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How to Upgrade a Compact Trailer for Different Outdoor Activities

When you think about hitting the trails or setting up camp, the right gear can make all the difference. But what about the right way to carry that gear? Enter the compact trailer, a nimble, versatile solution for hauling everything you need without the bulk or hassle of a bigger rig.

Compact trailers like those from Space Trailers offer the perfect blend of convenience and capacity, making them ideal for a range of outdoor activities. They’re easy to tow, even with smaller vehicles, and their size and features make storage a breeze. Plus, they’re flexible enough to be outfitted for various activities, from camping and biking to kayaking and beyond.

In this article, we’ll delve into how to upgrade your compact trailer for different outdoor adventures, focusing on Space Trailers for their innovative design and practical features. For an in-depth look at why Space Trailers are a top pick for outdoor enthusiasts, check out our detailed review here

So let’s get started on this journey to transform your compact trailer into the ultimate adventure ally.

Table of Contents

Why Invest in a Compact Trailer?

space trailer on mountain road

Investing in a compact trailer like Space Trailers offers the perfect blend of affordability and functionality. Not only do they provide a budget-friendly solution for outdoor enthusiasts, but their ease of towing and reduced maintenance costs also add long-term value. 

The compact design minimizes fuel consumption, making each adventure more economical and environmentally friendly. The practicality of a compact trailer extends to its ease of parking and storage. 

Space Trailers vertical storage

Space Trailers, with their innovative design, take convenience to the next level by allowing for vertical storage. This unique feature means that even with limited space at home, you can easily store your trailer upright, freeing up valuable driveway or garage space. 

Versatility is at the heart of Space Trailers, designed to adapt to various outdoor activities seamlessly. Whether you’re into camping, biking, or kayaking, these trailers can be customized to carry all your gear efficiently. Their multi-functional nature makes them an indispensable tool for adventurers who want to explore without limits, embodying the spirit of adventure with every trip.

Add a Rooftop Tent to Get Your Compact Trailer Ready for Camping 

Space Trailer With Thule Rooftop Tent

Adding a rooftop tent to your compact trailer transforms it into a versatile camping rig, ready for spontaneous getaways or planned trips. The beauty of a rooftop tent lies in its ability to combine the mobility of your trailer with the comfort of elevated sleeping quarters. This setup frees up space inside your trailer for other essentials while offering a cozy, secure sleeping area above.

The Thule Foothill 2-person tent is a prime choice for enhancing your camping experience. It’s compact yet spacious, designed to fold down efficiently, allowing you to utilize the remaining roof space for additional gear like bikes or kayaks. Its aerodynamic design minimizes drag, making your travels smoother and more fuel-efficient.

This rooftop tent doesn’t just save space, it’s built for convenience and comfort. With features like quick one-person setup, a wide entry, and panoramic windows for stargazing, it makes camping more enjoyable. Durable, weather-resistant materials ensure you stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. 

Use Your Compact Trailer to Get Your Bikes and Other Gear to the Trailhead

Space Trailers with Thule bike rack

When planning a biking adventure, transporting your bike safely and efficiently should be on top of your list. A compact trailer, such as the Space Trailers, is ideal for this task. It provides ample space not only for your bike but also for all the necessary equipment like helmets, tools, and extra gear. 

The Thule ProRide XT bike rack is a perfect addition to your compact trailer setup. It’s designed to hold your bike securely, with features that make mounting quick and protect your bike from damage during travel. The rack’s grip is firm yet gentle, ensuring your bike stays in place without any scratches or harm. 

Combining the Space Trailers with the Thule ProRide XT offers an unmatched level of convenience and reliability for your biking excursions. With such a setup, every trip to the trailhead is straightforward, letting you maximize your time enjoying the trails and the great outdoors.

Set Sail With a Kayak Rack for Your Compact Trailer 

Space Trailers with Thule Compass Kayak Rack

Taking your water sports adventures on the road is seamless when you equip your compact trailer with the right gear. A kayak rack, specifically the Thule Compass Kayak Rack for your Space Trailers, is essential for securely transporting your kayaks or stand-up paddleboards. 

The Thule Compass is designed for ease and durability. Its thick rubber saddles and padded uprights provide sturdy support for your kayaks, protecting them from damage during transit. The integrated StrapCatch system simplifies the process of securing your watercraft, making loading and unloading quick and stress-free. 

When not in use, the rack folds down, maintaining the aerodynamic efficiency of your trailer. Its tool-free installation and compatibility with various rack systems make it a versatile choice.

This kayak rack is not just about secure transport, it’s about enhancing your overall outdoor experience. With the ability to carry up to two kayaks or stand-up paddleboards, the Thule Compass expands your adventure possibilities. 

Expand Your Compact Trailer’s Cargo Capacity With a Cargo Carrier

Space Trailers with Thule Force XT Sport cargo carrier

Maximizing the cargo capacity of your compact trailer is essential for ensuring you can bring along all your necessary gear without feeling cramped. The Thule Force XT Sport cargo carrier is the perfect solution for expanding your storage space. 

This robust, versatile box fits neatly alongside other racks on your trailer, so you can carry bikes or kayaks on the roof while stowing additional equipment securely in the cargo box. Its AeroSkin surface and aerodynamic shape help reduce drag on the road, while the PowerClick quick-mount system ensures it’s securely attached to your trailer. 

Integrating the Thule Force XT Sport with your Space Trailers’ setup enhances your travel experience, providing a secure and convenient way to transport a wide range of gear. Its compatibility with various rack systems makes it an invaluable addition to your outdoor equipment, ensuring you’re ready for any adventure.


space trailer rear view

Upgrading your compact trailer unlocks a world of possibilities for outdoor adventures. With the right add-ons like the Thule tent and racks, your trailer becomes a versatile base camp for every excursion. This adaptability ensures you’re always ready, whether you’re hitting the bike trails, paddling down rivers, or finding that perfect campsite.

Speaking of practicality, the Space Trailers’ vertical storage feature, thanks to the Space Bumpers, is a game changer. This design allows the trailer to stand upright in your garage, saving valuable space without compromising on accessibility. Space Trailers, with its innovative storage and robust design, truly enhances the outdoor experience, proving it’s an essential companion for any adventure enthusiast.

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