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Just How Good is the OBi Dweller Off-Road?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on this website, you’ve likely come across articles singing the praises of the OBi Dweller lineup, including the Dweller 13, Dweller 15, and Dweller 19.

But if you’re unfamiliar with OBi Campers, let me just say they are an incredible blend of luxurious features, loads of functionality, and incredible off-road capabilities. But just how good is an OBi Dweller off-road?

In the video above, the guys from ROA Offroad seek to answer this question by taking the Dweller 13 and Dweller 15 to Moab – one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. and one of the most rugged places to test out a trailer’s off-road capabilities.

The trail they chose for their testing includes S-turns, shelves, steps, and of course, a lot of rugged dirt roads. It’s tough going, to say the least, but the ROA Offroad crew proved that OBi trailers are more than capable of handling rugged trails with ease.

The question is, how can these campers go where other campers can’t? Let’s find out!

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OBi Dweller Towing & Suspension

obi dweller 13 suspension

The most obvious feature to discuss when pondering how a trailer like the OBi Dweller can handle such difficult terrain is its suspension.

The Dweller 13 and 15 both have an independent coil and dual shock suspension with heavy-duty springs. The benefit of a setup like this is that it offers you an incredibly smooth towing experience, whether on-road or off-road.

This type of suspension absorbs the trailer’s movement. So, rather than transferring the vibrations of off-road travel to the body of the trailer and the tow vehicle (as is the case with a solid axle design), the independent coil and shock suspension gives you a nice, smooth ride. Who doesn’t want that?!

dweller 13 hitch

Additionally, these trailers have hot-dipped galvanized chassis that offer long-term durability against rust. That means you can spend less time worrying about the build quality of your trailer and more time concentrating on navigating the trail ahead.

Of course, an articulating hitch is a must for a trailer that tackles rough trails. Both the Dweller 13 and Dweller 15 come with a McHitch articulating hitch that minimizes bind-up issues and maximizes the ability of the trailer and the tow vehicle to move independently of one another as they navigate bumps and dips on the trail.

OBi Dweller Brakes & Tires

obi dweller 15 on dirt road

Both the Dweller 13 and Dweller 15 come equipped with electric brakes to help you manage the weight of the trailer whether you’re on the freeway or on a difficult trail in Moab.

What’s more, these trailers come with 16-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires that provide excellent grip, even on slippery surfaces. The full-size spare that comes with the trailer gives you peace of mind that if you get a flat, you have a backup on hand. You can even run the same wheels and tires on the trailer and your tow vehicle, that way you’ve got multiple spares that can fit anywhere on your rig.

OBi Dweller Dimensions


The OBi Dweller 13 and Dweller 15 are not small, that’s for sure…

The Dweller 13 is 4,739 pounds dry, 20.5 feet long (from the McHitch to the spare), and just over seven feet wide. With the roof collapsed, the trailer is just over eight feet high.

The Dweller 15 is even larger at 5,200 pounds dry, 22.5 feet (from the McHitch to the spare), and just over seven feet wide. It’s the same height as the Dweller 13 – just over eight feet – with the roof collapsed.

obi dweller 13 side profile

The fact that these trailers are this big and heavy speaks volumes about their off-road capabilities. OBi stands for “Outback Innovations,” and that’s on full display with these rigs.

Despite their size, these trailers are agile, easy to tow (with the right tow vehicle and driver skill, of course), and open up tons of possibilities for outdoor adventuring. As noted above, these trailers can navigate tight turns, climb up steps, and go over large boulders on the trail.

OBi Dweller Luxury Features


So, clearly, OBi knows how to build trailers capable of getting way off-grid. But something else that OBi is really good about is building comfortable, if not downright luxurious, campers.

Imagine a long day on difficult trails and getting to come inside your Dweller 13 or 15 and taking a hot shower – in a shower that you can stand up straight in and turn around in! Next, imagine taking a nap on the comfortable camper king-sized bed and waking up with a view of the beautiful surroundings from the large windows. Not bad, right?

The OBi Dweller 13 and 15 have many more luxurious features, though. For example, you get:

  • High-end cabinets and flooring
  • Day or night window shades with bug-out screens
  • A floor-mounted air conditioning system
  • A combination heater and hot water unit
  • An adjustable dining table

Additionally, these campers come with a cassette toilet, a TV/DVD/stereo system, and the expanding pop-top roof I mentioned earlier.

These trailers have lots of exterior goodies, too, including an incredible amount of locking storage that keeps your gear dry and safe (and dust-free, thanks to the triple-sealed doors).

The OBi Dweller 13 and Dweller 15 also have a stainless-steel pull-out galley with a two-burner stove and a sink with hot and cold water. There’s an outdoor shower, a 12-foot electric awning, an electric entry step, and a front-mounted toolbox for your recovery gear.

Let’s not forget that these trailers come with three 100-watt solar panels, a 2000-watt Renege inverter, and three 100AH batteries to provide long-lasting power when you’re off-grid.

I could go on and on about OBi Dweller campers – they have that long a list of features and amenities. These trailers are truly impressive in all regards, from their level of build quality, the comfort they provide, and, of course, their off-road prowess.

Get more details about the OBi Dweller 13 and Dweller 15 to see why one of these trailers should be your next off-road adventure rig!

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