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OBi Dweller 15 vs Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

OBi Dweller 15

Off-roading adventure trailers have exploded in popularity in recent years, and one of the most well-respected companies in the outdoor industry is ROA Offroad. They are an innovative family-owned business founded in 2009 and headquartered in Lindon, Utah (they also have an East Coast store/showroom in South Carolina).

Their trailer lineup is truly one-of-a-kind and has tons of unique options. So, regardless of your needs and budget, we guarantee they have something for you. With that said, today, we will be breaking down two of their most popular trailers – the OBi Dweller 15 and the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14.

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Towing Over Rocks

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

This head-to-head comparison guide shares the similarities and differences between these off-roading trailers’ exteriors, interiors, off-roading capabilities, and more. Ok, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in and discover everything there is to know about these two amazing rigs and find out which one is right for you! 

Check out the video above by ROA Offroad to learn more about the pros and cons of traveling with the OBi Dweller 15 vs the Conqueror Off-Road EUV-14.

Table of Contents

OBi Dweller 15 vs Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 Exterior Specs


OBi Dweller 15

First, let’s examine how the exterior of these two kick-ass off-road trailers compare. Size-wise, the OBi Dweller 15 is 22 feet 6 inches long, 7 feet 3 inches wide (with the awning), and 8 feet 3 inches tall. On the other hand, the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 measures 20 feet 3 inches long, 7 feet 2 inches wide (with the awning), and 7 feet 9 inches tall.

And in terms of weight, the OBi Dweller 15 weighs 5200 pounds (6405 GVWR) while the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 clocks in at only 4350 pounds (5511 GVWR). Both are the perfect size to comfortably fit the whole family while simultaneously being compact and light enough to maneuver into tight, remote campsites in the wilderness.

Our favorite exterior features of the OBi Dweller 15 are its outdoor shower, front-mounted toolbox, and pull-out fridge/freezer. The outdoor shower saves space inside the trailer and is ideal for washing up after a long, hot day. The toolbox is perfect for storing your travel essentials. And the fridge/freezer combo keeps all your food fresh during your travels.

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 In The Evening

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

One great exterior feature shared by these two adventure trailers is their outdoor kitchens. Having the ability to cook up your favorite meals even when you are off-grid in the backcountry is a must and makes every expedition better. Also, they both have pop-top roofs, which make the trailers more spacious and let in the fresh air. 

In addition to the slide-out kitchen, the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 has multiple exterior storage spaces and a large electronic awning. Other than that, most of its signature specs and features are inside the trailer.

OBi Dweller 15 vs Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 Interior Amenities


OBi Dweller 15

The interiors of the OBi Dweller 15 and the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 are absolutely stunning and share many of the same qualities and amenities. For starters, they have an identical interior height of 6 feet 7 inches. So, unless you are extremely tall, you will be able to comfortably stand inside both of these trailers.

Other shared features are bathrooms with cassette toilets, energy-efficient A/C units, and high-end laminated floors and cabinets. After that, the differences between the insides of these two off-roading trailers start to stand out. 

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Interior

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

The Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 boasts more deluxe interior amenities when comparing the two rigs. Features you will only find in this trailer include an indoor shower, an indoor fridge/freezer, a dinette, and two beds. The beds can sleep four people, and six or more can squeeze around the U-shaped dinette.

On the flip side, the OBi Dweller 15 has one foldable king-size mattress and a TV (with a DVD player and stereo). However, you can upgrade the trailer to have a bunk bed for an additional charge. More upgrade options include an indoor sink, indoor induction stovetop, indoor fridge, and off-grid air conditioning.




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OBi Dweller 15 vs Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 Off-Road Capabilities


OBi Dweller 15

Now let’s take a look at the off-roading capabilities of the OBi Dweller 15 and the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14. We know this is why many of you are here, and you will be thrilled to learn that it’s where these two adventure trailers shine brightest!

The clearance, approach, and departure angles are all industry-leading and ensure you can take both of these trailers wherever you want. Moreover, they have large, rugged tires ideal for exploring dirt roads, trails, and beaches. That means you are 100% in charge of your off-roading adventures, not your rig! 

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Undertrailer

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

Regarding suspension, the OBi Dweller 15 uses a coil and shock system, while the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 has an airbag system. Even though the technology is different, both do a fantastic job absorbing bumps, rocks, and vibrations, making the driving experience smoother than ever.

Further off-roading and off-grid features present in these two trailers are articulating hitches, solar panels, inverters, rechargeable battery banks, water heaters, and huge water tanks. Thanks to these excellent features, you can enjoy the remotest and wildest parts of the country worry-free. 

OBi Dweller 15 vs Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 Price

obi dweller 15 on dirt road

OBi Dweller 15

Last but not least, we have to discuss the price tags of these two RVs. The OBi Dweller 15 has an affordable base price of $54,995, with tons of awesome customization options. While each upgrade comes with a cost, you won’t regret it when you have the perfect setup for you and your family.

The Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14, on the other hand, costs a slightly higher $74,999. It’s more expensive because of its lighter weight, modern design, and extra interior amenities. If those are deal breakers for you, it’s worth every penny and then some. 

Final Thoughts

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Towing

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

As you can see, you really can’t go wrong with either of these badass off-roading trailers. Both are durable, portable, and spacious and will help make your wildest off-roading dreams come true! Having said that, here are our final recommendations.

If you want a budget-friendly rig that can sleep the entire family but still is small enough to fit into narrow campsites, the OBi Dweller 15 is for you. Alternatively, if you have a higher budget and desire a luxury trailer jam-packed with premium amenities, you should opt for the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

Still can’t make up your mind? No worries! Check out the list below to browse a few more killer off-roading rigs on sale now and only available at ROA Offroad

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