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Build a Custom Trailer the Easy Way With Space Trailers

When it comes to trailers, one size doesn’t fit all. Your unique lifestyle and adventurous spirit demand something beyond the ordinary. Enter Space Trailers, the game-changer in custom trailer solutions that accommodate not just your gear, but also your space. Yes, you read that right: space. 

Traditional trailers are notorious space hogs, making you think twice about your storage options. But Space Trailers offers an unprecedented feature that allows you to store your trailer vertically, freeing up that valuable real estate in your garage. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

As we navigate through this comprehensive guide, we will explore various customizable options to fine-tune your trailer experience. From differentiating between Highrider, Lowrider, and Highrider XL models to choosing the perfect tongue and cylinder type, you’ll get all the insights you need to build your ideal custom camping trailer. And did we mention the diverse range of accessories? 

So fasten your seatbelt as we take you through a journey to construct not just a trailer, but your very own custom Space Trailer optimized for your adventures.

Table of Contents

What is the Difference Between a Highrider, Lowrider, and Highrider XL?

The right choice of a Space Trailer largely hinges on the height of your tow vehicle’s hitch. Both the LowRider and HighRider offer similar ground clearance, differing mainly in spring placement to accommodate various hitch heights.

The LowRider sits with springs below the axle, designed for vehicles with a lower hitch height. Depending on wheel size, it offers either a 14-inch or 17-inch tongue height. The HighRider ST, with springs above the axle, caters to vehicles with a higher hitch height. Its tongue height varies between 19 inches for the 13-inch wheels and 21 inches for the 15-inch ones.

The HighRider XL is the newest entrant and mirrors the HighRider ST in height specifications. However, it’s crafted for adventurers desiring more space, providing over 20% additional storage than its predecessors. With stronger welds, all-terrain tires, and a choice of three colors, it stands as the most expansive option in the lineup.

In essence, your selection should align with your vehicle’s hitch height and storage needs, ensuring optimal trailer performance and compatibility.




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Choose the Tongue on Your Custom Trailer Wisely

space trailer by river

When customizing your Space Trailer, the tongue length is a crucial consideration, especially if you’re hauling long items such as kayaks or canoes. The tongue length not only determines the trailer’s total length but also its capability to accommodate varying gear sizes while ensuring the easy operation of the Space Trailer canopy.

The Standard Tongue, extending the trailer to a total length of 11 feet with a 4-foot protrusion in front of the box, is ideal for 10-foot kayaks and comes equipped with a 44-inch cable wire. For those needing a bit more length, the Long Tongue is a worthy consideration. It elongates the trailer to 12.5 feet, having a 5.5-foot tongue ahead of the box, suitable for 15-foot kayaks, and is equipped with a 28-inch cable wire. 

space trailers with open canopy

Lastly, the XL Tongue offers the most extended option, providing a total trailer length of 13.5 feet. This 6.5-foot tongue makes it compatible with 18-foot kayaks. However, with its 14-inch cable wire, some might find the need for a wire extender. Again, for those pairing with a hitch receiver bike rack, the longer options, including the XL, are recommended for optimal functionality.

Standard vs Heavy-Duty Cylinders: Which Does Your Custom Trailer Need?

space trailers cargo bed

Integral to the functionality of your Space Trailer, gas cylinders, positioned on either side within the trailer, assist in opening and elevating the canopy. The weight you place atop the canopy directly influences the type of gas cylinder you require.

Every base Space Trailer is equipped with Standard Gas Cylinders, designed to efficiently manage the regular load and smoothly operate the canopy. These are adequate for those who don’t intend on mounting heavy equipment or gear on top of the canopy.

However, for those aiming to add substantial weight to their trailers, such as mounting a bike, kayak, or other hefty equipment, an upgrade to Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders is a must. These are crafted to bear an extra 100 lbs, ensuring seamless lifting of the canopy even with the added bulk. Importantly, if you plan on using a rooftop tent, upgrading to these robust cylinders is non-negotiable, ensuring safety and optimal functionality.

Your choice between standard and heavy-duty cylinders should, therefore, hinge on your intended load and usage, ensuring your trailer’s canopy operates efficiently and safely under the weight of your adventures.

Accessories for Your Custom Trailer

space trailer loading gear

Space Trailers offers a myriad of accessories to enhance functionality and convenience for your custom camping trailers. The Space Bars are perfect for those looking to maximize their trailer’s top storage, ensuring your gear is secured during travels. For those prioritizing safety, the Security Kit provides an added layer of protection, safeguarding your belongings.

For those venturing into uneven terrains, Stabilizer Jacks ensure your trailer remains stable and grounded. Meanwhile, the Dual Hitch introduces versatility, enabling the connection of additional equipment seamlessly. Adventure enthusiasts can make the most of the Thule range, from kayak racks to rooftop tents, each designed to elevate your outdoor experiences.

space trailer towing in fall

Lastly, the aesthetic and durability of your trailer can be enhanced with various rim and tire options. Whether you prefer the sleek appeal of aluminum rims or the rugged durability of off-road tires, there’s a choice tailored for every adventurer. With such a diverse range, customizing your trailer to match your specific adventures has never been more accessible.

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