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Best Jeep Accessories of 2024

When I bought my Jeep Gladiator back in 2020, I knew there were a lot of things I wanted to do to upgrade it and make it a more capable rig for my overlanding needs. But looking back on it, I really didn’t grasp how much I needed to change.

Now, going on four years later, my Jeep is outfitted just about exactly how I want. It’s been a long journey (and an expensive one), but good things come to those who wait!

Anyway, I got to thinking about how many Jeep accessories I’ve added to my Gladiator, and wanted to share some of my favorite additions. As you’ll see below, I’ve focused on some of the smaller and less expensive Jeep accessories I’ve purchased; that way, those of you who are just starting the upgrade process on your Jeeps aren’t overwhelmed with huge price tags.

But…if you want to scope out some of the more price-intensive upgrades I’ve done, you can read my articles such as Warn Zeon 10 Winch Review, Rock Slide Engineering Step Slider Review, A Bold Transformation: Upgrading the Fenders on my 2020 Jeep Gladiator, and Unlocking Peak Performance: ICON Suspension Stage 7 Reviews.

Without further ado, let’s get to my list of the best Jeep upgrades of 2024!

Table of Contents

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: Dash Poncho

dash poncho 1

One of the best features of Jeeps is that you can take the top and doors off and enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze of a summer’s day. The downside, of course, is that doing so exposes the interior of your Jeep to the elements. The dashboard, in particular, can take a beating as the sun’s rays, dust, dirt, rain, and other elements get inside the Jeep while you’re sunning on the beach, stopping to enjoy the view while off-roading, or points in between.

But with Dash Poncho, those worries are all in the past!

dash poncho 2

Dash Poncho is a simple concept – it’s a lightweight (less than one pound), durable cover that protects your Jeep’s dashboard electronics from rain, sun, dust, wind, and sand. Installation only takes 30 seconds, too – simply use the Dash Poncho’s 12 bungees and seven suction cups to cover your Jeep’s dashboard and console area, and then you can go back to enjoying yourself without worrying about what the weather will do to your Jeep.

As an added bonus, Dash Poncho covers the stereo area, so if you have a nice head unit installed in your Jeep, Dash Poncho comes to the rescue to protect it as well!

dash poncho 3

Dash Poncho is as easy to remove as it is to install, too. When you’re ready to hit the road again, it’s a matter of a few seconds to detach its bungees and suction cups and place it in its mesh storage bag. Then, you can store it on the front passenger seat’s headrest for easy access the next time. How easy is that?!

dash poncho 4

With thousands and thousands of dollars of sensitive electronic components in a Jeep’s dashboard area, giving it as much protection as possible makes sense. In this case, Dash Poncho – which is made by a small, family-owned company here in the USA – is the perfect solution, and a budget-friendly one, too, at less than $125.00.

I’ve had seven Jeeps over my lifetime, and leaving them sitting with the roof off has always caused me concern…

But, with Dash Poncho, I can leave my Gladiator out and about with the roof open, knowing that when I return, the dashboard and all the sensitive electronics inside won’t be adversely affected. As far as Jeep accessories go, this one should be at the top of your list to protect your rig!

Learn more about Dash Poncho

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: Hard Top Buddy

hard top buddy 1

One of the best features of Jeeps is the removable hardtop. As I’m writing this, it’s beautiful, sunny, and warm outside – the perfect day to take the top of my Jeep and let the wind blow through my hair!

Of course, one of the absolute worst parts of Jeeps is the cumbersome process of actually removing the top. As fun as it is to go roofless, it’s zero fun trying to manhandle that thing. It requires several friends to come over and help me get the darn thing off the Jeep before we can hit the road.

But there’s a Jeep accessory to make this process much simpler and that requires no help from your friends. It’s called Hard Top Buddy.

hard top buddy 2

This patented gadget is beautiful in its simplicity. It mounts to your Jeep’s hitch and has an articulating arm that extends over the roof. Use straps to attach the roof to the arm, then turn the crank on the Hard Top Buddy to lift the roof off your Jeep. Swing the arm 180 degrees, turn the crank to lower the hardtop to the ground, and you’re all set!

