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This Lightweight Trailer is a Do-It-All Overlanding Machine

Outdoor adventures are exciting but often come with the challenge of transporting gear. A lightweight trailer can offer a practical solution. They strike an ideal balance between carrying capacity and easy handling, revolutionizing how adventurers travel. 

Space Trailers have redefined the very concept of lightweight trailers for outdoor enthusiasts. Their design focuses on being lightweight yet durable, suitable for various vehicles, and perfect for different terrains. This makes them an excellent choice for those seeking convenience without compromising on the essentials.

This week, we’ll look at the various advantages of Space Trailers. From fuel efficiency to cost savings and rugged off-road performance, these trailers provide a comprehensive solution for adventure seekers. They’re not just about moving gear; they enhance the entire experience of outdoor exploration.

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A Lightweight Trailer offers Fuel Efficiency and Towing Ease

space trailer towing in fall

Lightweight trailers such as the Space Trailers offer remarkable fuel efficiency, a vital advantage for travelers. Their lightweight design significantly cuts down on fuel consumption. This is especially beneficial for long trips where fuel costs are a major consideration, making them a budget-friendly choice for adventurers.

Towing ease is another standout feature. Space Trailers are engineered to be towed by a diverse array of vehicles, including smaller, more fuel-efficient crossovers. This flexibility allows adventurers with different types of vehicles to enjoy the benefits of a trailer without needing a large, powerful towing vehicle.

The lightweight nature of these trailers also contributes to easier handling on the road. They are more manageable to navigate, especially in challenging terrains or when making sharp turns. This ease of handling enhances the overall safety and comfort of your travel experience.




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Cost-Effective Travel With a Lightweight Trailer

space trailer in field

Owning a Space Trailer is an economically smart decision. These lightweight trailers are not only affordable in their initial purchase price but also offer significant savings in ongoing expenses. The cost-effectiveness of these trailers makes them an attractive option for a wide range of adventurers, especially those conscious of their budget.

The maintenance costs for Space Trailers are notably lower compared to heavier trailers. Their simpler design and lighter weight mean there are fewer components that require regular maintenance or are prone to wear and tear. This aspect translates to long-term savings, as the frequency and cost of repairs are substantially reduced.

space trailer loading gear

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of these trailers also means they exert less strain on the towing vehicle. This reduced strain leads to lower maintenance costs for your vehicle and prolongs its lifespan. Fewer repairs and a longer life for your vehicle result in more money saved, making your adventures more about the experience and less about the expense.

You Can Still Have Off-Road Capability With a Lightweight Trailer

space trailer in badlands

Space Trailers are designed for versatility in off-road adventures. Equipped with options for 13” and 15” tires, including a robust 15” All-Terrain Tire, they’re built to handle challenging terrains effortlessly. This versatility is key for adventurers who explore beyond conventional paths.

The model selection, including LowRider and HighRider, caters to different off-road requirements. Each model’s axle and leaf spring placement ensures stability, even on uneven and rugged trails. This exceptional design consideration allows for a smoother and safer towing experience in various outdoor settings.

space trailer on mountain road

Customizable tongue lengths in the trailers accommodate different load sizes, enhancing balance and control during off-road navigation. Whether it’s a short trip or an extended adventure, these trailers can be tailored to suit any journey, ensuring your gear is always secure.

Space Trailers also incorporate stabilizing jacks and heavy-duty gas cylinders, adding to their off-road proficiency. These features provide extra stability and lifting power, essential for maintaining balance and ease of access to your gear in unpredictable outdoor terrains.

Lightweight Trailers are Also Easier to Store

Space Trailers vertical storage

Storing a Space Trailer is remarkably easy, thanks to its innovative vertical storage capability. This unique feature addresses the common problem of bulky trailers taking up too much space. The Space Bumper at the trailer’s rear enables it to stand upright, significantly reducing its footprint in your garage or storage area.

The design of Space Trailers also includes an adjustable tongue, which enhances their storage convenience. When you’re not using the trailer, simply flip down the tongue, and the trailer fits snugly in a vertical position.

Moving and positioning Space Trailers for storage is a breeze due to their lightweight build. Unlike heavier trailers that require significant effort to maneuver, these can be easily handled by one person. This ease of handling is a major plus for those who frequently use and store their trailer.

For a more detailed insight into how Space Trailers maximize both space and functionality, read our comprehensive review here. It delves into the various features and benefits of Space Trailers, providing a deeper understanding of their practicality and efficiency.

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