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Camping Trailer Features That Make Roughing It More Comfortable

Camping may be much more pleasurable when you don’t constantly carry bulky things around. That is why we want to talk about a specific camper that many people adore – the Dweller 15 by OBi. Anyone interested in a great outdoor camping experience will love this compact, yet comfortable camping trailer.

This trailer is designed for remote journeys that take you far into the deserts and woodlands on twisty roads that only a select few trailers can withstand. Due to its adjustable towing coupler, flexible suspension with double shocks, and 16″ wheels with all-terrain tires, the Dweller 15 excelled at off-road travel. 

But, as I discuss below, the Dweller 15 isn’t just an off-road beast – it’s also a comfortable trailer that makes off-grid adventures that much better. Let’s find out why!

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Get Cleaned Up With an Outdoor Shower

When it’s hot and humid, and you want to take a cool, refreshing shower, what better way to do so than in an outdoor shower?

Sure, you can shower inside the Dweller 15, but why not do so while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you in an outdoor shower?!

Outdoor showers can sometimes be a burden to set up, but OBi has made sure this shower is incredibly quick and easy to get going. Check out the video above from the ROA Offroad Channel and see how simple it is with just four bolts and nuts.

The full bathroom inside the OBi Dweller 15 is also a noteworthy camping trailer feature. You have plenty of room to stand up straight in the interior shower thanks to the pop-top roof, and you also have room to bend down and turn without bumping your elbows against the walls. The ideal off-road trailer bathroom can be created by adding a cassette toilet to the mix.

Water is available at camp for drinking, washing dishes, and taking showers. Of course, we need a lot of it when traveling long distances, frequently necessitating jerry cans…

Jerry cans are not necessary when towing this trailer because it has a 21-gallon freshwater tank, a 31-gallon city water tank, and a 21-gallon gray water tank. Long-term water storage is, therefore, readily available. 

Whip Up Great Meals in the Outdoor Galley

The pull-out galley is another appreciated camping trailer feature of the OBi Dweller 15 that makes your off-grid adventures more comfortable.

First of all, having the kitchen outside is a nice feature since it frees up space within the trailer for sleeping and relaxing. Second, the galley is outfitted with everything an off-road trailer might need. 


For example, the OBI Dweller 15’s outdoor kitchen has two cooktop burners, a sink, and a compact refrigerator, so you can prepare meals while camping (there’s a fridge inside, too!). Additionally, there is enough room for storing your supplies and food.

The OBi Dweller 15 also comes optionally equipped with an indoor sink when you don’t want to go outside to prepare your meal. Check out the video above from ROA Offroad and see for yourself how these camping trailer features make cooking simple and easy, allowing you to use the trailer’s interior and exterior space however you need to get dinner ready to rock.

Offgrid Power Makes Life More Comfortable

One of the most significant issues we face when traveling for days or even weeks is finding enough electricity to run all of our electrical equipment. The Dweller 15 has a 2,000-watt inverter, three 100AH batteries, and three 100-watt solar panels that enable you to run all of your electrical appliances for an extended period of time.

The Dweller 15 has enough power to run the Truma Combi heater, the TV, the water pump, and other conveniences included with the trailer. And with multiple methods of charging the batteries, you have the flexibility to keep your batteries topped off. 

For example, using the solar panels to power the Dweller is a prime choice when you’re off-grid because it provides consistently, reliable, and quiet power. AC power is the quickest method of charging the Dweller, although it may be problematic if you are camping far from the city.

Utilizing a generator is an alternative, too. Sure, they’re noisy, but they are nice backup power systems if you find yourself amidst cloudy weather.

Stand Tall With a Pop-Top Roof


One of the worst experiences camping is when you can’t even stand up straight in your trailer. Thankfully, the Dweller 15 circumvents that problem thanks to its pop-top roof.

In just a few moments, you can extend the roof to allow you to stand tall, even if you’re over 6 feet tall like I am. Walking around freely without hunching over sounds like a comfortable camping experience to me!

What’s more, the Dweller 15 has an extendable back to allow for a larger internal compartment. This gives you more room for you and your family while you’re camping, but when the rear area and the roof are collapsed, it makes the Dweller 15 that much easier to tow.

Once more, this demonstrates how effectively these camping trailer features are packaged because it manages to fit all the comforts and a feeling of vastness into a small area that is intended to drive on rough roads. What more could you want out of a camping trailer?!

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