Better still, Hard Top Buddy is easily transportable…

hard top buddy 4

On the one hand, Hard Top Body uses a telescopic design, so it collapses into a smaller form factor for transport. On the other hand, the hinged part of the arm folds backwards against itself, giving it an even smaller footprint.

With this design, you can easily transport Hard Top Buddy in the back of your Jeep where it’s ready for use when you need it. Remove the top in just a few minutes for an afternoon drive on the trail. Then, when you’re done for the day, put the top back on to protect your Jeep from the elements. It couldn’t be easier!

hard top buddy 5

Hard Top Buddy is American-designed and manufactured, so you know the quality of the product is top-notch. Quality is important for any Jeep accessory, but especially so in this case.

With your rig’s expensive roof hanging in the balance, you want quality craftsmanship, durable materials, and a smart design you can rely on. That’s exactly what you get with Hard Top Buddy. Enjoy years of reliable, safe service and years of fun drives in a roofless Jeep!

Learn more about Hard Top Buddy

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: KC Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar

driving lights for off-road


One of the first Jeep Accessories I purchased was the KC Pro6 Gravity LED Light Bar, and it has exceeded my expectations at every turn.

Its Cree XPL HD LEDs boast an impressive 18,400 lumens output, providing a powerful beam that stretches over 1,600 meters. With a color temperature of 5,000K, the clarity and definition of the surroundings are unmatched.

Compact yet mighty, this 160-watt wonder measures just 6 inches in height, 3.33 inches in depth, and slightly over 51.5 inches in width. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into my Gladiator, enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality.

fog lights

Installation is a breeze, too! Even if you have minimal mechanical skills, you should have no problem installing this bar on your own Jeep. And with customizable light output options including driving lights, spots, or wide-40 beams, you can tailor their illumination to suit your specific needs.

Backed by the renowned reputation of KC HiLites, you can trust the quality and durability of this product. With decades of experience in the industry, they’ve earned their status as leaders for a reason!

Learn more about the KC HiLites Gravity Pro6 LED Light Bar

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: 67 Designs Series 55 Rail Mount System

67 designs rail

During my overlanding expeditions, I come prepared with an array of gadgets to stay connected to clients and document my adventures for multiple YouTube channels. Instead of having my essentials scattered across my Jeep floorboard or passenger seat, I’ve streamlined my setup with the innovative 67 Designs Series 55 Rail Mount system.

Despite the multitude of gadgets I rely on, this versatile rail system accommodates them all, with capacity for up to seven accessories. Mounted securely on my dashboard, my phone, GoPro, iPad, and other devices are easily accessible, allowing me to stay focused on the road ahead, whether cruising along a highway or tackling rough terrain.

67 designs series 55 rail

Crafted with visibility in mind, the low-profile design of the 67 Designs rail system ensures an unobstructed view through the windshield, enhancing safety during every journey.

What sets this system apart is its compatibility with various mounts, holders, and arms, providing endless customization possibilities. With dedicated mounts for each of my devices, I’ve created a centralized “command center” that keeps me organized and efficient while on the move.

For any overlanding enthusiast, maintaining order and security within the cabin is paramount. With the 67 Designs rail system, achieving this goal becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead with peace of mind!

Learn more about the 67 Designs Series 55 Rail Mount System

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: Savadicar JL Grab Tray 

Savadicar JL Grab Tray 1


I don’t know about you, but storage always seems to be short for me when I’m on the road in my Jeep. That means adding Jeep accessories that enhance storage is a top priority.

An easy way to get a little more storage is to add a storage box to the passenger grab handle mounted to the dashboard. The Savadicar JL Grab Tray is a simple accessory that slides into the cavity created by the grab handle and gives you a spot to put your phone, extra sunglasses, hand wipes, and other small items.

