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OBi Dweller 19 Review

If you want to leave the city and overcrowded campsites behind but still want to enjoy a luxurious time in the backcountry, you need to invest in a deluxe off-road camping trailer. With an off-roading trailer, you can comfortably and confidently explore even the most rugged and remote parts of the outdoors 100% worry-free.

With that in mind, one of the best options currently on the market is the brand-new OBi Dweller 19. It’s Outback Innovations’ flagship trailer and their biggest and baddest Dweller yet. Moreover, thanks to a handful of premium (optional) upgrades, you can customize it to perfectly meet your and your family’s needs.

With a starting price of $79,999, it is not the cheapest adventure trailer out there, but trust us, it’s worth every penny! Truth be told, we have never seen another trailer that matches its stellar combination of build quality, off-road, exterior, and interior features. It is available at select retailers nationwide, such as ROA Off-Road.

Without further ado, it’s time to dive into our OBi Dweller 19 review and find out everything there is to know about this one-of-a-kind camper trailer!

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OBi Dweller 19 Build Quality

Dweller 19 Right

Regardless of what you are buying, quality is super important, and that is especially true for off-road trailers. We are proud to say that the OBi Dweller 19 is built like a military tank and is capable of withstanding whatever conditions nature may throw its way.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art designs and commitment to using only the best materials, OBi trailers are renowned for their excellent build quality. For example, the dweller 19 is constructed from heavy-duty, long-lasting metals. It has a welded aluminum body and stainless steel locks and latches.

Additionally, it boasts ultra-strong, polycarbonate dual-pane windows. Polycarbonate has an impact resistance roughly 200 times stronger than glass, meaning it’s nearly impossible to shatter or crack. On top of that, it’s coated with high-grade automotive paint that holds up well against the sun and doesn’t peel or fade.




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CLIQ Camping Chair - Most Funded Portable Chair in Crowdfunding History

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PORTAL Camping Table Foldable Portable with Adjustable Legs

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Odoland 15pcs Camping Cookware Mess Kit

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MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station 24000mAh Camping Solar Generator 

OBi Dweller 19 Off-Road Features

Dweller 19 Tandem Suspension

Next, let’s look at the off-roading features of the OBi Dweller 19. And let’s be honest, since they market it as an “off-roading trailer,” this is probably what many of you are most interested in. Well, I am excited to announce that the off-road features of the Dweller 19 blow the competition out of the water!

For starters, it has a best-in-class coil and shock suspension system. The suspension works great during towing and provides a smooth ride even when driving over the bumpiest terrain. Furthermore, it absorbs vibrations instead of transferring them to the trailer.

Other awesome off-road features include:

  • An articulating McHitch coupler 
  • Sturdy 16-inch all-terrain tires
  • A hot-dipped galvanized chassis
  • Four adjustable stabilizer jacks
  • 2 feet of ground clearance
  • Electric brakes
  • Mud/snow flaps

What more could you want from an off-road trailer?!? 

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OBi Dweller 19 Exterior Features

Dweller 19 Front

The OBi Dweller 19 is 25 feet long, about 7 feet wide, and weighs 6,389 pounds – that’s a big rig! And the outside of the trailer is full of useful features. Our favorite is the massive, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. 

The kitchen consists of three separate double-latched drawers. The primary one houses a pullout sink (with hot and cold water), a double burner, and a prep space. The other two are storage spaces ideal for all your essential kitchen equipment. You will love cooking with this setup if you are a backcountry chef like us. 

Dweller 19 Outdoor Kitchen

There’s an outdoor shower where you can rinse off and cool down after a long day out exploring. The shower has a light for nighttime, hot/cold water, and is fed from a large, 52-gallon water tank. Also, an electric awning creates a fabulous, shaded outdoor living space.

The cherry on top (literally) is the solar panels on the trailer’s roof. They generate 400 watts of solar power and feed the dual 100AH lithium batteries. That’s more than enough energy to power all your favorite appliances for days. 

OBi Dweller 19 Interior Features

Dweller 19 Interior

You will be blown away by the inside of the OBi Dweller 19. It’s one of the most extravagant trailers we have ever been lucky enough to step inside, and its beautiful features are instantly apparent from the moment you walk through the door.

The cozy dining room area is the first amenity that will grab your attention. It consists of a comfortable 2-3 person sofa and a movable table. You can squeeze as many as six people around the table – enough for the whole family!

Dweller 19 Bed

There’s also an indoor kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The kitchen has a full-size fridge/freezer combo, a microwave, a three-burner stove, an oven, and a sink. In the bathroom, you will find a toilet and a spacious shower. Finally, the bedroom boasts a plush king-sized bed with tons of windows.

Two more interior features are off-grid air conditioning and endless storage compartments. Without exaggeration, the Dweller 19 is far and away nicer than many 5-star hotels we have stayed in.

OBi Dweller 19 Put to the Test

OBi Dweller 19 with RAM Truck

As you can see, the OBi Dweller 19 is absolutely jam-packed with high-end features (inside and out) that are ideal for escaping the city and getting off the grid. However, there’s a big difference between reading about it and seeing it with your own two eyes.

Check out the video below by ROA Offroad for a complete tour of a fully decked-out OBi Dweller 19. In this video, you will discover all the innovative features that make OBi Dweller trailers special and learn more about the customization options.

We know that a travel trailer is a huge investment. That’s why researching and finding the perfect one for you is crucial. Having said that, we are confident the OBi Dweller 19 checks all the boxes of what makes a great trailer!

For more details and information about the Dweller 19, visit ROA Off-Road

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