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Space Trailers Rreview: Mmaximizing Space and Functionality for your Adventures

Owning a trailer often comes with the downside of taking up a significant amount of space. Whether stored in storage units or parked in driveways, trailers can be inconvenient from the “where do I keep it” standpoint.

However, Space Trailers has revolutionized the concept of trailer ownership with a lightweight and innovative solution that maximizes space utilization. How, you ask? That’s what we’ll explore in this Space Trailers review!

Below, I’ve outlined the unique features and benefits of Space Trailers, which provide ample storage while offering unparalleled functionality for various adventures. Is it the right trailer for your needs? Let’s find out!

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Space Trailers Review: Making Space a Reality

Space Trailers vertical storage

Space Trailers has developed a groundbreaking solution to address the space issue associated with trailer ownership…

Their lightweight trailers are designed for vertical storage, allowing you to reclaim valuable space in your garage or driveway.

This feat is made possible by the Space Bumper, a flat surface at the trailer’s rear that facilitates vertical storage. Adjusting the trailer’s tongue downward allows Space Trailers to minimize the vertical footprint, making it a game-changer for storage efficiency.




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Space Trailers Review: Versatile Models for Every Need

space trailers backend

Space Trailers offers a range of models to cater to different requirements. The LowRider ST, HighRider ST, and HighRider XL models provide options suited to varying ride heights and vehicle sizes.

The distinction between the LowRider and HighRider models lies in the placement of the axle in relation to the leaf spring. The LowRider features springs below the axle, while the HighRider models have springs above the axle.

Moreover, the availability of 13-inch or 15-inch wheels ensures compatibility with different vehicle heights, allowing you to choose the ideal trailer to match your specific needs. It’s like those choose-your-own-adventure books from back in the day, but with a trailer!

Space Trailers Review: Unparalleled Functionality and Features

space trailers 2023 expedition trailer

Space Trailers are designed with ultimate functionality in mind, making them perfect companions for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you need to transport camping gear, bikes, kayaks, or other equipment, Space Trailers’ ingenious design provides adaptability. The trailers feature a low-profile, aerodynamic design, which not only enhances their functionality but also helps reduce fuel costs.

This is an important point because you can allocate more resources to your exciting journeys by saving on fuel expenses. So, not only will your costs be lower, but you can also enjoy having a trailer with you to carry your gear – and one that doesn’t bust your budget, at that!

space trailers cargo bed

The base Space Trailer model boasts several impressive features, including a 4×7 foot box with a non-skid floor for secure gear storage. The tailgate can be flipped open to 90 or 180 degrees, providing easy access to the cargo, too.

A removable UV protectant .25-inch-thick HDPE canopy with an aluminum frame adds versatility, even accommodating gear mounted on top. Gas cylinders assist in the canopy’s opening and closing, supporting up to 300 pounds of equipment.

Additionally, 13-inch Mod Black steel rims with highway-rated radial tires ensure durability and performance both on and off-road. The 4-foot tongue, which can be flipped down for vertical storage, adds to the trailer’s overall convenience.

Space Trailers Review: Customization Options

space trailers with rooftop tent

Space Trailers understand that personalization is key, and they offer a range of customization options to suit individual needs.

For example, heavy-duty gas cylinders capable of supporting 400 pounds are available, making them perfect for adding rooftop tents to your Space Trailer. Other customizable options include kayak racks, bike carriers, and a 6.5-foot awning, among others.

These choices allow you to tailor your trailer to your specific requirements without compromising on functionality. Moreover, as a family-owned company manufacturing its trailers in the USA, Space Trailers prioritizes quality craftsmanship and materials. Hence, the investment in the trailer and its associated customizations pays off with long-term durability.

Space Trailers Review: Affordable and Accessible

space trailers functionality

One of the most remarkable aspects of Space Trailers is their affordability. With prices starting at just $4,999, these trailers are budget-friendly, especially considering their exceptional functionality and customization options.

Space Trailers provides an opportunity to save on space and fuel expenses, making it a wise investment if you’re seeking cost-effective solutions for your adventures.

Final Thoughts

space trailer 2022 best expedition trailers

Space Trailers have revolutionized the trailer industry by addressing the space issue while at the same time providing unparalleled functionality. With their innovative vertical storage design, lightweight construction, and versatile models, Space Trailers offer ample storage space while accommodating various adventure gear requirements.

Additionally, the trailers’ customization options, durability, and family-owned manufacturing ensure an exceptional ownership experience for you. By combining practicality, affordability, and quality, Space Trailers have truly redefined the concept of trailer ownership for outdoor enthusiasts such as yourself!

space trailers with open canopy

I met the Space Trailers team at Overland West this year, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with them and their trailers. In fact, I was heading to conduct an interview when I was stopped dead in my tracks by the Space Trailers booth – these trailers truly are that impressive. The photos don’t do them justice!

If you want to level up your ability to go on adventures and do so without spending a ton of money or taking up all the space in your garage or driveway, Space Trailers is the way to go. Get more details about Space Trailers by visiting their website today! You can even schedule a personal video walk around tour of the trailers to see which one is right for you.

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