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Best Overlanding Accessories for Powering Your Rig

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There’s nothing more exciting for overlanders than having a versatile camping setup that can help them make the most out of the trip.

For decades, people have tried newer ways of setting up their camping rigs out in the wild, and with changing technology, the overlanding accessories have improved a lot.

Power backup is one of the most important things to have when you plan to take on the tough terrain and landscapes in the wild. There are many portable power sources and management solutions that you must have in your overlanding inventory to help you make the most of these camping trips.

The best overlanding accessories for powering your rig should include different gadgets so you can be prepared for any type of contingency. These accessories include Sunflare XPLOR solar panels, the ALP 1000 watt propane generator, the RELiON dual lithium-ion battery system, and the REDARC RedVision Manager 30. Together, these items will help you devise the ultimate power system for your overlanding setup. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at these handy and versatile items, and why they make the best overlanding accessories for powering your rig.

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Here are the Best Overlanding Accessories for Power Generation and Management

Campsite in the evening

Image by sshepard via iStock

When going off the grid or away from urban life, power is one thing that is missed the most.

When you’re camping, you ought to have a generous power backup, not only to charge your phones and cameras, but to run your refrigerator, heater, fan, TV, music, and lights. 

You also ought to properly manage and route the power through these channels so you don’t run out of power. Luckily, there are various quality gadgets to help you out there on your overlanding adventures.

The Best Overlanding Solar Panels – Sunflare XPLOR

flexible camper solar panel kit from Sunflare

Troublesome were the days when people had to carry huge diesel generators, big hazardous fuel tanks, and suffer the noise and pollution from a generator just to power the lights and fridge during their overlanding trips. 

Luckily, technology has paved the way for cleaner and portable energy generation and campers can rejoice with this new offering. Although solar panels have been around for some years now, they used to be heavy and stiff, which could not be carried or managed during off roading trips. 

Sunflare has solved that problem with its new XPLOR series of portable solar panels. These are revolutionary panels that have solved all the power-related issues and have become a gold standard among overlanding communities. Let’s dive into why these are so good, and what features make them such a good option.

Sturdy and Well Built

Sunflare Solar Panel overhead

To go through the harshness of terrain and environments when overlanding, solar panels ought to be robust and withstand the hazards with a top-class build quality. The XPLOR series fulfill this requirement with flying colors, thanks to the use of the highest quality raw material, manufacturing, and use of stainless steel. 

Virtually anywhere you want to take them, Sunflare solar panels resist breaking, cracking, or catching fire, unlike some other panels on the market. They are also waterproof, so a rainy day won’t deprive you of your power backup. This quality makes them one of the best overlanding accessories meant for power needs.

Lightweight and Flexible

Sunflare product shot

There is no point in having a solar panel if it weighs 200 lbs. You want a portable panel that can be transported easily in your truck, adapts to most surfaces that you want for installation, and is easy to carry as well. 

Sunflare XPLOR solar panels weigh under 10 lbs, are highly flexible, and can be carried anywhere without breaking your back. The science behind this is the use of flexible stainless steel solar cells that are wrapped in industry-leading bendable 3M plastic instead of a metal frame and glass surface. This quality alone makes these panels stand head and shoulders above the competition!

Individual Bypass Diodes

Solarflare solar panels in air

Back in the day, if even a small portion of the solar panel was in the shade, the whole panel would become useless. This was due to a single diode that ran across the whole panel, but this is not the case of XPLOR solar panels.

There is a bypass diode on each solar cell so that there is an equal power distribution. In case sunlight can’t reach a portion of the panel, only that part becomes dormant and not the whole panel. This is a game-changer in the camping and overlanding genre, placing Sunflare among the best overlanding accessories.

Easy to Install


Instead of drilling big holes or attaching cumbersome hooks for panels, Sunflare found an easy solution. They use double-sided adhesive to let you install your solar panel on just about any surface you want.

And don’t think that the double-sided adhesive tape isn’t strong…this type of installation has been tested at up to 85mph on the highway. If you’re camping in winds stronger than that, you’ve got bigger problems to worry about! 

Where to Buy Sunflare XPLOR Solar Panels:

A Great Source of Power – ALP 1000 Watt Propane Generator


Another great product that can keep your power running non-stop during your overlanding trip is the ALP 1000 watt generator.

This propane-driven compact machine is one of the best overlanding accessories that you can use as an alternative or in addition to the XPLOR solar panels. Carrying and using the ALP generator is totally free of nuisance, and it can save you trouble in case of an emergency. 

Compact and Lightweight


With a weight of just 30 lbs and dimensions measuring a few inches, the ALP generator is very easy to carry and transport. Unlike heavy diesel or gas generators which take up too much space on your truck, this generator would fit even a small space and can even be placed inside the cabin.

A handle makes it easier to carry along when finding a place to set up the rig, just like your backpack or a hand-carry bag.

