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Want to Go Jeep Camping? This is the Perfect Trailer!

Are you eager to transform your camping adventures? Jeep camping brings a thrilling mix of exploration and freedom, pushing you across rugged landscapes to hidden gems. The key to unlocking this ultimate experience? A Jeep camping trailer. Not just any trailer, but one that’s nimble, robust, and tailored for the Jeep’s unique strengths.

Introducing Sunnyside Offroad’s  Boony Stomper Trailer – a standout in the world of Jeep camping. It’s not merely lightweight; it’s built for the rough and tumble of off-road journeys, complementing your Jeep’s capabilities and transcending its towing limits. This trailer is a revolution for Jeep enthusiasts.

In this detailed exploration, we’ll dive into the world of Jeep camping trailers, spotlighting the Boony Stomper as our exemplary model. Prepare to find out why the Boony Stomper could be the missing piece in your quest for extraordinary outdoor escapades.

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What is a Jeep Camping Trailer?

blue Boony Stomper with a doggo

A Jeep camping trailer is a specialized type of trailer designed specifically for pairing with a Jeep. Its primary qualities are its ability to handle off-road conditions and its lightweight, which is essential given the limited towing capacity of most Jeeps.

These trailers are built to be tough yet nimble, ensuring they can easily navigate the same types of rugged terrain that Jeeps are known for. The focus is on creating something that’s not just a trailer, but a true off-road companion for the Jeep. It’s about making sure the trailer can follow the Jeep wherever it goes, without causing any performance issues.

sunnyside offroad boony stomper exterior

The weight factor is also critical. Since Jeeps aren’t designed to tow heavy loads, the ideal camping trailer for a Jeep must be lightweight. This ensures that the Jeep can tow the trailer without any strain on its engine or brakes, while still being sturdy enough to handle the challenges of camping and off-road travel.

In this context, the Boony Stomper by Sunnyside Offroad stands out as an ideal example. It’s built with the off-road capabilities of a Jeep in mind, offering a lightweight yet durable design that makes it a perfect match for Jeep-based adventures.




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Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper Exterior Specs

sunnyside offroad boony stomper exterior 2Crafted for off-road enthusiasts, the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper elegantly balances size and weight, embodying the ideal companion for Jeep camping. It stretches 119 inches from the trailer tongue to the rear bumper and spans 74 inches in width. Despite these generous dimensions, it maintains a lightweight profile at 720 pounds, crucial for the Jeep’s towing capacity.

The Boony Stomper’s robustness is evident in its 2×2 steel tube frame. This solid foundation ensures durability and stability in rugged terrains, aligning perfectly with the Jeep’s off-road capabilities. The trailer’s resilience is further amplified by its secure towing mechanism, featuring a 2” SAE-rated, class 4 locking ball coupler.

Safety and visibility are paramount in the Boony Stomper’s design. It is equipped with a DOT-approved LED lighting system, including brake and turn signals, as well as running lights, all integrated into the frame for enhanced protection. The 100-pound tongue weight demonstrates a meticulous balance, ensuring the trailer’s rugged build doesn’t overwhelm your Jeep. 

Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper Off-Road Features

boony stomper suspension

The Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper redefines off-road excellence for a Jeep camping trailer. Its standout feature is a custom-designed suspension system, built to tackle the harshest of terrains. This high-performance, long-travel, independent trailing arm suspension keeps the trailer agile and stable, no matter the off-road challenge.

Innovative load-adjusting shocks are a key asset of this Jeep camping trailer, offering adaptive performance across varying weights and terrains. This means whether it’s a rocky incline or a rugged trail, the Boony Stomper’s suspension provides consistent, smooth handling, ensuring your journey remains uninterrupted.

Every aspect of the Boony Stomper’s off-road capabilities showcases Sunnyside Offroad’s commitment to top-tier performance. The trailer is more than just a companion; it’s an integral part of the Jeep camping experience, designed for adventurers who expect nothing less than the best in off-road adaptability and comfort.

Jeep Camping Trailer Interior Features & Add-Ons

sunnyside offroad boony stomper interior

Stepping into the Boony Stomper Jeep camping trailer reveals a world where comfort and practicality coexist seamlessly. This interior sanctuary, outfitted with carpeted walls and a headboard, alongside linoleum floors, creates a cozy ambiance that belies its rugged exterior. Its dimensions, a generous 6’4” in length and 46” in width, are thoughtfully utilized to ensure maximum comfort without sacrificing essential space.

For the storage-savvy camper, the Boony Stomper’s interior shines with its cleverly designed cabinets. These compartments, equipped with self-latching doors, provide secure and accessible storage options for all your outdoor gear and essentials. The blend of durability and home-like comfort in the design is unmistakable, showcasing a meticulous attention to detail.

boony stomper storage

The Boony Stomper distinguishes itself with a plethora of customizable add-ons, tailoring the Jeep camping trailer experience to individual preferences. Whether it’s the bespoke comfort of a custom-fit dual-density foam mattress, the convenience of various Jackery Portable Power Stations, or the practicality of a custom Boony Roof Rack, each add-on is a testament to the trailer’s adaptability. 

Further enhancing the interior are features like USB charging ports, interior cargo nets for organization, and a folding side table, all converging to make the Boony Stomper a personalized oasis amidst the wilderness.

Why Jeep Camping?

Camping with a Boony Stomper

Jeep camping is the gateway to extraordinary adventures, offering unparalleled freedom to explore off-road terrains. With a Jeep, you can navigate through uncharted landscapes, reaching serene and secluded spots far from the usual trails. This style of camping transforms every journey into an exhilarating exploration, connecting you intimately with the wonders of nature.

Embracing Jeep camping means stepping beyond the confines of traditional camping grounds. It’s about immersing yourself in the wilderness, finding tranquility away from the crowds. With the right Jeep camping trailer, like the Boony Stomper, these adventures become not just feasible, but comfortable, blending the thrill of exploration with the comforts of home.

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