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4 Things to Consider When Camping With a Compact Car Trailer

Camping has evolved remarkably with the advent of compact car trailers, offering newfound convenience and flexibility. These trailers, suited for a wide range of vehicles and not just compact cars, are a godsend for adventurers looking to blend comfort with mobility. They allow campers to bring along home-like amenities without the cumbersome size of traditional trailers, making them ideal for any car size.

Understanding the full potential of these versatile trailers is key, whether you’re a seasoned camper or a weekend explorer. Space Trailers, renowned for their innovative and practical designs, stand out in the realm of compact car trailers. These trailers are built to enhance your camping experience, ensuring ease and functionality on your adventures.

In this article, we delve into essential considerations such as the size, storage, and adaptability of compact car trailers. We will particularly focus on the offerings from Space Trailers, demonstrating how they can transform your camping adventures. For more insights, check out our detailed review on Space Trailers here.

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Compact Car Trailer Size and Weight Considerations

space trailers on dirt road

Selecting a compact car trailer for camping requires careful consideration of size. The ideal size should offer enough space to accommodate your camping essentials while being manageable for towing. This balance is crucial; too large a trailer can be cumbersome to maneuver, particularly in tighter camp spots or rugged terrains. Conversely, a trailer that’s too small may not meet all your storage needs.

Weight is another critical factor. The trailer’s weight should be within your vehicle’s towing capacity to ensure safe and efficient travel. This includes the trailer’s dry weight (empty weight) and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which is the maximum weight it can safely carry when loaded. Overloading can compromise vehicle handling and lead to increased wear and tear.

space trailer with kayak

Space Trailers, with their lightweight and aerodynamic design, perfectly embody these considerations. They typically offer a standard 4 x 7 foot box, ensuring ample space while maintaining a low profile for ease of towing. Their lightweight nature makes them ideal for a variety of vehicles, enhancing your camping experience without the worry of towing a heavy load.




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Storage and Organization in a Compact Car Trailer

Packing a Space Trailer in the winter

Efficient storage and organization in a compact car trailer are essential, but so is maintaining the right balance while loading. Effective use of space not only ensures you can carry all your necessities but also contributes to safe and stable towing. In compact trailers, strategic placement of items can make a significant difference.

Incorporate smart storage solutions such as multi-functional compartments and adjustable shelving to maximize space. However, it’s important to distribute the weight evenly throughout the trailer. Overloading one side can lead to towing instability and increased wear on the vehicle.

space trailer being towed in winter

Consider the weight of each item and its position in the trailer. Heavier items should be loaded lower and closer to the axle, while lighter items can be stored higher or towards the ends. This approach helps maintain a low center of gravity and enhances the trailer’s balance on the road. Regularly used items should be easily accessible, minimizing the need to rearrange your setup frequently.

Space Trailers effectively address these needs with their thoughtful design. Not only do they offer versatile storage options, but they also allow for easy organization and balanced loading. Plus, their ability to store vertically when not in use is a significant advantage, saving space in your driveway or garage. Their design ensures you can pack efficiently and safely, enhancing your overall camping experience.

Expand the Footprint of Your Compact Car Trailer With a Rooftop Tent 

space trailer in badlands

Expanding the functionality of a compact car trailer for camping often means finding innovative ways to maximize space. One such method is through the addition of a rooftop tent, which can significantly enhance the camping experience. Rooftop tents offer a unique combination of comfort and convenience, turning the roof of your trailer into a cozy, elevated sleeping area. 

The addition of a rooftop tent to your compact trailer has several advantages. It elevates you off the ground, away from dampness and critters, and can provide better views and ventilation. Rooftop tents are also known for their ease of setup and takedown, making them a practical choice for campers who prefer spending less time on setup and more on enjoying their outdoor activities.

Space Trailers Thule Foothill 2-Person Roof Top Tent

Space Trailers offers an excellent option for those looking to add this feature to their compact car trailer; the Thule Foothill 2-Person Roof Top Tent. It stands out in the market for folding down to half the size of most rooftop tents, allowing for additional roof space for other gear. 

The tent’s low profile and aerodynamic design offer a smaller footprint while driving and ease of storage in the off-season. With a sleeping capacity for two and a static weight capacity of 600 lb, the Thule Foothill makes for an ideal addition to your Space Trailer, ensuring you get the most out of your compact car trailer camping experience.

Can Your Compact Car Trailer Accommodate Various Terrain?

space trailer on mountain road

The versatility of a compact car trailer is not just defined by its size and storage capacity, but also by its ability to navigate different terrains. When planning camping adventures, it’s crucial to consider whether your trailer can handle the varied landscapes you might encounter. From smooth highways to rugged backcountry trails, the trailer’s design and features determine its suitability for different environments.

Firstly, the construction of the trailer plays a significant role. Look for features like robust chassis, durable tires, and appropriate suspension systems that can withstand the rigors of off-road conditions. The tire type and size, for instance, should match the terrain you plan to explore. Larger, all-terrain tires are preferable for rough, uneven ground, providing stability and traction.

space trailers 2023 expedition trailer

Ground clearance is another important factor. Higher clearance allows the trailer to navigate over obstacles like rocks and tree roots without damage. This is particularly important for backcountry camping or when accessing remote areas. A trailer with adjustable suspension can offer the flexibility to adapt to different terrains, enhancing its off-road capability.

Space Trailers are designed with versatility in mind. Their construction includes features like durable wheels and robust suspension systems, making them adaptable for various outdoor settings. This makes Space Trailers a reliable choice for campers who love to explore a range of destinations, from conventional campgrounds to more adventurous, off-beaten paths.

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