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What Can I Power With a 1000W Generator?

Have you ever gone on a longer camping trip and run out of charged power banks? Or maybe you are fortunate enough to have a solar panel on the roof of your vehicle but only got cloudy days on your trip. A 1000W portable generator would have really come in hand on days like that. But there is so much more you can do with a 1000W generator! 

In this article, we want to take you through a few examples of how a 1000W generator may come in handy in your camping setup.

A 1000W Generator: The Perfect Backup Plan

Ground level view of generator powering RV

 photo by sshepard via iStock

A 1000W generator is always a good thing to have, even when you already have a power source for your camping setup. The thing with solar panels is, they can malfunction, they can break. But more commonly, they can be limited by cloudy weather, rain or even snowy weather circumstances. 

Depending on the type of panels you use, they may be a lot less efficient when the weather isn’t optimal. That’s where a 1000W generator comes in to save the day. 

If your batteries are getting low, a generator can power them right up for you. With a 1000W generator as a backup plan in your camping setup, you are no longer limited to camping in the midst of summer. So, if you ever wanted to try winter camping, with a 1000W generator you can, without ever having to worry about draining your solar-powered battery.

Generator powering rv while camping

 photo by sshepard via iStock

Besides the fact that a 1000W propane generator is a great backup plan for any solar-powered camping vehicle, it’s also great if you don’t have solar panels at all. In addition, a 1000W generator will be able to charge a lot of items in your camping setup. 

And when you are not out camping, it will also serve as a backup for your home. Should a blackout ever occur you don’t have to worry about all your food going bad anymore. Just plug your fridge into your 1000W portable generator for a few hours at a time to keep the temperature steady and cool.

What Else Can a 1000W Generator Power?

Portable generator with rv trailer

 photo by sshepard via iStock

The most obvious use for a 1000W generator in your camper van would be running the lights and a phone charger. But it can do so much more than just that. You can use it to charge your laptop, phone, tablet, and camera equipment. Even a drone if you have one.

But that’s still not all. If you have electric kitchen appliances in your camper van setup, you can run those too. Whether it’s a small refrigerator or a cooler, a coffee machine, water kettle or even a small oven or a mini washer. 

You can pretty much run any electrical device that plugs into a socket, as long as it doesn’t exceed 1000 watts. Be sure to check the wattage on your equipment just to be safe. The only other thing you need to watch out for when using a generator at a campsite is noise pollution. Neighbors won’t be too happy if you’re running a loud generator all night just to power your gadgets.

alp propane generator

It is also important to note that the generator will only be able to power these appliances if you use them directly from the generator – any normal extension cords won’t work with a 1000 watt generator.

A 1000W portable generator is also great for tailgating events. For example, many people like to bring along TVs when they go to football or basketball games, but these are difficult to get powered without the help of a 1000W generator. You can even use a 1000W generator to power up your electric stove or BBQ. 

Is There Anything a 1000W Generator Can’t Do?

woman filling a gas can

 photo by adamkaz via iStock

You’ve probably realized by now that you can power anything with a 1000W generator as long as it has electricity and is not plugged into any indoor gas lines. Therefore, a 1000W generator is the most versatile thing you could own because it has unlimited potential. Just make sure you don’t run anything too high power on a 1000 watt generator if you’re not connected to any power source – for safety reasons obviously!

So just to sum it up, they can’t power appliances like;

  • High powered appliances that are plugged into indoor gas lines (ex: stoves)
  • Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc… (unless it’s the portable camping kind)
  • Anything too high power on a 1000 watt generator if not connected to any power source.

Which One Should You Choose?


We recommend that you go for propane generators. They have huge benefits over the gas-powered versions, and you will really need those benefits when you are out camping. Our choice is the ALP 1000W Propane Generator. They are the best when it comes to propane generators and you will not regret your choice if you get one.

Benefits of Propane Generators


Safety should always come first when you are outdoors and propane generators are ultimately safer than gas generators. Propane canisters are not hazardous like gas bottles and are safe to carry in your car. 

Propane generators are very silent and that is important when you are out camping in crowded areas. The ALP 1000W Propane generator also offers a 60-hour run time with a 20lb propane tank which is the one you use on your barbecue grill. 

Last But Not Least

Couple camping, relaxing fuel cell power --gasoline generator

 photo by fstop123 via iStock

When it comes to bringing a 1000W portable generator for camping there is one last benefit we want to add to the list, and that is heat.

While a generator by itself won’t be able to power your camper or RV, it will be able to provide a steady power source for an electrical heater or an electric blanket without draining your vehicle’s battery over time.

Although you may want to keep in mind that some generators can be pretty loud. So if you have neighbors on your campsite, you may want to put it a little further away from them to minimize disturbances.

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