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The Best Overlanding Gear for Safety

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This article was last updated on May 9, 2024.

The urban life and hectic routine are too much to handle for long, and some people tend to enjoy serenities whenever they get a chance. Our choice is overlanding, and getting away on the weekends will have a new meaning when you try it. But as always, we all need to be careful and know about the best overlanding gear for safety.

Overlanding is a popular activity that is becoming more and more common these days, especially because people are fed up due to Covid restrictions and want to stretch a little. This hobby is much more than just having a solid SUV with a powerful engine and suspension – it’s about the journey and traveling.

Most of the trails available for overlanding are not so forgiving, and apart from having a rugged vehicle, you need some supporting gear and extra accessories as well. Most importantly, you ought to secure everything in your vehicle and trailers if you are pulling any. 

We pulled together some of the best overlanding gear for safety you must have in your inventory, so you don’t run into a roadblock on a rainy day. We also found out the best gear trailer users will ever need. 

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What Kind of Overlanding Gear Do I Need?

Overlanding bed in SUV at sunrise

 photo by sshepard via iStock

When planning to go off-road with a trailer, you have to make sure that whatever you’re carrying along is secured properly. Whether it’s your luggage, a bike, or an ATV you plan to tow on a trailer, you must secure it properly before you set out on your journey. 

Apart from that, you must have a set of other overlanding gear for safety as well, including a fire extinguisher, First-Aid kit, water treatment kit, and recovery gear – in case something goes sideways. We’ll discuss each of these items, but first, let’s take care of the issue of securing loads. 

The Elf Offroad Mounting Clamps for Trailer – Secure Towing

elf offroad

People used to tie down their ATVs or bikes with ropes on a trailer, but that is not secure at all and can become hazardous. The most likely outcome of not tying down your bike or luggage securely is either it getting lost or damaged due to shifting on unruly terrain.

The best solution is to tie your stuff down with quality mounting clamps that are designed and built to serve this purpose…


Elf Offroad offers one of the best overlanding gear, and especially their universal mounting clamps are known for their robust quality, easy adaptability, and tough usability. Let’s understand why the universal mounting clamps from Elf Offroad are so good.

The universal clamps from Elf Offroad are made of high-strength aluminum and are built with superb usability with reliability in mind.

Apart from their robust build quality, the most likable feature is their versatility of usage and adaptability. 

Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamp

The major benefit of these universal clamps is they lock onto the existing trailer rails or any angled iron surface, and let you tie down the load from any point you feel secure. You don’t have to drill and damage any metal, and you can also secure the load as you like because there’s no need to use the trailer mounting points which might not be in the best spot. 

From a safety point of view, these clamps offer proper load storage and security, prevent shifting and undulant movement of the load, and ensure that your gear is safe throughout the journey.

Elf Offroad Universal Mounting Clamps

The universal clamps from Elf Offroad are available in two sizes, to best suit the requirements and needs of the users:

  • Large universal mounting clamps – ideal for securing vehicles, such as ATVs or UTVs.
  • Small universal mounting clamps – Best suited for luggage and medium-sized items.

Some Salient features of Elf Offroad Mounting Clamps

  • Manufactured using Billet 6061 high-strength aluminum.
  • Up to 2,000 lbs working limit per clamp (large clamps); 600 lbs (small clamps)
  • Superb endurance – break strength of 7,200 lbs of load per clamp (for the large clamps); 1,800 lbs (small clamps).
  • Highly customizable based on the users’ requirements – available in different shackle sizes for bigger straps.
  • No need to drill or fix them, can adapt to any metal surface on a trailer.

Other Must-Have Items to Complete Your Best Overlanding Gear

To prepare the best overlanding gear kit for your towing adventures and off-roading, add the products below to your list and you will be able to enjoy your weekends without any worries.  

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

While out off-roading or trekking, any sort of emergency could occur on your overlanding trip and usually, there’s no help around. This first aid kit will have you prepared for any unforeseen incident while out in the woods and landscapes. 

It weighs only 1 pound and carries nearly 300 essential medical aid items to help you in an emergency. It is a must-have item that you should always include in your backpack while you are going on an adventure.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

This is another essential product that you should carry along – a compact fire extinguisher for cars that is lightweight and easy to use in an emergency.

Fire is a serious hazard that could occur in your car due to overheating or tents spreading through a campfire. 

It can either be strapped into a slot in the car’s interior or included in the overlanding gear. But, make sure that it is within close reach of the person who is able to use it in case of an emergency. 

Satellite Communicator

Satellite Communicator

Going off-grid can sometimes become problematic. What if your car breaks down or a serious health emergency occurs while you’re out overlanding with your friends? Carry this smart Garmin Satellite Communicator that helps you stay connected. 

It offers global 2-way text messaging, access to maps and color imagery, and upcoming weather forecast. It gets connected to your phone and acts as a GPS tracker as well. Garmin Satellite Communicator is one of the best overlanding gear you can have with you in case of an emergency. 

Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System

If you run out of your water supplies, you’re not gonna get clean water out there in the mountains. So carry this portable water filter to avoid any health hazards. This LifeStraw system filters the water of all the microplastics and 99.9% of the germs, so you can easily consume on the go. It is very lightweight and easily fits in any backpack.

Recovery Kit

Tackle Tuff recovery kit

The last item, yet one of the most crucial products in your best overlanding gear, is this Tackle Tuff recovery kit.

I have the kit in my truck, and thankfully I’ve only had to use it once – just recently, in fact.

Tackle Tuff Recovery Kit in use

All the items in this kit are made of forged high-strength carbon to provide up to 30 tons of shear tensile strength. 

This kit helps you get out of tricky situations including muddy trails, by helping secure your vehicle to a tree or to another vehicle to help extract you from the situation.

Tackle Tuff Snatch Block 2

It includes a snatch block, a recovery strap, two shackles, a tree saver strap, a pair of Kevlar-reinforced gloves, and a carrying case. In other words, it’s a complete kit you can use to ensure your safety when you’re overlanding.

Before you head out on your next adventure, be sure you have these items in your overlanding kit. As the old saying goes, safety first!

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