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4 Top Features of the SNO Trailers Baja – A Small, Light Overlanding Trailer

Overlanding has been embraced by many as an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors, and the choice of the trailer significantly impacts the overall experience. A perfect blend of comfort, practicality, durability, and reliability is crucial in an overlanding trailer. 

The Baja trailer, developed by the company SNO Trailers based in Southern California, stands out in this regard. This overlanding trailer, lightweight yet robust, offers a unique combination of thoughtfully designed features and rugged resilience. 

This week, we will take a closer look at the top four features of the Baja that make it a preferred choice of the market for those planning their next off-grid adventure.

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The SNO Trailers Baja Overlanding Trailer Has Tons of Storage

sno trailers baja with utv

One of the standout features of the Baja trailer from SNO Trailers is its impressive storage capacity. This compact overlanding trailer is thoughtfully designed to maximize space, ensuring all your essential gear has a spot.

The Baja’s storage solutions start with a large rear compartment featuring a slide pullout, perfect for housing a portable fridge or cooler. Keeping your perishables cold and within easy reach becomes effortless.

In addition, the Baja offers a practical stainless-steel top kitchen pullout, complemented by a fixed storage compartment above. This setup keeps your kitchen essentials organized and easily accessible.

But the thoughtful storage doesn’t end there. This overlanding trailer has two large side doors with Molle Panels, each opening to reveal storage boxes equipped with internal drawers and dividers. An additional front utility box with a unique design for storing recovery boards further enhances the Baja’s storage solutions.




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You Get a Full Electrical System With the Baja

sno trailers baja on road

Another outstanding feature of the Baja overlanding trailer is its comprehensive electrical system. Designed for the modern camper, the Baja’s electrical system meets all your power needs while adventuring off-grid.

At the heart of the Baja’s electrical system is a Renogy AGM Battery with a 100ah capacity. This dependable power source is coupled with a Renogy Waterproof Solar Charge Controller, allowing for solar energy integration, so you can sustain your power needs even when you’re far from civilization.

sno trailers baja close up

In addition, the Baja comes with a Renogy Battery Monitor, which helps you to track your power usage and manage your energy resources effectively. This feature ensures you never run out of power unexpectedly, thus enhancing the reliability of your camping experience.

This overlanding trailer also includes Switch-Pros Panels for easy control of the electrical system and a NOCO Genius Battery Charger to maintain the battery’s health and longevity. The inclusion of an on/off battery switch adds an extra layer of safety and control over your power supply.

Moreover, the Baja features charging ports inside the rear panel and each side box, along with a solar plug, providing various options for charging your devices.

The SNO Trailers Baja Overlanding Trailer Has a Great Kitchen, Too

sno trailers baja kitchen

For many outdoor enthusiasts, one of the true joys of camping is cooking meals outdoors. With the Baja trailer, this experience is made even more enjoyable. The Baja’s kitchen is designed to be both functional and convenient, making it easy to prepare your meals while enjoying nature.

The centerpiece of the Baja’s kitchen is a stainless-steel top kitchen pullout, which provides a sturdy and clean surface for food preparation. Located in the large rear compartment of the trailer, this pullout is easily accessible and positioned to allow you to enjoy the view while cooking.

The Baja overlanding trailer also comes with a fixed storage compartment located above the kitchen pullout. This compartment is perfect for storing your kitchen essentials and keeping them within easy reach when cooking.

Moreover, the kitchen pullout is conveniently located next to the space designated for a powered cooler or a portable fridge freezer. This setup ensures that your perishables are kept fresh and within easy reach when you’re preparing meals.

The Baja’s Well-Formed Body and Frame Will Get You Anywhere You Want to Go

sno trailers baja suspension

When choosing an overlanding trailer, one of the essential factors to consider is its ability to handle diverse terrains. The Baja confidently checks this box, boasting a well-formed body and frame designed to navigate through any environment you desire.

The body of the Baja overlanding trailer is constructed from durable aluminum, which not only withstands the harsh conditions of off-road travel but also contributes to the trailer’s lightweight design. The robust body is supported by a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, adding to its resilience.

sno trailers baja on the beach

Beyond its durable construction, the Baja trailer showcases an impressive 40-degree departure angle, a critical feature when traversing steep inclines. This, combined with the reliable Timbren suspension system, ensures the Baja can handle various terrains with ease.

To complement its rugged frame and body, the Baja overlanding trailer is equipped with three 14” premium Method wheels fitted with 29/9/R14 all-terrain tires. This means that whether you’re navigating through rocky paths, sandy dunes, or muddy tracks, the Baja is prepared to take it on.

Lastly, the Baja has a dry weight of just 700 lbs., making it light enough for most vehicles to tow. Despite its lightweight, the suspension can handle a load of up to 2000 lbs., showing that it doesn’t compromise on capacity.

FAQs About Overlanding Trailers

sno trailers baja with subaru

How Much is a Baja from SNO Trailers?

The Baja trailer from SNO Trailers has a starting price of $24,995. This competitive price includes all the base features and functionalities mentioned above, which are more than enough for most camping adventures. However, customization options are available for those looking for more specific additions to their trailer.

What are Some Optional Features of the Baja Overlanding Trailer?

SNO Trailers offers various upgrades for the Baja trailer to suit different needs. These include the option for a custom trailer wrap, premium color match, additional rear pullout slides, extra LED lights, and USB charging ports. Accessories like rooftop tents, awnings, a portable hot water kit, solar panels, and fridges can also be added. These upgrades allow you to tailor your Baja trailer according to your specific requirements and preferences.

Where are SNO Trailers Made?

SNO Trailers is a family-owned and operated company based in Southern California. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality, functional, innovative, and stylish trailers. All SNO Trailers, including the Baja model, are designed and manufactured locally using high-quality materials and components.

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