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Meet the SNO Trailers R-20: The Ultimate Hunting Trailer

Hunting isn’t just a pastime; it’s a pursuit that calls for resilience, precision, and the right equipment. In the heart of the wild, where every element matters, SNO TrailersRemington R-20 trailer emerges as the game changer for hunters. Crafted for those who seek the uncharted, this hunting trailer is a masterpiece of functionality and design.

The R-20 is a specialized variant of the robust Baja model tailored for the unique demands of hunting. It goes beyond mere transportation, offering a mobile base that brings order, safety, and efficiency to your hunting excursions. With its compact design and advanced features, the R-20 elevates the hunting experience, allowing you to focus on the hunt while it takes care of the rest.

Join us as we explore how the SNO Trailers R-20 revolutionizes hunting adventures. From its exceptional durability to customizable features, the R-20 is not just a trailer; it’s a vital extension of your hunting gear, promising to transform every expedition into an unforgettable experience.

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Basic Specs of the R-20 Hunting Trailer

Sno Trailers R 20 1 E1701196541477

The R-20 hunting trailer stands out in the market with its blend of compactness and strength. Dimension-wise, it measures 10’2” in length, 5’3” in width, and 4’11” in height, making it a suitable companion for various terrains without compromising on storage capacity.

Despite its sturdy build, the R-20 maintains a lightweight profile with a dry weight of 700 pounds. This feature ensures ease of towing with a wide range of vehicles, from nimble side-by-sides to robust full-size trucks, offering unmatched versatility for hunters on the move.

What truly sets the R-20 apart is its impressive suspension load capacity of 2,000 pounds. This robust capacity is designed to accommodate all the gear and essentials needed for a successful hunt, from firearms to camping supplies, without hindering the trailer’s performance.

Its anti-rust coating and powder-coated steel frame further enhance the R-20’s resilience against the elements. With three color options – SNO White, Storm Gray, and Desert Sand – it promises durability, style, and camouflage, crucial for blending into various outdoor settings.




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Electrical Components of the R-20 Hunting Trailer

Sno Trailers R 20 4 E1701196992640

The R-20 hunting trailer’s electrical system is a testament to SNO Trailers’ commitment to innovation and practicality. At its core lies the 100ah Renogy AGM Battery, a powerhouse that ensures a steady and reliable energy supply for all your devices and equipment while on the hunt.

To monitor and manage this energy, the trailer is equipped with a state-of-the-art Renogy® Battery Monitor and Switch-Pros Panels. These components not only provide real-time data on battery usage but also allow seamless control over the trailer’s electrical systems, ensuring energy is used efficiently and effectively.

Sno Trailers R 20 9 E1701197536624

Charging options are abundant in the R-20, featuring a NOCO Genius Battery Charger and multiple charging ports, including a solar plug. Whether you’re in remote locations or on the move, these features guarantee that your trailer remains powered up, ready to support all your electronic needs.

Completing the electrical setup is the Renogy® Waterproof Solar Charge Controller, a critical component for those opting for solar energy. This controller facilitates the safe and efficient conversion of solar power to usable electricity, making the R-20 an ideal choice for environmentally conscious hunters who prefer off-grid adventures.

The R-20 Has Safe Gun Storage, Too

Sno Trailers R 20 5

The R-20 hunting trailer distinguishes itself with a robust gun storage system, meticulously designed for the hunter’s peace of mind. This secure feature ensures that your firearms are not only stowed safely but also shielded from environmental factors such as moisture and dust. Its lockable compartments provide security against potential theft, offering an additional layer of safety during your outdoor adventures.

Strategically integrated within the trailer’s design, the storage areas are both accessible and unobtrusive. This seamless integration means that your firearms are always within reach, yet never in the way. The interior layout is tailored to protect your guns from the rigors of travel, safeguarding them against bumps and vibrations commonly encountered on rugged terrains.

SNO Trailers’ commitment to safety and convenience is evident in this thoughtful inclusion. The gun storage feature in the R-20 is more than just a compartment; it’s a carefully crafted solution that addresses the practicalities of hunting while on the move. It exemplifies the trailer’s role as an indispensable ally in your hunting expeditions, blending security with accessibility.

You Customize the R-20 Hunting Trailer to Your Liking

Sno Trailers R 20 3 E1701197754703

The R-20 hunting trailer from SNO Trailers stands out with its impressive customization options, enabling you to tailor it to your specific hunting and outdoor needs. This level of personalization ensures that each R-20 is uniquely suited to its owner, reflecting individual preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize storage, comfort, or utility, the R-20 can be adapted to match your vision of the perfect hunting companion.

Among the customization choices are upgrades to the body, storage areas, and electronics. You can opt for a custom trailer wrap, premium color match, or additional mounts for extra gear. Storage can be enhanced with pull out slides, custom Molle panels, and more, ensuring every piece of equipment has its place. For electronics, options like a second battery, exterior LED lights, and extra USB charging ports are available, enhancing both functionality and convenience.

Sno Trailers R 20 6 E1701197789775

The R-20 also offers a range of accessories to fit your lifestyle. Options like a rooftop tent, awning, portable hot water kit, and shower mount cater to comfort, while solar panels and a variety of coolers and refrigerators address practical needs. Each choice you make in customizing your R-20 brings you closer to creating an ideal, efficient hunting trailer that’s truly yours.


Sno Trailers R 20 8 E1701196773551

What is the R-20’s Dry Weight?

The SNO Trailers R-20 hunting trailer strikes the perfect balance between durability and ease of transport with a dry weight of just 700 pounds. This lightweight design ensures that it can be towed with minimal effort, making it a convenient choice for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who value mobility and flexibility in their gear.

What is the R-20’s Suspension Load?

Sno Trailers R 20 7 E1701197840163

Engineered to cater to the rigorous demands of hunting adventures, the R-20 boasts an impressive suspension load capacity of 2,000 pounds. This robust capability allows hunters to load up their essential equipment, from camping supplies to hunting gear, without worrying about overloading the trailer.

What Kind of Vehicle is Required to Tow the R-20?

The design of the R-20 hunting trailer is remarkably versatile, accommodating a wide range of towing options. Whether you own a compact side-by-side or a full-size truck, the R-20 can be seamlessly hitched and towed, making it an adaptable choice for various outdoor escapades.

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