Clean and Quiet

alp propane generator

You cannot enjoy your music or have a good conversation with your mates if your generator is growling like a bear next to your camping site. The ALP 1000-watt propane generator is quiet as a whisper and is rated at below 52 decibels, making it one of the least noisy generator options out there.

Additionally, propane is a cleaner source of energy than other fuels. So you can calmly run it near your tent and power your appliances without waking anyone. There’s less worry about polluting the environment as well.

Non-Stop Running


With a 20 lb. propane tank, you run your gadgets and appliances for nearly 60 hours. This is great for the weekend and short trips, and can help you if your batteries run out on longer trips. It can also power any accessory or appliance that you intend to carry with you, including the refrigerator, electric heater, LED lights, TV, sound system, and other gadgets. 

The ALP 1000 Watt Propane Generator has become quite popular among campers and off roaders, and it is usually the top choice for power generation among the best overlanding accessories.

How to Store Power – RELiON RB100-HP LiFePO4 Dual Lithium-Phosphate Battery 

RELiON RB100-HP LiFePO4 Dual Lithium-Phosphate Battery 

We recommend the RELiON
RB-100 HP Battery and here is why. 

Not so long ago, overlanders had to face a prevalent problem of batteries going dead during their trips. The main culprit behind this was the battery technology. Based on lead/acid, the cycle was not deep enough to hold the charge and running radios or light bars after turning off the engine killed the batteries quickly.

The technology has developed now, and with dry, deep cycle batteries, the dual battery setup can be used to hold the charge for a longer duration of time.

What is a Dual Battery System and How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, there are two batteries in a dual battery system that are connected via a relay in a parallel circuit. One battery is called the starter battery while the other is an auxiliary battery. 

To start your vehicle, you’ll need a starter battery. When your vehicle isn’t operating, the auxiliary battery is utilized to power all of the accessories.

If necessary, the auxiliary battery can also be used to jumpstart the starter battery.

The ignition is connected to the relay. The relay senses voltage when the engine is running and connects the batteries. When the engine is turned off, however, the relay separates the batteries, preventing the starter battery from being depleted by operating vehicle accessories.

Cycle Life and Capacity

This versatile battery has nearly 30% more capacity than a lead-acid battery, and a 10x longer life cycle as well. This makes it ideal for your overlanding dual battery setup, as the long cycle life and capacity are the key to this system, and ensures that you don’t run out of charge.

So whether you’re on an overlanding trip, a weekend hike, or a week-long camping trip, the backup would always be there.

Safe and Reliable Power

As there is no liquid, and no gas generation, this battery is very safe to use in any kind of harsh environment. The safe chemistry, coupled with PCB/BMS, provides extra safety when the battery is operating.

The voltage output is also very stable and there is usually no fluctuation. This is important for the safety of the appliances connected to it, and prevents any fire hazards as well.

Fast Charging 

Unlike conventional batteries, this battery can charge up to 80% in just 1-2 hours and fully charge in 3 hours. This, along with the deep cycle and huge capacity, makes it a perfect option for managing the power at your overlanding rig.

This innovative battery setup is such a stress reliever and a must-have item in your camping gear. No matter how long the trip is and how many appliances you want to back up, the dual battery system will take care of everything, and should be among the best overlanding accessories that you can opt for.

Best Power Management System – REDARC RedVision Manager 30 Kit

REDARC RedVision Manager 30 Kit

The RedVision Total Vehicle Management System is an iconic, award-winning system that enables full control and monitoring of your off roader, caravan, and motorhome with its innovative battery management solutions, putting it ahead of the competition in the race of best overlanding accessories.

This system lets you manage your accessories on your overlanding rig, such as inverters, LED lights, water pumps, and other accessories like screens, electric steps, and refrigerators using multiple on-board devices.

REDARC RedVision Manager 30 Kit

It also helps in monitoring up to 6 different water levels and temperatures, and when coupled with the Manager30, you can check your battery energy usage and storage through the in-vehicle display or by downloading the app on your own android or IOS device.

The Manager30 functions as six independent products: a solar regulator, a 240-volt charger, a load disconnect controller, and a battery isolator. Also as a remote battery monitor for updated battery information and charge status of the setup.


REDARC RedVision Manager 30 Kit 3

  • It is a versatile machine that offers power protection, distribution, and control in one system.
  • The Manager30 accepts inputs from a variety of battery management components, enabling close monitoring of all battery usage and charging data.
  • Accepts data for up to six water levels and temperatures to be monitored.
  • Capable of turning on/off equipment such as lights, televisions, and electric steps, among others.
  • BYOD Bluetooth connectivity to the proprietary RedVision User App for iOS and Android
  • The RedVision Configurator App allows you to completely customize your home screen.

In short, the REDARC RedVision Manager 30 kit makes power management a breeze. With this reliable setup, you’ll spend much less time fussing with the power system in your overlanding rig and much more time enjoying the great outdoors!

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