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What is the Best Off Road Tire for Daily Driving?

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Tires are one of the most effective modifications one can do to a truck. A quality set can improve both road performance, and off road performance. 

In most cases, our off road trucks are also our daily drivers. Furthermore, getting to the trail involves a lot of road miles.

With the above in mind, we decided to find out which is the best off road tire for daily driving.

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For Off Roaders, Tires are Not a Grudge Purchase

4x4 tire

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Buying tires for a normal car isn’t something most people look forward to. They usually cost a lot of money and don’t make much difference to the performance or looks of the vehicle. 

However, this is not the case for 4x4s.

Tire upgrades on 4x4s are exciting. Going up a size on a slightly more aggressive tread can transform the vehicle’s looks and performance. 

You get more grip off road, tougher sidewalls, and in most cases, a smoother ride on road as well. 

Best Off Road Tire for Daily Driving – The Good Option

BF Goodrich all-terrain

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The first tire on the best off road tire for daily driving list is the
BF Goodrich all-terrain. I have run these tires for four years and could not recommend highly them enough. 

Why are they third on the list? Because for a daily driver, there are tires with slightly better on-road performance. However, as an all-rounder, the KO2s are hard to beat. 

The reason I love these tires so much is their durability, grip, and quietness on the road. 

Even after 30,000 miles, they are still silent and the tough sidewalls mean that I have never had a puncture on the trail. 

In dry dirt and rocks, the grip offered is great; however, it must be said that performance in mud is left lacking. 

When it comes to sizes available, the BFs offer a lot of options – anything from skinny pizza cutters to 39-inch beasts. 

Regardless of where you happen to be in the world, you will see a set of KO2s and that tells a lot about the quality of the tire. 

Best Off Road Tire for Daily Driving – The Better Option

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Image Credit: Amazon

The second option on the best off road tire for daily driving list is the Nitto Terra Grappler G2.

This tire does not offer the off road performance of the BFs; however, it is perfectly quiet on-road and will last a little longer due to better resistance to wear. 

The Nittos still offer great puncture resistance, reinforced coupling joints that increase block edge rigidity, and good off road grip thanks to staggered shoulder lugs that increase biting edges. 

If you run a conventional size such as a 31, 32, 35, or larger, you will have no issues finding the Terra Grappler. However, unlike the BFs, you probably won’t be able to find the more obscure sizes. 

In recent years, Nitto tires have been increasing in popularity in the USA. The brand offers great quality and is tried and tested; therefore, you can be sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. 

Best Off Road Tire for Daily Driving – The Best Option

Toyo Open Country AT Plus

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The final product on the best off road tire for daily driving list is the Toyo Open Country A/T Plus. 

These tires offer the best on road performance out of all three but again will perform great off road. 

The asymmetric five-rib and rigid block design allows for enhanced durability, exceptional high-speed on-road response, and is optimized off road handling.

The Toyos also offer an aggressive sidewall that is puncture-resistant.

Toyo Open Country AT Plus

Image Credit: Amazon

Due to the more street-oriented design, these tires fare exceptionally well when it comes to wear performance. They are also good in the wet where many off road tires seem to struggle.

Toyo is the sister company to Nitto and has also grown exceptionally in recent years.  

So, whether you are cruising around downtown or in the depths of Moab – the Toyos will have you covered!

Best Off Road Tire for Daily Driving – Final Thoughts

Off-Road Tires

Photo by molchanovdmitry

All tires mentioned above are great options. If you need the most off road capable product, go for the BFs. 

If, on the other hand, road manners are your priority, then the Toyos would be our recommendation. 

With the Nittos you will be somewhere in the middle. 

If you have any further questions regarding the best off road tire for daily driving or anything else off road or overland-related, visit the forum section of the site.

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