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AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Review

Image Credit: AT Overland

The sense of adventure and exploration that comes with truck camping is truly unique and can lead to some of the most memorable experiences of your life. With the addition of a truck topper, you have the option to camp in remote and beautiful locations, whether it be on the side of a mountain or by a tranquil lake.

Whether you’re heading out on a camping trip or embarking on a cross-country journey, having a truck topper like those from AT Overland can significantly enhance your experience. It allows for a greater level of independence and freedom on the road, as you can carry all the essentials you need for your adventure. 

This review takes a closer look at the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper, a popular choice among truck camping enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of truck camping, this review will provide valuable insights into the features and performance of the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper. Let’s first talk about where you can get it; their official dealer, the BTR Outfitters.

BTR Outfitters is a company that specializes in bringing together the best brands in the outdoor industry to make life outdoors better for its customers. They sell various products and accessories, including the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper, to help people enjoy their time outside. 

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Benefits of Having a Truck Topper

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Green Truck

Image Credit: AT Overland

Having a truck topper on your vehicle can provide many benefits, making it an excellent addition for those looking for comfort, versatility, enhanced cargo space, and improved style. In this section, we will explore these benefits in greater detail.

Comfort and Privacy

One of the primary benefits of having a truck topper is the added comfort and privacy it provides. Truck toppers are designed to fit snugly over the bed of your truck, creating a secure and private space. With features like insulation, lighting, and ventilation, truck toppers offer a level of comfort and privacy that is unmatched by other types of vehicle accessories.

Improved Style 

Having a truck topper can improve the style of your vehicle. Truck toppers come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personal taste. With a well-designed truck topper, you can enhance the look of your vehicle and make it stand out from the crowd. 

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Specs

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Closed

Image Credit: AT Overland

The AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper is a purposeful and high-quality camper for overland travel. With its all-new design, the Atlas provides a durable, insulated, and lightweight pop-up shell for today’s fuel-efficient trucks while allowing for individual customization.

The Atlas has a total of 83″ (6’10”) of standing room and 36″ of headroom over the bed area. The roof measures 124″ long x 53″ wide and 8″ thick, and the different base options range from 62.75″ to 99.5″ in length and from 61″ to 70″ in width. 

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Inside

Image Credit: AT Overland

The cabover dimensions also vary depending on the base vehicle option selected. The roof of the topper is designed to be walked on, with a maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs when deployed.

If you want to know more about the specs and features of the Atlas, check out the video above from AT Overland Youtube channel. In the video, Mario from AT Overland gives a comprehensive tour of the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper. He highlights the key features and functionalities of the product, providing an in-depth understanding of its capabilities.




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AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Standard Features 

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Standard Features

Image Credit: AT Overland

The AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper is designed to meet the needs of adventure seekers and overland enthusiasts. This standard feature-packed truck topper is constructed with the highest quality materials and built to last. 

The sleeping platform is built into the topper and is fully insulated for comfort and warmth, even in harsh weather conditions. The built-in mattress is a two-piece design measuring 48” x 80” x 2”, providing ample space for two people to sleep. The interior of the topper is also covered with carpeting, adding an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

The topper is equipped with a variety of lighting options, including five interior LED lights and four lift gate LED lights (amber-colored), providing ample illumination for any situation. It also features built-in wiring raceways with double USB ports and a 12-volt automotive socket, allowing you to easily charge your devices and accessories.

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Options

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Extra Storage

Image Credit: AT Overland

Whether you are looking to add extra storage space, improve your camping experience, or simply enhance the appearance of your vehicle, the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper offers a wide range of options to choose from. 

Paint Match

The Paint Match option is a great addition for those who want to ensure that their truck topper seamlessly blends in with their pickup truck. The topper’s color will match the truck’s color, giving the overall look a clean and cohesive appearance. This option is perfect for those who value aesthetics and want their truck topper to look as professional as possible.

Passenger Awning

A 270-degree awning can be added to the right side of the vehicle. This option is great for those who want to have a shaded area for outdoor activities such as camping, picnicking, or just relaxing in the sun. The awning can be easily deployed and stowed, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

AT Overland Custom Roof Rack with 3 Cross Bars

This custom roof rack can be added on top of the truck topper. It comes with three cross bars, providing ample space for carrying bikes, canoes, kayaks, or other equipment. The roof rack is ruggedly designed for 4×4 travel, making it an ideal option for those who engage in off-road adventures. 

Will the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Fit My Truck?

AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Top

Image Credit: AT Overland

The AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper is designed to fit a wide range of pickup trucks, including Chevy, Dodge, Ram, Ford, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota. Whether you have a Chevy Colorado, a GMC Canyon, a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Tundra, this truck topper can be customized to fit your specific pickup truck bed size. 

It is important to note that the truck topper is available in different bed sizes including 5’, 5.5’, 6’, 6.5’ and 8’ beds to accommodate various pickup truck sizes. It is recommended to measure your pickup truck bed before ordering any truck topper to ensure the best fit for your vehicle.


AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper Back

Image Credit: AT Overland

In conclusion, the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper is a high-quality camper shell truck topper designed for overland travel. Made from lightweight aluminum and honeycomb composite, it is sturdy, insulated, and provides ample cargo space. 

The Atlas can be deployed in 60 seconds and provides a comfortable sleeping platform with enough room for two people. With its all-new design, the AT Overland Atlas Truck Topper provides a durable and customizable option for truck camping enthusiasts who are looking for comfort, versatility, and improved style on their adventures.

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