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Runaway Camper Venturist Trailer: A Mini Camper for the Toughest Trails

I always have my eye out for products in the off-roading and overlanding space that offer something unique and innovative.

Fortunately, the last few years have been extremely busy on the innovation front, and you and I are the ones that get to reap the rewards!

In 2021, I featured a variety of off-road teardrops trailers that I felt are leading the charge in terms of quality, capability, and price. One of the trailers on that list is the Runaway Camper Venturist.

I want to give a bigger shout-out to the Runaway Camper Venturist, though, because it is that impressive. So, buckle up, and let’s take a look!

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The Premise of the Runaway Camper Venturist

The idea behind this camper is simple: build something that’s uber capable and functional yet offers the end-user the maximum amount of utility and customization options.

So, to fulfill that goal, the Runaway Camper Venturist comes as a blank slate. You get to decide what you put in the trailer and where it goes inside.

If you want to maximize storage space, you can do that. If you want to prioritize comforts like a kitchenette and a big bed, you can also do that! Whatever is most important to you for your off-roading and overlanding adventures, you can make it happen in the Runaway Camper Venturist. The possibilities are endless!

venturist interior

There are plenty of excellent off-roading and overlanding trailers out there, but very few offer this level of customization.

You might find a great trailer with the off-roading capabilities you demand but has a floor plan that doesn’t fit your needs. Or, alternatively, you might find a trailer with a fantastic floor plan than doesn’t have the off-roading pedigree you want.

The Runaway Camper Venturist offers the best of both worlds – that’s why it’s such an innovative product. You can make it precisely what you want!

Specs and Features of the Runaway Camper Venturist

venturist off-road trailer 2

So, this trailer is highly customizable. But what about the specs and features you get right from the start? It’s not a bad list:

  • Off-road frame with a full-length tongue, rear hitch tow point, a Max-Coupler, and large drop-down stabilizers
  • Timbren 1-ton axleless suspension with a 4-inch lift
  • 17-inch Method Race Wheels wrapped in 33-inch BFG All-Terrain Tires
  • Electric brakes
  • 20 inches of ground clearance
  • Slim-line tail lights
  • Black powder-coated fenders that you can stand on
  • Black powder-coated front diamond plate
  • Air conditioning

Obviously, this trailer is designed from the start for a high level of off-road capability. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with a 1-ton axleless suspension and 20 inches of ground clearance!

venturist off-road trailer 3

Plus, depending on which size you get, the trailer comes with a right-side window (in the 4×8 model) or dual windows (in the 6×8 model).

Both trailers are super lightweight, too, given that there’s no wood in the camper. The 4×8 model tips the scales at just 850 pounds. The 6×8 model is just 1,050 pounds.

Even after you customize the trailer to your liking, you’ll still have an ultra-light trailer that you can easily pull with your SUV or truck. Having a lightweight trailer is crucial for those off-road adventures when the trails get tough.

What Options are Available on the Runaway Camper Venturist?

venturist off-road trailer

As the saying goes, “but wait…there’s more!”

All of the features listed above are standard. You can add a variety of options to customize your Runaway Camper Venturist even more. Get a load of these options:

  • Wheels and tires to match your vehicle
  • Various lug patterns
  • A Rhino Rack XTray roof basket (choose from a small or large option)
  • A front cargo rack
  • A rear door and rear window
  • A Rhino Rack Sunseeker awning or a Rhino Rack Batwing Awning
  • A Power Tank propane tank mount with an 11-pound propane tank
  • A 2-gallon Rotopax Fuelpax with mount
  • A 7-gallon Road Shower and 30-inch flexible shower head

See what this bad boy looks like in the video below:

So, again, you can see just how much thought went into the Runaway Camper Venturist trailer…

Between the standard features, available options, two different trailer sizes, and the customizability this model offers the end-user, you’ve got a recipe for an ideal mini camper for off-roading.

More Reasons to Invest in a Runaway Camper Venturist

venturist off-road trailer 5

If you aren’t convinced this is a trailer for your consideration, perhaps this will put you over the top: these trailers are designed and built in the USA by a family-owned company.

I’m a huge proponent of supporting American-made products because doing so helps keep small businesses open and our economy going strong.

In the case of Runaway Campers, these folks couldn’t be nicer, nor could they be more dedicated to building high-quality, capable trailers for people like you and me.

I’ll wrap up this tour of the Runaway Camper Venturist by saying this – on top of everything else, these trailers are highly affordable. The 4×8 model is $9,050, and the 6×8 model is $11,145. At that price point, you get the utility and functionality you demand while having money left over to customize the interior of the trailer to your liking – all without busting your budget.

So, from my point of view, the Runaway Camper Venturist is the ultimate mini camper for your off-roading and overlanding adventures. But don’t take my word for it – have a look yourself and see what Runaway Campers can do for you!

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