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What is the Best Camping Power Supply?

This article was last updated on May 6, 2024.

Power at camp is an endless debate. Some people love propane, others petrol, and some solar. 

The fact of the matter is that having power when off-grid isn’t the easiest thing. However, with modern-day technologies, it is at the simplest stage it has ever been. 

All methods have their benefits, and that is exactly what we are covering today. Use the guide below to determine the best camping power supply for your needs.

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Gas Camping Power Supply: Generac 7127

Generac 7127

The first camping power supply on our list is the Generac 7127 – the perfect answer to powering an RV. 

With a wattage of 3500 watts, this power generator will have no issues keeping you connected even if you use an RV for your expeditions. 

Furthermore, noise will not be an issue as this camping power supply is ultra-quiet. Independent 3rd party testing showed that it is 40% quieter than Honda due to advanced inverter technology and enclosure design. 

It must be stated that the description does not specify which Honda this generator was used in the comparison testing. However, real-life reviews do state that this generator does indeed run silently. 

Generac 7127 2

This Generac has two engine speeds depending on your needs. The lower engine speed will provide more fuel economy and less noise, and the higher speed more power but also more noise.

The Generac is a portable generator with reduced weight and size that has the power to keep all your electronics going. It is also ultra-clean for the environment and safe for sensitive electronics. 

Propane Camping Power Supply: ALP 1000W Propane Generator


The next camping power supply on our list comes from ALP. The ALP 1000W propane generator is the perfect addition to any overland rig that has accessories such as a refrigerator to power.

While 1000W is not class-leading power, it is the perfect compromise between portability and sufficient energy for a single person or small family living out of a 4×4. 


This camping power supply is propane-powered, EPA & CARB approved, and can run for 60 hours on a 20-pound tank and 3 hours on a 1-pound tank. All this is in a package that weighs only 30 pounds.  

The unit itself has multiple charging ports, pure sine-wave technology, low-oil auto shut off, and a limited one-year warranty.


If you get the ALP 1000 and decide later down the road that you need more power, you can connect a second unit to it and double the power. 

With a lot of real-life experience with this device, I can assure you that the quality and effectiveness of the ALP will not disappoint. I’ve used this generator in the mountains and the desert, in the cold and in the heat, and it has been a champ no matter what the conditions.

Lithium-Ion Camping Power Supply: Blackfire Pac1000 Portable Power Station

blackfire 1500w portable power station

A portable power station or solar generator works completely different from its petrol or propane-powered rivals. This is basically a huge battery that can be charged from your house, vehicle, or through solar panels. 

The Blackfire Pac1000 is the perfect power tool for anyone who is only planning to stay at a single location for one or two days.  

The idea behind this is that you charge it ahead of time (you can also charge it while driving) and use it as a power source at night. If you are lucky enough to have sun where you camp, you can also connect it to optional solar panels and charge it while at camp.


Furthermore, its silent operation means that it can be used at camp spots where generators are banned due to noise. 

Some of its features include a lithium-ion battery with 982.8Wh, 4 120V AC ports, 1500W rated power, and 3000W surge power from a pure-sine wave AC port. There are 6 USB ports, DC output, and a display with battery life information, too. 

The Blackfire comes with a 12-month warranty and is the perfect companion for the minimalist overlander that likes to move about rather than stay at a single camp spot. 

I have this camping power supply and use it to charge my camera batteries, charge my phone and laptop, and to run small appliances like my coffee pot. It’s a fantastic power source and a great backup if something goes awry with my solar power system or generator. 

Which Camping Power Supply Option is Best for You?

woman filling a gas can

 photo by adamkaz via iStock

Just like with most overland gear, the choices of brands, types, and sizes of power generators are endless. Each specific one has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to first understand the usage you need out of the unit before buying it. 

However, in most cases, the ones that are powered using some kind of fuel source are great for spending long days at a single location. On the other hand, battery-powered or solar generators come in handy when you move around a lot and in places where generators are banned. 

If you have any further camping power supply or any other off-road and overland-related questions post them in the forum section of our page.

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