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Milestar Patagonia AT Pro Review

Last year, I swapped out my Nitto Trail Grapplers for a set of Milestar Patagonia MT tires. I’ve been so impressed with the MTs that I wanted to learn more about Milestar’s AT version of their venerable Patagonia tire.

What I’ve found has been just as impressive…

In short, the Milestar Patagonia AT Pro tires are the go-anywhere, do-anything tire you need for all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. From cruising at the beach to climbing muddy trails in the mountains and everything in between, these tires are ready to rumble!

Let’s dive into the specs and features of these bad boys in the Milestar Patagonia AT Pro review.

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Milestar Patagonia AT Pro Review: Basic Specs

milestar patagonia at pro left profile

Milestar offers the Patagonia AT Pro tires in varying sizes, from 15 inches up to 22 inches. Popular sizes include LT265/70R17, LT285/70R17, 35X12.5R17LT, and 35X12.5R17LT, though there are more than 60 sizes to choose from.

Most of the Milestar Patagonia AT Pro line offers 18/32″ tread depth, but many tires are offered at 14/32″, too. These tires fit rims that measure anywhere from 6.5 inches up to 10 inches, depending on the size of the tire you choose.

Milestar PATAGONIA AT PRO 3qtr L

The diameter of these tires varies widely, too. For example, the 215/75R15 are 27.7 inches while the LT285/75R18 measure 34.8 inches. The max single load for the Patagonia AT Pros ranges from 1764@47 on the 215/75R15 versions up to 4079@80 on the LT285/75R18 and the LT295/70R18 models.

Lastly, these tires weigh anywhere from 34.2 pounds each for 235/75R15s up to 61.7 pounds for 35X12.50R20LTs. In other words, Milestar has just about any size of Patagonia AT Pro you could want!

milestar Patagonia a/t banner

Milestar Patagonia AT Pro Review: Essential Features


When you invest in A/T tires, you obviously want something that’s built to withstand the rigors of travel in varying conditions on different types of roads. The Milestar Patagonia AT Pro certainly delivers on that front…

As you can see in the images above and below, this tire has an aggressive tread that maximizes off-road grip. Something I appreciate about my M/T tires from Milestar is the larger contact patch that improves traction. The AT Pros have that same larger patch to provide the ultimate in traction (and comfort, too).

milestar patagonia at pro right profile

The Patagonia AT Pro tires feature large tread blocks, which enhance the tire’s performance, grip, handling, and stability. The offset shoulder blocks add even more performance by grabbing onto the terrain for improved traction. Of course, these tires have Milestar’s superb MILETECH sidewall technology, too, which gives the tires unparalleled strength and protection from impacts.

Speaking of impacts, the Patagonia AT Pros have ultra-aggressive upper sidewalls that prevent punctures from sharp rocks. At the same time, these side walls offer enhanced off-road traction by providing additional side-biting. The staggered step-down grooves add further protection from stone drilling.

Milestar PATAGONIA AT PRO 3qtr R

Milestar has clearly done its work to build a tire that offers superior off-road performance. But you don’t just want tires that can take a beating on the trail – you also want tires that are quiet and offer a comfortable ride. Again, Milestar ticks these boxes with the Patagonia AT Pros…

For example, the angled tread notches have an optimized pitch sequence that provides a quieter ride (these tread notches also offer an improved void surface area that results in better traction in snow and mud). Add to that a smooth ride on tarmac, and you have a solid tire that will get you where you’re going in comfort!




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Milestar Patagonia AT Pro Review: What Sets These Tires Apart?

milestar patagonia at pro

For me, the biggest feature that sets the Milestar Patagonia AT Pro tires apart from the competition is the value for the money. As I noted in my review of the MT version of these tires, the price is well below comparable tires from brands like Nitto, yet you don’t lose anything in the performance department.

In fact, I’ve found my Milestar Patagonia MT tires to offer a superior ride, better performance, and quieter operation than my Nitto tires ever did. With the same build quality and construction, the Milestar Patagonia AT Pro tires will provide you with a great, quiet ride with enhanced performance, too.


It’s worth noting that Milestar tires are made here in the USA and come with a 30-day ride guarantee – if you don’t like them in the first month, send them back, and you’ll get a new set! Moreover, Milestar offers a 55,000-mile tread wear warranty during the first five years after installation.

Heck, Milestar even offers a road hazard program that might cover damage from tears, punctures, cuts, and so forth. In other words, Milestar has your back with a solid product and excellent service after the sale.

milestar banner 2

Final Thoughts

milestar patagonia at pro sunset

Buying tires is a big expense, so you want to invest in something that does what it says it will do, and that will do it for a long time. My experience with Milestar has been fantastic in both departments, and the same can be said if you run the AT Pro version of their Patagonia tires.

The rugged durability of these tires and their ability to find grip in the nastiest of conditions make them a solid choice for overlanding and off-roading in all corners of the globe. With a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating, they’re ideal for areas that have rough winters. And with a tread design that’s built for tackling mud and muck, you can trust these tires to get you to where you’re going when you’re off-trail.

Add in Milestar features like MILETECH sidewall technology, H, R, S, & T-speed rated performance, and a bevy of design and functional features, and you have the makings of one heck of an all-terrain tire! Find the tire for your rig today by visiting Milestar!

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