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Second Wind Freedom Trailer Review

Freedom MAX by Second Wind Trailers with jeep

Overlanding is all about freedom – the freedom to hit the road when you want, the freedom to go where you want, and the freedom to do so with whom you want.

The problem is that some trailers on the market today are so big, bulky, and expensive that freedom is the last thing they provide. But other trailers, like Second Wind Freedom, stick to that freedom mantra and enable you to take more adventures with the people you love more often.

I’ve inspected a lot of trailers over the years, and not all of them get my stamp of approval. But in this Second Wind Freedom trailer review, you’ll find out precisely why the Freedom trailer is an ideal adventure rig. Let’s get to it!

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What is Second Wind Trailers?

Freedom MAX by Second Wind Trailers

Second Wind Trailers was founded on the principle of hope – no matter what adversity and trials you’ve faced in the past, there is hope for a better future and true freedom to explore.

The company adheres to these principles in the design and build of each of its trailers. For the Second Wind team, it’s all about helping others find joy and tap into their adventurous spirit. This is the “Second Wind” they hope inspires you to explore far and wide in one of their trailers.

The Freedom model name was chosen to honor the service people in our armed forces. But the name “Freedom” has a second meaning – it exemplifies what the trailer gives you – the freedom to explore while still enjoying many of the comforts of home. It’s a wonderful sentiment and is indicative of what the Second Wind Trailers team is all about!




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Second Wind Freedom Trailer Review: Basic Specs

second wind freedom max sunset

The Freedom MAX is the specific Second Wind Freedom trailer model I want to highlight.

This 5′ x 8′ overland camper has a large cabin with a full-size memory foam mattress and a galley with a durable resin countertop in the rear. At 13 feet long and six feet wide, the Freedom MAX is the perfect size to pull behind your car, SUV, or truck. And since it’s under 1,500 pounds dry, you don’t need a big rig to pull it!

When digging into the specifics of the Freedom MAX, you can see how well-thought-out this trailer is. For example, the walls and ceiling are fully insulated to help keep you warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months.

second wind freedom max trailer interior

The Freedom MAX cabin features beautiful birch cabinets with a natural finish, quality laminate plank sub flooring, and two side doors, both of which have 12″ x 22″ screened windows so you can get a nice cross breeze through the trailer (there’s a 3-speed high flow top fan to help circulate air, too).

second wind freedom max trailer roof rack

The Second Wind Freedom trailer has a robust electrical system, too. You get a 100-watt solar panel with a 10-amp charger, a deep-cycle 12-volt RV battery system, and LED lighting inside and out. You can easily charge your devices in the cabin or in the galley using one of four USB charging stations.

The Freedom MAX also comes with two rear stabilizing jacks, a front trailer jack support with a rotating jack, and a battery box with a custom-etched logo lid. All this rides on a weather-resistant sealed undercarriage with a welded weather-resistant trailer frame. The 14-inch radial tires give the trailer grip on all sorts of surfaces, and with up to 14 inches of ground clearance, you can head off-road if you like!

second wind freedom trailer max galley

The Freedom MAX adds to this already long list of basic features with even more goodies. For example, the electrical system gets an upgrade with 115V plugs in the cabin and galley, plus a Renogy 2000-watt pure-sine wave inverter. The Freedom MAX also gets standard electric and water RV hookups.

The galley gets upgrades, too – there’s a cooler area, a sink, and a water supply pump with 10 gallons of onboard water storage.

Second Wind Trailers enhances the Freedom MAX further with beautiful etched Air Force Star logos on either side. The trailer also gets large off-road tires and wheels to give you even more capability for exploring off-the-beaten-path locations.




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Second Wind Freedom Trailer Optional Features

Second Wind Freedom Max Galley

So, clearly, the Second Wind Freedom trailer offers plenty of base features that make it a worthwhile option from the get-go. But, Second Wind Trailers offers many amenities that allow you to customize your trailer even further.

For example, you can add a refrigerator or a two-burner cooktop and a propane tank to the galley. A propane-heated shower is available, too. Throw in a Jerry can and a mount while you’re at it!

Second Wind Trailers also offers an optional rear-welded 2″ receiver in case you want to add a bike or cargo rack. You can also add a roof rack with crossbeams for additional storage options (or you can add a rooftop tent of your own). Add a 6′ x 8′ or 4′ x 6′ awning to the mix, and you have the makings of one heck of a well-equipped trailer!

Second Wind Freedom Trailer Review: Vintage Looks & Handcrafted Quality

second wind freedom max trailer led lights

Many trailers on the market today claim to be teardrops, but in many cases, they don’t look anything like that classic teardrop from the 1950s.

What’s more, not all teardrop trailers are made to the same level of quality – some are pushed out of factories as quickly as possible without much thought about the build quality or functionality of the trailer.

second wind freedom trailer max roof window

But that’s what sets Second Wind Trailers apart…

These trailers are hand-made with the end user in mind. You get that awesome vintage look while enjoying a trailer that exudes good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity and handcrafted quality.

Second Wind Freedom Trailer Pricing

Freedom MAX by Second Wind Trailers 4

The Second Wind Freedom trailer base model starts at $18,400. The Freedom MAX starts at $23,400. Second Wind Trailers offers financing for both options.

In either case, you can invest in a trailer with everything you need for your adventures. Its small size and low weight mean you can tow it with virtually any vehicle, and the off-road tire and wheel upgrade you get with the Freedom MAX means you can hit the open road with the confidence your trailer can handle the rough stuff.

Of course, all this is wrapped in a hand-made package that has that classic, vintage teardrop trailer look. What’s not to like?!

Visit Second Wind Trailers today to learn more about the Freedom trailer and other available models.

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