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Campluxe Cabovers First Impressions: Luxury Camping in Your Truck Bed

I recently took a quick trip to Anza Borrego, one of my favorite places to camp. It’s quiet, secluded, and not that far from the L.A. area where I live.

This trip was more special than usual, though, because it gave me the opportunity to meet one of the founders of Campluxe Cabovers and tour his truck-bed camper.

I won’t beat around the bush – Campluxe Cabovers is an impressive pop-top truck bed camper that offers tons of amenities in a compact package. This camper manages to combine high-end features and luxury touches with durability, functionality, and ease of use in mind. It’s the ideal package!

So, now that you have a quick preview of how impressive Campluxe Cabovers is, let’s dive into the details so you can get to know this camper a little better.

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What is Campluxe Cabovers?

campluxe cabovers team

Campluxe Cabovers is a family-owned business based in San Diego. The company was founded on the basis of hard work and high-quality products, the combination of which provides customers with the best possible truck bed camping experience.

But Campluxe Cabovers isn’t just a company dedicated to quality products – it is also committed to the highest-quality customer service in the industry, with their shop located in San Diego ready to make repairs at any time. Company founders Adam and Bobby understand that buying a camper is a significant investment, and they strive to ensure your investment is one you can enjoy for years and years to come. WIth this specific design incorporating fiberglass, you end up with a product that supersedes the competition in the category of longevity. 

Basic Specs of the Campluxe Cabovers Pop-Top Truck Bed Camper

campluxe cabovers team

The Campluxe Cabovers camper is a compact, four-season rig measuring 132.2″(L) x 69.09″(W) x 61.71″(H). With an interior that’s 130.51″(L) x 65.94″(W) x 56.53″(H) and offers eight feet of headroom when the top is up, you get a lot of interior space in a small package.

The camper’s body is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer, which is both highly durable and lightweight (in fact, depending on the options you select, the camper weighs just 1,100-1,400 pounds). The fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction continues on the camper’s floor, which is then covered with highly durable PVC flooring.

campluxe bed and roof vent

As I mentioned a moment ago, this truck-bed camper has a pop-top roof that offers excellent headroom and four canvas vents that help ventilate the camper. Open the vents to cool the camper down before bed, air the camper out after cooking dinner, and enjoy fresh air without letting the elements in.

campluxe full bed

The camper can accommodate three people for sleeping, too. There’s a full-size 54” x 77” bed in the nose of the camper that slides back when you’re using the dinette and galley. Then, when it’s time to rack out, you can extend the bed and hit the sack in about 30 seconds. There’s also a dinette that converts to a 44” x 66” bed that’s perfect for one adult or a kiddo or two.

Essential Features of the Campluxe Cabovers Camper

campluxe cabovers kitchen

Unlike some cabover campers, this Campluxe camper is loaded up with features that make it one of the most well-appointed truck bed campers on the market.

For example, this camper has a full galley, complete with a deep stainless-steel sink and folding faucet, a 22-gallon freshwater tank, and a two-burner propane cooktop. When not in use, the sink and cooktop both have glass covers, giving you much more prep space (the extending countertop helps with this as well). And with the included Dometic 1.7 cubic-foot fridge-freezer combo to keep your food and drinks cold, you have the ideal compact kitchen!

Complementing the galley is an array of lightweight aluminum cubbies and cabinets for storing food, cooking utensils, and other gear. The use of aluminum means less weight than wood cabinets and no risk of mold, either. Campluxe builds these campers to be used, so having durable materials like this that can be easily cleaned allows you to live your camp life to its fullest without worrying about how dirt, mud, and other gunk mess with the camper’s finishes.

campluxe full bed and pop-top roof

But what about heating and cooling?

Campluxe Cabovers has you covered there, too. Summer camping is cooler thanks to the high-powered 12-volt vent fan that exhausts stale air and draws fresh, cool air in from the outside. Alternatively, you can take this camper out in the middle of winter and use the Eberspacher Espar Airtronic diesel heater to keep the camper toasty warm.

And don’t worry about having enough power to run these electrical components! Campluxe Cabovers has integrated an electrical system that has all the goodies you need:

  • 2000-watt pure sine wave inverter/charger
  • 120AH Lifeline battery
  • Charging capabilities that include the truck’s alternator, 30-amp shore power, and solar power
  • 20-amp MPPT solar power controller
  • Two 12-volt 100-watt soft solar panels
  • Two interior 12-volt USB sockets, plus two cigarette lighter sockets
  • One exterior 12-volt USB socket, plus one cigarette lighter socket
  • 12-volt control panel with all controls in one place

campluxe cabovers system controls

Earlier, I mentioned that this truck bed camper has a 22-gallon freshwater tank. Well, that’s not all! It also comes with a five-gallon gray water tank with an easy-empty valve, plus a five-gallon food-grade water tank for drinking water storage. There’s a dual power water heater (12-volt and 110-volt), an outdoor shower with hot and cold water, and hot and cold water in the kitchen sink, too. Nice!

In other words, Campluxe has incorporated everything you need in this camper to eat, sleep, and hang out, stay cool or warm, wash up, and store all your gear. What’s not to like?!

Campluxe Cabovers Compatible Trucks

campluxe campers and toyota tacoma

We’ve firmly established that Campluxe Cabovers campers have it all, so the question is this – will it fit your truck?

Fortunately, this rig is ready to rumble in the back of a long list of compact and full-size trucks. On the compact side, you can outfit your Toyota Tacoma, Rivian R1T, Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier, or Jeep Gladiator with a Campluxe camper. Those of you with a Ford F150 or Raptor, GMC Sierra, or Chevy Silverado are also in luck!

Why a Cabover Camper is the Ideal Camping Solution

campluxe campers with family camping

Ask three people what the ideal camping solution is, and you’ll likely get an array of answers ranging from RVs to fifth wheels to rooftop tents. But for my money, it’s hard to beat a cabover camper for camping adventures.

Think about it – none of the other options offer the same level of convenience or blend of size and functionality. RVs, fifth wheels, and trailers require a lot of time and energy to pack and get ready for the road, not to mention all the time that’s needed to set them up once you get to your destination.

Simpler setups like a rooftop tent are quick and easy to pack and deploy, but they lack the amenities of an RV or trailer. That’s where a truck bed camper shines! Models like the one from Campluxe Cabovers offer all the conveniences of big RVs and trailers but in a compact, easy-to-use package that simply slides into the bed of your truck.

campluxe campers on the road

There’s no hooking up or disconnecting from a trailer and no heavy trailer to tow. There’s also no roughing it in a rooftop tent with no heat or airflow! Instead, you get a home on wheels that’s ready to go at a moment’s notice while also offering everything you need to have a comfortable adventure.

Sounds nice, right?

If you’re ready to experience the freedom of the open road with a luxurious campover camper, visit the Campluxe Cabovers website to get started!

Disclaimer: Just so you know, some of the cool stuff we mention comes with affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission if you buy (no extra charge to you!). Plus, we occasionally feature sponsored content, but rest assured, we only shout out products we genuinely stand behind.

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