Savadicar JL Grab Tray 2

This Jeep accessory is made from high-quality ABS plastic, so it’s rugged and durable (and easy to clean, too!). Better still, you don’t have to drill any holes or glue the tray in place. Just slide the tray in place, and you’re ready to rock!

Learn more about the Savadicar JL Grab Tray

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: PIMCAR Center Console Organizer Center

PIMCAR Center Console Organizer Center 2


Another of my favorite Jeep accessories for storage is the PIMCAR Center Console Organizer Center. It’s about as simple as you can get: open the center console and pop it in without the need to drill any holes or glue anything in place!

The tray sits up from the bottom of the console, giving you a tray where you can put frequently used items while saving space beneath the tray for larger, less used items. This also functions as a false bottom, allowing you to keep expensive items like your phone hidden and out of view.

PIMCAR Center Console Organizer Center 1

The tray has a hole in the back, so you can route a charging cable for your phone to the tray. This hole also lets the LED light in the console to illuminate the tray. Better yet, it’s made of high-quality ABS plastic, so it’ll provide years of durable service. The matte finish and non-slip rubber pads are a nice touch, making it an eye-catching Jeep accessory and a more functional one, too.

Learn more about the PIMCAR Center Console Organizer Center

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: Kraken Offroad Front Overhead MOLLE Panel Storage System

kraken offroad 2


You can utilize the overhead space between the front driver’s and passenger seats for storage in your Jeep, too.

I have the Kraken Offroad MOLLE panel system in my Jeep, and it’s proven to be one of the most functional Jeep accessories I’ve ever bought. Since it uses MOLLE/PALS standards, it is broadly compatible with a wide range of accessories (I have my Wouxun radio mounted to it, among several other things).

kraken offroad 1

The panel is made from 5052 aluminum, so it’s lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It’s also double powder coated for an extra layer of durability.

On top of that, it’s easy to install and comes with all the hardware you need to get it attached to your Jeep. You can use it with a hardtop or a soft top, too!

Learn more about the Kraken Offroad Front Overhead MOLLE Panel Storage System

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: Desert Does It Shorty Front Seat Jackers

desert does it seat jackers

Not all my favorite Jeep accessories have to do with storage…

The Shorty Front Seat Jackers from Desert Does It makes the ride far more comfortable in my Gladiator by lifting the front of the seat up. What this does is support your legs better, so you don’t have as much lower back pain, especially on long drives.

The resulting seat position – which is slightly reclined, doesn’t come at the expense of headroom, either. I’m over six feet tall, and with these seat jackers in, I experienced no significant difference in headroom. I did, however, experience a much more comfortable ride!

Learn more about the Desert Does It Shorty Front Seat Jackers

Best Jeep Accessories of 2024: Desert Does It Front Multi Mount Panel

desert does it mmp

Another interesting Jeep accessory from Desert Does It is the Multi Mount Panel that attaches to the front of the driver’s or passenger seat.

This gadget is ideal for quickly accessing a frequently used tool. For example, I have a knife in a sheath attached to the panel. The sheath stays put, so when I need a knife, I just open the door, grab the knife, and take care of whatever I need to cut or slice.

desert does it mmp 2

The panel isn’t just for knives, though. You can mount a fire extinguisher, a flashlight, or a tool roll, as just a few examples. You can mount multiple items, too, with some on the front and others on the backside of the panel.

The panel has a slotted honeycomb design that easily allows you to bolt or strap Jeep accessories to it. And since it’s made from 6061 aluminum and powder coated, it’ll give you years of reliable service!

Learn more about the Desert Does It Front Multi Mount Panel

Disclaimer: Just so you know, some of the cool stuff we mention comes with affiliate links, meaning we earn a commission if you buy (no extra charge to you!). Plus, we occasionally feature sponsored content, but rest assured, we only shout out products we genuinely stand behind.

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