential tool for anyone who uses a trailer to haul gear or toys. 

If you use your trailer regularly, the clamps from Elf Offroad are a great addition as they will make your life easier any time you go out to use the trailer. 

For any further questions regarding trailer tiedowns or any other off-road or overland-related topics, visit the forum section of our page.

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